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4 Sexy Halloween Cosplay Costumes for Women from the Batman Universe

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Sexy women cosplaying as Catwoman

Ladies, is your man a big fan of Batman, to the point where it can be a little embarrassing for you at times?  Maybe you’ve caught him talking with his childhood friends on the phone about the newest Batman movie.  Perhaps whenever you visit a book store he always disappears to the comic section, where he stays flipping through Batman comics until you are done finding your “grown up” book.  If this sounds like your man, it is safe to say that he would enjoy living out a sexy cosplay scene with you dressed as a female character from the Batman universe.

Sexual Cosplay can be a fun way to bring excitement and variety into the bedroom.  Whether you are married with children, bedroom buddies, or anything else in between, a little dress-up and role-playing with the right cosplay can spice up your sex life with your partner in a heartbeat.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Batman fanatic to know how to act out a role, or even which costume to buy.  We got you covered.  We’ll go through a few cosplay costumes you can use for both foreplay in the bedroom, and wear to that adult Halloween party.  Probably a good idea to avoid wearing these to family outings or to answer the door when Halloween trick-or-treaters come knocking. 


 Catwoman Costume for sale on amazon

After Batman himself and the Joker, the Catwoman might be the next most recognizable character in the Batman universe.  She has been in every Batman movie series and even had her own solo movie starring Halle Berry.  Michelle Pfeiffer played an over the top dramatic version in 1992’s Batman Return, while Anne Hathaway and Zoe Kravitz took on more realistic versions of the character in The Dark Knight Rises and The Batman respectively.

While each actress played the role differently, and each had a different costume, there exists a few commonalities that people expect to see in any woman portraying the character.  First, the costume is expected to have a tight leathery look, black in color, with a tightening belt to give the woman an hourglass figure which portrays femininity and power.  Add a mask, gloves, and an ear headband to finish off the outfit, and you will look like you belong in the next Batman movie while driving your man wild prior to pouncing on him.

Diving into the persona of Catwoman, it is important to understand that she is often portrayed as an anti-hero, not looking to be the main villain in a plot to destroy the city, but rather someone who is not afraid to break the law to benefit herself.  She is a cat burglar and not a psychotic murderer, though she does not hesitate to defend herself through killing someone if necessary.  She is sassy, and doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do, including and especially Batman.

Surprise your man by dressing up in your Catwoman costume and come into the room with a dominant persona.  Whether you have discussed it beforehand, or if this will be a total surprise to him, take control commanding him to take off his pants and surrender to you.

Don’t worry if the Catwoman persona is completely opposite of who you are as a person, this is what cosplay and role-play is all about.  Your man will love the effort of you cosplaying as Catwoman, especially if it’s the complete opposite of who you really are.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn costume for sale on amazon

Harley Quinn is a relatively new character in the Batman universe, but has quickly become one of the most popular, and maybe the most popular as it relates to cosplay.  The character first appeared in the cartoon television series in the mid-1990s and has gotten a boost in popularity thanks to actress Margot Robbie portraying her in multiple movies.  There is even an adult cartoon series on HBO Max where Harley Quinn is the main character.

Her popularity is very much a product of her unique bubbly and energetic personality that allows women to bring out their inner bratty teenage selves, while allowing men to fantasy about getting their butts kicked by a bratty yet violent young woman.  From a cosplay perspective, her outfits and makeup variety give any individual portraying the character plenty of flexibility. 

Harley Quinn is all about being completely crazy, but in a playful and charming manner.  Not the easiest roles for someone who is more on the shy side to pull off, but any attempt will likely drive a Batman fan crazy, in the good way.

Our advice, buy some handcuffs or restraints with the costume to provide a BDSM Harley Quinn role-play angle.  She is all about taking complete control of her victim, and you should be in the mindset that your man is now your victim for this special night.


Batgirl costume for sale on amazon 

Not all the women in the Batman universe tilt towards the dark side.  Batgirl is as good, wholesome, and positive as it gets.  A straight “A” student with a background in gymnastics.  She is probably the most athletic of all the women in the Batman universe, but her weakness is her inability to fight dirty or finish an opponent off when the opportunity is there.

It is a common theme with stories involving Batgirl that she has a crush on Batman or Robin, depending on the specific story.  As a wholesome girl she doesn’t appear to date around much instead devoting her life to fighting crime.  Women who work too much tend to obtain crushes on their bosses.

As a superior athlete and fighter, Batgirl usually mocks her bad guy victims with quirky remarks as she is subduing them into submission.  Cocky would be the best word to describe her.  She is not very violent, but instead uses her quickness and flexibility to put her opponents down.  If you are planning on doing cosplay as Batgirl, be sure to bring her cockiness and over confidence into the bedroom with you.  You can intertwine Batgirl role-playing games into your cosplay by pinning your man down and telling him that his career in crime is over.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy costume for sale on amazon 

On the more mystical side of women characters in the Batman universe is Poison Ivy.  The character has been portrayed very different over the years, but there is always a high degree of seductiveness embedded in her personality.  Though she can fight, her best method of defeating men twice her size is to seduce them with her body and words, and as she is doing this she will control plants and trees to wrap themselves around her victim until they are trapped.

While you might have a difficult time controlling the plants in your house, you can always bring some ropes or even neck ties to the bedroom.  Poison Ivy cosplay is all about control and slow movements.  Seduce your man so that he doesn’t even realize he is being tied up.  Once he is trapped you can have your way with him.

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