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Femme Fatale Catwoman Cosplay Ideas in the Bedroom

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Catwoman femme fatale

The Catwoman character from the Batman universe is one of the most iconic femme fatales in all of comic books.  This is quite impressive when you consider that Catwoman doesn’t actually possess any type of magical powers or other worldly weapons.  What she does possess is an alpha-female and sexually dominant personality that many women wish to emulate in the bedroom, even if it is just for one night through cosplaying the sexually confident character.


While there has been many variations of the femme fatale character over the decades, a few things are passed from one actress to the next:  tight leather outfit, sexually seductive, gymnastic athleticism, superior fighting skills, and expert thief are some of the common traits that each variation obtains.


1960s Catwoman


While the Catwoman was first introduced in the comic books in the spring of 1940, she became better known during the 1960s Batman tv show.  Julie Newmar played the character for 13 episodes between 1966 and 1967.  The 1960s was a sexually liberating decade as sexual expression became more normal in everyday life and on television.  This seems to have played a role on shaping the Catwoman character for the show and when designing her costume.  The combination of her full body leather costume and seductive movements on the show is something you might find in a modern-day Las Vegas Halloween Party or strip club.

Click the image below for this vintage Catwoman costume influenced from the 60s television show.


The actress on the show incorporates the cat theme into her personality, almost playing as if she is a half cat, half human mutant.  She sort of purrs while speaking and prances around the room the way a cat would if it suddenly was transformed into a human body.  These are perfect techniques to mimic while cosplaying the character in the bedroom.  She also has long cat nails as part of her costume.  While the family friendly show never shows Catwoman and Bruce Wayne getting sexual in the bedroom, that doesn’t have to stop you from scratching your man up during bedroom play and marking your territory.



Into the 90s


The exposure to Catwoman took a hiatus in the 70s and 80s, but was resurrected in a huge way when Batman Returns was released in 1992.  The film stars Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and has arguably paved the way for every variation since. 

Click the image below to purchase the Catwoman costume from Batman Returns.


While the TV show stayed away from having Catwoman actually engage in physical altercations with Batman and Robin, instead relying on her henchmen to get down and dirty, director Tim Burton didn’t shy away from revealing Catwoman’s violent side in the movie.


In the film she has shown to possess highly athletic and fighting skills.  After beating up a street thug and leaving his face bloody from her long nails, she finds herself taking on Batman in a seductive fight on a rooftop.  She is able to use her combination of fighting skills and seductive prowess in order to end up on top of Batman, straddling him as he is on his back.  She then leans over and aggressively licks his face like an animal.  This might be one of the greatest femme fatale scenes in cinematic history as she shows her dominance and sexuality with one short move.  Reenacting this scene while cosplaying as Catwoman will drive any man who is a fan of the character crazy.


Her very tight leather costume and mask combined with her speech patterns give off a dominatrix vibe.  This is further enhanced with her use of a whip to defend herself.  Use your imagination as to what such a dominating personality would do to a male victim of her choosing in the bedroom while you cosplay as the Michelle Pfeiffer version of Catwoman.


Halle Berry Catwoman


While not the same character from the comic books, Halley Berry played a version of Catwoman in the 2004 film Catwoman.  Similar to Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, Berry starts off as a shy non-confident woman when an accident occurs that gives her some other worldly cat like abilities.  As she morphs into the Catwoman her personality changes and she becomes confident, dominant, and sexually charged.


The best thing to take away from this version of Catwoman is her unique costume.  Rather than the traditional all black, full-leather outfit, Berry’s catwoman wears leather pants with a sexy black bra, black leather gloves that go to her elbows, and a leather mask that covers her head and eyes.  Much of her torso is bare skin other than the tight bra.  She also has sharp claws at the end of her gloves that she can use as weapons, or scratching up a man in the bedroom.  This is a great costume to cosplay as a sexually charged Catwoman looking to dominate her man in the bedroom.


Zoe Kravitz in The Batman


More recent versions of the Catwoman has seen her go from less of a villain to more of an anti-hero, and even then she usually comes through as more of a hero at the end of the story.  This is the case in 2022’s The Batman where Selina Kyle (Catwoman), played by Zoe Kravitz,  serves as Batman’s sidekick for most of the movie as she helps him get important information and even saves his life in the final scene.

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In this more realistic version of the character, Selina Kyle is a woman caught up in the world of organized crime and political corruption, while trying to make enough money to get by.  She does possess superior fighting skills and athletic ability that allows her to take down men twice her size, but does not appear to be a physical threat to the Batman. 


Batman and Catwoman share a mutual respect and attraction for each other throughout the movie.  Both are alpha personalities that can’t take orders from others.  This can be intertwined into cosplay and role-playing as the character as Batman tries to tame a woman who can’t be controlled.


Catwoman Sex Toys

Click the image below to purchase:


There is always an undertone of dominatrix to the Catwoman character, and this presents the opportunity to bring out a myriad of sex toys during cosplay in the bedroom.  The most obvious sex toy for the character is a whip as she uses this to tame whatever men enters her realm.


Other BDSM toys such as ticklers, paddlers, and hand cuffs would likely be used if the fictional character Catwoman came off of the comic books and into your bedroom.

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