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Sexy Batgirl Role-Playing Games

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Sexy Batgirl cosplay domination

The Batgirl character has been trending as of late with the much-anticipated Batgirl movie being cancelled by Warner Bros. even though the movie was already completed.  There are some positive signs for fans of Batgirl as industry rumors are that the character will show up in future movies and possibly another stand-alone movie of better quality than the one that was cancelled.

Batgirl’s persona and looks provide for some unique sexy cosplay and role-play variety, both for women who want to portray the character, as well as men and women who want to interact with the character.  Cosplay is more than just dressing up as a character, but rather taking on the personality and traits of the character in order to bring a fictional character into the real world.  Let’s take a look at what it takes to play Barbara Gordon, better known as Batgirl. 

Compared with the majority of other comic book female heroes, Batgirl is actually very vanilla and in a lot of ways normal.  Her personality isn’t over the top crazy like Harley Quinn, dark and serious like the Black Widow, or overly heroic like Wonder Woman.  She is more of the girl next door type, who can happen to kick your ass.  This is the allure for many guys who are into sexy role-playing with their woman as Batgirl.

Batgirl is usually portrayed in the comics or shows as either a college student or young professional in her early to mid-twenties.  Her profession of choice is a librarian, and she definitely gives off the sexy librarian vibe when she is in a private setting.  When not dressed in her crime fighting outfit, she wears very conservative clothing, usually with glasses, making her a very unsuspecting suspect to be a crime-fighting, mask-wearing, hero at night.

She gets her athleticism from being a competitive gymnast growing up.  Those gymnast abilities combined with her training in martial arts makes her a fierce fighter who is far stronger than her small petite statue would suggest.  Though she has the skills and strength to be extremely lethal, she is not the violent type.  Similar to Batman, Batgirl doesn’t use guns and believes that it is her duty to be a superior fighter so that she can subdue the bad guys without causing permanent damage; very sweet of her.

As an intelligent young coed she can often be overconfident in her decisions.  She is often cocky when taking on men who are much larger than her, which she shows by spurting out demoralizing statements:  “The bigger they are the harder they fall”, “Is that all you got”, and “Let me wrap this up so I can get home in time for dinner” are the type of corny and cliché things that she might say to someone while she is beating them senseless. 

Now that we got the Batgirl persona down, let’s look at some different ways to incorporate her into sexy role-playing games.

Batgirl in the dominant role

If you’re a woman wanting to dress up as Batgirl in order to role-play being dominant over your man, or woman, there are several variations that you can take.  First, you can be the sneaky crime fighter that you are and catch a burglar in the middle of a heist.  Keep the lights off and have your man wearing burglar type clothes – sweatpants and a beanie will suffice – lurking around the room looking for something.  Then, when the time is right, you can enter the room, turn on a small light if possible so that the whole room is not made bright, and arrogantly tell him that he has been caught in the act.  Batgirl would then pounce on the burglar, wrestle him to the ground or bed, and tie him up with whatever gadgets she had on hand.  Incorporate rope or handcuffs to bring out the realism.  From the man’s perspective he can fight back as much as he wants, but ultimately his fantasy will be the astonishment that he is getting overpowered by a young woman dressed up in a silly costume.

This fantasy is all about a young, beautiful, fit, and smart woman overpowering and outsmarting a large, dumb, burglar who underestimated his opponent from the beginning.  As Batgirl, be sure to use a lot of demoralizing and quirky statements to really get into the character.  The scene can end with Batgirl defeating the burglar with a school girl pin, telling him that crime doesn’t pay, and then having her way in a sexual manner.

Turning of the Tables

Another dominant Batgirl role-play storyline can focus on her relationship with Bruce Wayne.  In the comics Batman is always viewed as the dominant figure of their relationship, even suggesting that he decides whether or not Batgirl is able to go on missions with him or dress up at all.  He is her boss and has the final say in everything.  Democracy does not exist in the Batcave.  But what if those roles were to switch?


The role-play can begin with the man playing the role of Bruce Wayne as himself or dressed up as Batman.  An argument ensues where Batman informs Batgirl that she can no longer dress up and fight crime with him because she doesn’t train enough.  She argues back stating that she has been training so much that she has surpassed his fighting skills.  This naturally leads to the two having a fighting bout to see who is the superior crime fighter.  Batman uses his size advantage to take control and gets on top of Batgirl.  He states that she is no match for him as he uses his powerful upper body strength to pin her hands to the ground.  Their fingers are interlocked as his larger hands overpowers hers.  “You will obey me, I always get the final say!” he informs her once more.

Batgirl, being the feisty athlete that she is, finds a way to get her legs out from underneath Bruce’s body.  She extends her torso while bringing her legs and feet up.  In the process she is able to grab his head with her feet and shins.  She starts tightening her grip by locking her feet directly behind his next and squeezing them together.  “Are you sure you’re the one in control here?”, she mockingly asks.

Batman laughs off the remark.  “You’ve learned nothing.  I still have the upper hand and can break your wrists at any time.”  Upon saying this he squeezes her hands with his own, tighter than before.  This in turn causes Batgirl to squeeze with her feet tighter as well.  Knowing that this grip might not be enough to overpower him, she quickly pulls his head closer to her face with her feet and gives him a kiss on his lips.  He is caught off guard but enjoys the kiss and starts kissing back.  He loosens his grip with his hands ever so slightly.  The two enjoy a few seconds of kisses while both still maintain their grips.

The act was done for distraction, and it works.  Still kissing him, Batgirl opens her eyes to see his eyes are closed, enjoying the act of kissing.  She stops kissing, then aggressively bites his lower lip and holds it with her teeth.

“Aggghhh, what are you doing?”, he protests. 

