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Poison Ivy Roleplay ASMR

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Poison Ivy cosplay

If you’re a woman who is looking to combine some sexy role-playing with ASMR techniques in the bedroom in order to seduce your man into a hypnotic submission, then Poison Ivy from the Batman universe is the perfect character to dive into.  ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, it refers to that tingling, relaxing sensation you sometimes get that starts on the scalp and moves down the body.  The sensation is often triggered by peaceful sights and sounds that your sensory receptors pick up which cause you to have a positive, relaxing, and sometimes erotic response. 

Imagine being in a comfortable bedroom with newly cleaned sheets and a pumpkin spiced candle burning emulating pleasant scents.  You are sitting on the bed blindfolded by a smooth silk scarf.  You can hear your lover moving around in the room, but you don’t know exactly where they are.  All of a sudden you feel the soft touch of your lover’s hand touch your shoulder, followed by them whispering in your ear what sexual act they are about to perform on you.  That sensory response and tingling that you might experience going down your neck and back is ASMR.

Poison Ivy and Mother Nature


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The Poison Ivy character has always trended more towards the mystical realm with an emphasis on mother nature.  Her powers are her ability to control and communicate with plant life, and in some story lines she has shown the ability to use plant toxins to seduce and control men.  Her seduction and control expertise through sensory relaxation techniques make her the perfect role-play candidate for ASMR sexuality.

Poison Ivy role-play is also perfect for outdoor cosplay that might take place in your private backyard or a camping location where you know you will not have prying eyes.  Her green outfit can be combined with the natural green found in the outdoors that can bring out your animalistic spirts during your sexual escapade with your lover.  Find a place in the wilderness where you can roll around in dirt and leaves with your lover.  Poison Ivy knows how to take control of men.  She can do it physically, but will start with her psychological advantages using the ASMR of the outdoors.

Role-Play Interrogation 

If you can’t make it outside for this love escapade, have no fear, you can make do inside with no problem.  Besides getting a sexy Poison Ivy costume to wear, have your man buy a bunch of rose or other flower petals.  If you can get home before your man, lay out a trail of the flower petals from your home’s entrance, into the bedroom, and onto the bed where you will be waiting, lying in a sexually provocative manner. 

He can role-play as Bruce Wayne, who has shown up to ask Poison Ivy a few questions pertaining to a recent theft at his company.  He expects Poison Ivy is involved, as the chemical products stolen are known to kill plant life.  He starts off serious, telling her he is not there to play as she looks back with a seductive smile.  As he gets closer to demand answers, she quickly grabs his button-down shirt and pulls him close to her.  She wraps her legs around his body so he can’t escape and starts kissing him.  She stops kissing to ask him if he is feeling sleepy.  She informs him that her lipstick has a special plant compound that will slowly put him under her control.  She smiles as she knows that she is in full control now.

Now with the man losing control of his senses and body, Poison Ivy can become the femme fatale that she is and start restraining her victim with bed post constraints.  Once restrained, she can enact her own form of pleasurable torture, going back and forth between choking and breath play combined with pleasurable ASMR touches and sounds.  She whispers into his ear that he is now her prisoner, as he dives deeper into his trance.

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Wear green garter leg wraps as your victim is restrained and you wrap your erotic legs around his body to squeeze him into submission.  For the ASMR audio effect, play the sounds of rain drops falling in the wilderness.  Between the garter leg wraps, Poison Ivy outfit, flower pedals, and sounds of rain falling, you both will transport yourselves mentally to an outdoor oasis.

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