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Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Cosplay and Roleplay Ideas in the Bedroom

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Princess Jasmine cosplay

Most people recognize the story of Aladdin from the Disney interpretations of the 1992 cartoon movie, followed by the 2019 live action film.  While the two movies have slight differences, the main theme of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds falling in love with each other prevails. 


The rugged, yet charming, street-thief Aladdin has a chance encounter with Princess Jasmine, whose royalty background makes any type of romantic future between the two unattainable.  Their potential love is forbidden by the society they find themselves trapped in.  This forbidden love sets up the perfect background for different variations of role-play and cosplay using the Aladdin and Princess Jasmine characters.


There is a myriad of adult costumes available to purchase to cosplay as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, revealing that even though the stories were made for children there is a sexiness element that adults appreciate about the characters.  Of course, many of these adults were children themselves when the 1992 Disney cartoon was released.


Bratty Princess Jasmine is put in her place


Exploring the DDLG roleplay kink, the man dressed as Aladdin can put his woman, wearing her Princess Jasmine costume, in her place as she puts up a fight as a brat.  DDLG is a BDSM term that stands for daddy dom/little girl.  DDLG pertains to a woman intentionally making life difficult for her man in an attempt to bring out the alpha in him; she wants to be put in her place and be punished for her actions.


Though she shows mature and respectable qualities by wanting to escape the palace walls and experience how life is for those who are not born into royalty, Princess Jasmine later shows some bratty qualities as she intentionally makes things difficult for Aladdin when he comes to her palace as a prince.


In the more R rated version in the comforts of your home, Princess Jasmine can refuse to make things easy for Aladdin, at least at first, telling him that he is not man enough or successful enough to date a princess.  Aladdin can start off calm, telling his woman to come to the bed so that he can show her that he is in fact man enough for her.  But she resists as she pounces around the room not only refusing to take orders, but dishing out her own orders instead.


Keep in mind that in DDLG roleplay it is the fantasy for the woman to eventually be put in her place.  After enough bratty qualities have been displayed, Aladdin has had enough and forcefully throws Jasmine onto the bed where be begins to discipline her through impact play and erotic choking.  He has now taken on the role of brat tamer.  Be sure to discuss everything that is aloud with your partner before beginning this playful roleplay and discuss a safe word to be used in case things get too rough.


Aladdin Wrongly Thinks He has Found a Nice Girl


If as a couple the man wants to be the submissive and the woman dominant, Aladdin can find himself at the mercy of his crush Princess Jasmine.  Upon meeting the beautiful princess, Aladdin is convinced he has found his angel on earth.  She’s a princess after all, and has been raised in high society with manners and respect, unlike the mean streets where he comes from.  If his plan works and he is able to marry her, he vows to shield her from the life of violence and aggressiveness where he has been raised.


At least this is what he thought.  He is shocked to learn a different side of his sadistic angel when they have their first sexual encounter.  Aladdin starts kissing and caressing her body.  All of a sudden, a switch turns in Princess Jasmine’s psyche.  She takes control and jumps on top of him pinning him down as she sits on his chest.  She pulls out bondage ropes and starts tying Aladdin’s wrists together, and then to the bed post.  She does the same to his ankles.  He is now completely immobile, and it happened in a matter of seconds as he was mesmerized by her beauty.


Now it is Princess Jasmine who gets to have her way with Aladdin.  She uses spanking toys for impact play and erotic asphyxiation.  Aladdin quickly realizes that this princess is not the innocent woman that he believed she was.  He is now left to pay the consequence of letting his guard down to this highly sexualized femme fatale.


Competitive Cosplay


If you and your partner are looking to play a fun sexy game as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, you can incorporate the genie lamp into your fun night of roleplay.  The genie lamp plays an important role in the Aladdin story, so it only makes sense to bring that aspect of the story into the bedroom for your night of cosplaying as the characters. 


Disney’s Aladdin follows the generic genie lamp characteristic of being granted three wishes by a genie to whoever possesses the lamp.  This proves to be pivotal in the story as the lamp changes possession several times throughout the movies.  Whoever possesses the lamp controls the magical genie through their three wishes and contains massive amounts of power over the other characters.


Taking these story points, we can create a sexy game for the competitive couple to play while in their Aladdin and Princess Jasmine cosplay costumes.  Find a prop to use as the genie lamp, or you can get a genie lamp toy.  This can be a small throw pillow.  Set the timer on your phone for 90 seconds.  Princess Jasmine can start off with possessing the genie lamp.  She is on the bed with the lamp, or pillow, and cannot leave the bed.  Start the timer.  Aladdin now has 90 seconds to steal the lamp from Jasmine.  Whoever has possession of the lamp at the end of 90 seconds wins, and gets three wishes of the sexual domain from their partner.  Play a few rounds until you have had enough foreplay and are ready to rip off your cosplay costumes.

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