Without warning, she lets go of the bite, but as she does this she thrusts her whole body forward while letting go of the tight grip she was maintaining with her feet, though still keeping her feet locked.  In one quick movement, she propels her legs forward bringing her thighs on both sides of his face.  She now re-tightens her foot grip and squeezes her knees together as she straightens her legs.  She has secured a tight headscissors on the invincible Batman. 

Still reacting from the initial burst of pain from the bite, Batman attempts to release one of his hands from the finger lock grip that he has on Batgirl in order to do the human natural thing of touching his lip where the pain is.  However, as he releases his hand he is stunned that Batgirl has now tightened her hand grip on his, so that he can not complete the unlocking and get his hand free.

She is now squeezing his head tight with her legs while also not letting his hands go.  A look of concern comes over Batman’s face as he starts to struggle to breath.  She looks at him straight in his concerned eyes and says “What’s the matter, did you not train how to escape this hold?”

“Release me immediately, that is an order!”, commands the great man who is not used to being put in this position.

Batgirl smiles back and responds, “Sure I’ll release you, but first say the magic words:  I submit”.

“Never going to happen.  You are not beating me.  Let me go or I will be forced to break your wrists.”  In denial of his dire situation, he begins squeezing her hands again in an attempt to make her let go of the headscissor grip.  They are now both squeezing at almost full force; she with her legs wrapped around his neck and him with his hands and fingers interlocked around hers.

Both are experiencing a great deal of pain.  The upper body and arm strength of Batman is on the verge of being too much for Batgirl to handle as she starts to worry the bones in her hands are close to cracking.  Batman recognizes the conundrum she is in, and reveals a slight smile while his face is increasingly turning a shade of blue and sweat begins to drip down his forehead.  “Last chance, give up now or you’ll never be able to hold one of your precious books again.”

Though already squeezing with her legs tight, the last remark pushes her over the edge.  Time is running out for her, so she gives it one last Hail Mary.  With all of the strength in her body, starting with her core abdominal and buttocks muscles, she gives it one last final death squeeze with her legs.  She watches as the smile in Batman’s face instantly disappears and his face morphs into pain.  She feels his hands and fingers weaken as they begin to let go from her.  Now that the pressure is coming off, she is in full control.  As Batman unlocks his fingers, his instincts are to use his hands to try and pry her legs loose from around his neck, otherwise it will be lights out for him in a matter of seconds.  But right before he is able to get his hands free he finds himself in disbelief.  The two small female hands, who seconds before he was on the verge of breaking, have now reengaged.  Batgirl is now interlocking her fingers with his, so that he can’t get his hands free in order to try to work on her legs.

Unable to get his hands free, and with the pressure of her thighs choking off the blood flow to his brain, Batman begins to feel fuzzy and his vision starts to blur.  His only instinct is to get out the words “Barbara, please.”

Squeezing with her legs as tight as she can she starts to feel the large and strong body of the infamous Batman go weak.  With this information, she thrusts her hips powerfully to the left, while keeping a hold of his hands so he is unable to keep any type of balance.  Like a large tree in the forest falling down, the two hero’s bodies fall heavily to left.  The fall causes Batgirl to lose her grip on his hands, though her thigh grip is still holding on strong and tight.

With his hands loose, Batman has a glimmer of hope.  He begins his attempt and releasing himself free by trying to pull Batgirl’s feet apart which are locked in securely behind his head, though because he is lying on the ground on his side and unable to get up do to the force of Batgirl’s powerful gymnastic trained thighs, he is unable to get much leverage.

Batgirl starts to smile as she watches the man she once considered her hero desperately try to wiggle out of her complete control.  With his hands near her calves trying to pull them apart, she comments “I don’t think so” as she aggressively grabs the back of his head with her two hands, loosens up her thigh grip ever so slightly, pulls his head in deeper to her crotch, readjusts her foot lock by switching the top and bottom feet, and applies full pressure, squeezing her thighs, knees, and calves together as close as she can get them.  “Say my favorite words”, she commands.

Already blue in the face and on the verge of passing out from the blood and oxygen restriction, this new position has Batgirl’s inner thigh muscles pressed up against his neck muscles.  Her thigh muscles have turned rock solid from the muscle constriction.  He has no time to think, the pressure of her inner thighs on his neck causes him to have an instant reflex of tapping out.  Batgirl loosens up, so that he can once again breath, but keeps her legs locked and his head trapped in her headscissor hold.  She has won the fight, but the argument still has to be settled.

“Now then, what was that you were saying about me being able to fight crime?” she politely asks.

“Ok, you can continue, just let me go,” he pleads with her.

While this is the end of our role-play story, if you find yourself getting to this point there is no need to stop here.  For a completely humiliation role-play fantasy, you can now have yourself as Batgirl keep the headscissor hold while you force the mighty Batman to wiggle his pants off and touch himself in whatever way you desire.  Now you can show your complete dominance over your boss and commander, for if he doesn’t do what you want, just put on a little squeeze with your legs and remind him who is in control.

Submissive Batgirl


Of course, the relationship between Batman and Batgirl can have a completely different outcome.  If you and your partner want to instead see Batgirl as the submissive and Batman as the dominant, you can play out a role-play scenario where Batman punished Batgirl for being too cocky in a recent battle with bank robbers.

Batgirl put her life and the life of Batman in danger by focusing too much on what quirky remark to make instead of taking care of business and leaving the crime scene before the police arrived.  For her mistake Batman needs to punish her, in a 50 Shades of Grey BDSM style.  Batman lays Batgirl out on his lap and begins to spank her with his Bat-Paddle.

Obviously, this type of scene will likely never be found in an official Batman comic book, so you and your partner should make it your own while of course staying in your characters.

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