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3 Role-Play Rape Fantasies for Women to Explore with their Partners

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Man overpowering woman in bed

Surprisingly to many, one of the more common sexual fantasies for women is involving non-consensual sex, or in other words a rape fantasy role-play.  Recent studies revealed an astonishingly 62% of women fantasize about rape and would like to participate in a rape role-play scenario with their partner.

Stating the obvious, this article is about sexual role-play and sex fantasies, allowing people to explore the deepest and inner most fantasies.  Any type of rape or forced sexual encounters is not condoned in any way.

Digging into the psychological aspect of rape fantasies, the underlining component is about domination.  Women who wish to role-play a rape fantasy with their partner want to experience an encounter where they are being overpowered and forced to engage in sex.  All sense of control is lost as they become dominated by someone who is physically superior to them. 

Let’s dive into a few rape fantasy role-plays that couples can play out with each other.  Remember to have an agreed upon safe word to use so that the person being dominated has the ability to end the play session at any time.  The safe word should be completely recognizable and different than any other words that might be used as the fantasy is being played out.  Phrases such as “Stop”, and “Don’t do that” will likely be part of the role-play. 

Fantasy 1: Dracula takes a virgin


Originating from the famous novel Bram Stoker’s Dracula, many vampire stories have adopted storylines where a highly sexually experienced male vampire pursues an innocent and young female virgin.  There is already a sub-culture of women who fantasize about being taken by an older, more mature man.  Using a vampire in this role makes perfect sense since vampires are immortal and have often lived for hundreds of years in the specific stories.  On top of that, vampires are often portrayed as being highly sexual beings with powers of seduction.  This theme of an experienced male vampire sexually pursuing a young virgin woman has been done in the HBO series “True Blood”, the Twilight books and films, and Dracula 2000 where the main female character works at a Virgin Records store and wears a shirt throughout the move that reads “Virgin”, providing a dual message; how creative the writing team on that movie must have felt.

In all of these storylines the woman being pursued actually reciprocates the sexual advancements.  However, since vampires are known to have seductive powers one must wonder if the women are freely allowing for the advances or are being forced into them.  Thy hypnotic aspect of the vampire supernatural powers can be explored in the role-play fantasy.  Playing the role of the vampire, the man can command the woman to get onto the bed and do as he says.  The woman, fighting the seductively stated suggestions, tries to fight her body internally, but is forced to make the physical demands on the powerful vampire.  Her body is left completely in the control of the vampire who has his way with her.

The original vampire rape story comes from the Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel.  In the story, Dracula transforms himself into mist to enter the bedroom of Lucy, a beautiful young female virgin who is highly sought after by London’s most sophisticated bachelors.  Dracula penetrates Lucy’s bedroom for an extended period of time, slowly draining her blood each night as he prepares to transform her into a vampire.

Role-playing as Dracula and Lucy, an innocent Lucy wearing sexy lingerie can be waiting in the bed as Dracula joins her, slowly seducing her with soft touches and movements across her body.  Those soft touches will in an instant become highly aggressive, pinning her down with force and adding scratches and bites if you so desire.  Dracula now takes Lucy sexually as she fights back and begs to stop, but his physical and mind strength are too much for the young woman.

Fantasy 2:  House Intruder Fight


In this role-play scenario the women getting ready to go to sleep as she unmakes her bed when all of a sudden a man, an intruder, enters the room.

“Who are you, and why are you here!?” she demands to know.

The man looks back and responds, “I’ve come for you”.  He then violently lunges towards her and the struggle begins.   The two engage in a fight for survival.  Ultimately, you and your partner should discuss beforehand how far you are wanting to go with the fight.  If you are looking to live out this fantasy in the most realistic way then fight back like your life is on the line.  The longer and more violent the fight, the more enjoyable the sex.  Of course, if you are not wanting to be violent with your real-life partner who is playing your fantasy rapist, you can completely act out the resistance and let him take you quicker through the KinkSports Non-Competitive intensity level.  If you’re feeling a little feisty, go up a level to KinkSports Semi-Competitive intensity and claw and scrape your attacker away until he is just too much to handle. 

Fantasy 3:  Lady Boss is reminded who has the real power

In contrast to the two previous rape role-plays, in this one the woman will start out as the dominant personality only to have the tables turned on her.  This is a perfect fantasy for those women who find themselves in powerful professional positions or who operate their own businesses and have men working for them and taking their orders on a daily basis.  Just as many powerful men develop fetishes and fantasies about being dominated by a woman, so is true for power women looking for an escape from reality and into a fantasy where they become submissive to someone who would otherwise bow down to them.


As the lady boss, start off by wearing work attire or even a cheap women’s business suite that can be ripped, if you happen to have one those laying around.  Your man is “your man”, acting as your personal assistant.  Though he is physically superior to you in strength, he works for you and his livelihood is dependent on his income that he derives from the paycheck you provide.  Start off by bossing him around, telling him to do mundane things like close the closet door and fluff your pillow.  Then degrade him by asking him why he is so bad at his job and if he planned on being a woman’s assistant when he was younger.  Yes, you are quite the bitchy lady boss.

After making one too many degrading remarks something snaps in your assistant.  He tells you that he had enough and will no longer be working for you.  You laugh and tell him that no one else will hire him and that he is stuck with you.  This puts him over the edge.  He lunges towards you, placing his hand around your throat and begins choking you.  As he does this he decides to start taking off, or ripping off, your clothes.  Through mere physical might he has you completely naked on the bed, pinned down with one hand on your throat.  He asks you “Who is in charge now?” as he begins to have his way with you.  Fight back as much or as little as you want, maybe deep down this is why you hired him in the first place, for the slight chance that this very fantasy would come true.

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