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Femme Fatale Princess Leia Prisoner Cosplay

cosplay femme fatale humiliation neck choker neck constraint princess leia prisoner cosplay prisoner play
Princess Leia in her prisoner bikini

While the original Star Wars trilogy is often viewed as a family friendly movie series, there are a few scenes that challenge that classification.  And while the tension of Han Solo’s romantic pursuit of Princess Leia is felt throughout the three movies, it is a mere backdrop to the larger good versus evil and hero’s journey plot of Luke Skywalker.  That hasn’t stopped many men who were teenage boys from that era fantasizing about a specific character wearing a specific outfit.

That character and outfit is none other than Princess Leia wearing a sexy golden bikini, who finds herself the prisoner of the mob boss Jabba the Hutt at the beginning of 1983s Return of the Jedi, the third movie of the trilogy.  Princess Leia is caught by Jabba the Hut and his gang at the start of the movie in an attempt to rescue Han Solo.  If her failure at a rescue attempt was not humiliating enough, Jabba decides to place a neck constraint on Princess Leia with a chain leash attached to his body, thus making her akin to a pet of his possession.

This decision to place a chained neck constraint on his prisoner and attach it to himself proves to be a fatal mistake.  Later when Luke ignites the escape battle and chaos ensues on Jabba’s large hover craft ship, Princess Leia is able to take the chain, throw it around Jabba’s neck, sneak behind him, and strangle him to death with the leash.  Not bad for a petite woman whose captor outweighs her by at least four times.  And she does this while wearing a sexy golden bikini meant to demean her as a weak feminine slave.

Perhaps this is why the character wearing the specific outfit has had such a long-lasting effect on pop culture for men of that era.  It’s not just the stunning bikini and feminine hairstyle that the young Princess is sporting, but her tenacity and feistiness that allows her to use her strength and quickness to defeat a much larger opponent and forever become one of the greatest fictional femme fatales to exist.

Taken as a Prisoner

In order for a couple to really get into this cosplay a few items will need to be obtained.  First, the sexy golden bikini with an attached skirt that Princess Leia finds herself forced to wear must be present.  Since she is becoming the prisoner, the woman can start off wearing something else, and once she is restrained by her man through superior physical strength, she should be forced to put on the outfit that reveals to everyone else that she is now a prisoner.


Next, a neck choker constraint and leash set needs to be present.  The man should put the constraint around his woman’s neck and place the leash around his body or his own neck.  A long leash of at least six feet should be purchased.  If that is difficult to find you can purchase extensions such as silk tie constraints or rope designed for sex play, and tie it to the leash to give it extra length.  The important thing is that the leash is attached somewhere on the body of the man while the neck constraint is around the woman.

Now it is time for the man to remind his prisoner who is charge.  Have a whip or paddle nearby if your prisoner needs to be punished.  Command her to do whatever it is you desire her to do.  She is your property and should be treated as such.

As a little game within the cosplay, the man can come up with three things that the woman needs to do.  These can be sexual acts or something to humiliate her.  Just keep in mind how things turned out for Jabba the Hut as her last captor.  When things eventually turn and the woman as Princess Leia gains control of the situation, now she will get to demand three things from the man.  This push and pull game and reversal of power will provide for mind blowing foreplay.

The Femme Fatale is Released


At some point during this cosplay, and foreplay, Princess Leia has had enough and it is time for her inner femme fatale to be released.  She distracts her man with her sexually charged body and throws the long leash over her captor’s body.  She then quickly moves to position herself behind her man and performs another rotation of the leash around her man’s body, this time around his neck.  With the leash still attached to her neck, she plants her feet and begins pulling on the rope, strangling her captor in the process.

Instead of strangling him to death like in the movie, or in even unconscious, make him tap out and admit defeat.  Then let up on the pull, but still maintain enough that allows him to know who is now in charge.  Getting back to the 3-commandment game, the woman is now in control and gets to come up with three things that the man must do or perform.  If, as the woman, you were utterly humiliated moments before, now is the time for payback.

Throughout the process be sure to apply a little pressure around his neck with the leash, eventually whispering in his ear the simple question: Have you had enough?

Since there is an element of strangulation with this cosplay game, be sure to talk with your partner beforehand about what a clear and obvious tap-out will look like and respect that tap-out by relieving the pressure immediately.  Tap-outs can be two clear hits on the ground or the other person’s body with a hand or foot, or even the snapping of fingers one time.

This cosplay is about humiliation, slave play, and the reversal of power.  The man will start out in full control playing the role of Jabba the Hut with the woman as Princess Leia and his prisoner.  At some point Princess Leia, being the femme fatale that she is, will use her seductiveness and take control by using the very constraints placed on her to subdue her as her weapon.

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