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Sexy Marvel Women Cosplay Costumes to Drive Your Man Crazy

black widow cosplay cosplay dominant and submissive gwen stacey spiderwoman cosplay headscissors role-playing she-hulk cosplay the wasp cosplay
Black Widown poster

It’s hard to believe that when the first Iron Man movie was released in 2008 it would be the beginning of a new age for movie studios, ushering in the age of cinematic universes where multiple movies exist in the same universe allowing for characters and their story arches to cross between films.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe was the first to create a portfolio of movies with hundreds of characters that all exist together and serve to cross promote one another.  Besides being the first, as to date they have been by far the most successful as other studios try to catchup to their success.


If you are a woman with a boyfriend or husband who considers themselves a Marvel comics fan, you have undoubtedly been dragged to the theatre to watch a movie or forced to watch it at home on a random night in.  Maybe you find enjoyment in the films, or maybe you consider them to be childish.  Regardless, it would be hard to deny that many of the characters are on the sexier side of the population, especially when combined with their sexy tailored costume.  If you man enjoys watching these Marvel Cinematic Universe movies it is likely that he would enjoy seeing his woman dressed up as a sexy Marvel women character leading him to the bedroom on a special night. 


Whether it is for Halloween or a special alone time night, the two of you can share a unique experience getting into character and spicing up your sex life.  Below is a list of some women Marvel characters you can cosplay as that are sure to drive your man crazy.  If you are a little on the shy side and embarrassed to break these sexy costumes out in the bedroom, buy it as an excuse for Halloween and witness the positive reaction from your boyfriend or husband first hand.


Black Widow


The Black Widow has been in the Marvel cinematic universe more than any other major female character.  She first showed up in Iron Man 2 and was the only female hero in the original Avengers movie.  In 2021 she had a solo film that explored her background story and upbringing from a KGB spy to important member of the Avengers.  Having been around for so many years and in so many movies there are several costume variations for which one can cosplay as the character, ranging from an all-black leather outfit that audiences first see her in to the more recent white jumpsuit that she wore in her stand-alone movie.


Black Widow’s personality is not difficult to pull off as she portrays a melancholy and straight to the point personal.  Let’s not forget, her knowledge of the world, including how to fight, has been shaped from her time as a Russian spy.  Pulling the suit and personality off will likely be enough to turn any man on for a night a fun cosplay, but if you can go a step further into her superhero skills you will have your man submitting form pleasure all night long.

Nothing is sexier than a female assassin dressed in tight leather.  Click on the image below to get the outfit and cosplay as Black Widow:

What exactly are Black Widow’s superpowers?  A Family Guy episode poked fun at this in an accurate way when the character’s response to the question was simply, “I’m really good at kicking people.”  It is true, she has no superpowers, but that only makes her all the more impressive that she is a member of the Avengers.  Her strengths are her intelligence and high level of fighting skills, where she often uses her legs to not only kick her opponent but wrap them around their head in order to perform a headscissor throw.  Incorporate a little headscissor challenge into your cosplay with your man and watch him submit to you in pleasure.




For those men who are into female muscle worship there is no better character to look at then She-Hulk.  Though She-Hulk has been in the comics for decades she is only recently being introduced to the screen through her own television series on Disney+ in 2022.


Costume from Amazon above

You don’t have to be a body builder to pull of the She-Hulk look.  Thankfully there are costumes that will allow to successfully cosplay as the character, and if you include a little green face paint you will have it down perfectly.  Whether you have the muscles to back up the costume or not, allow your dominate side to come out in the bedroom while you overpower your submissive man.


If you are looking for a creative couple’s costume for Halloween have your man dress up as the original Incredible Hulk to complement your She-Hulk costume.  You’ll have people looking at you in admiration throughout the night.


The Wasp


Wasp costume from Amazon above

Another idea for couple’s cosplay would be going as The Ant-Man and The Wasp.  The Ant-Man, especially with the third movie in that franchise coming out soon in 2023.  If you’re going to save the world you might as well save it with your lover, plus this will allow you more practice time to enhance your fighting skills as you always have a sparring partner near-by at night.  In the first Ant-Man movie Scott Lang learned how to fight by training with his female crush Hope Van Dyne who later becomes the Wasp.  She embarrasses him repeatedly, even trapping him in her deadly triangle choke with her legs and forcing him to tap-out. 


Cosplay as the Wasp with your man as the Ant-Man.  In costume have a erotic wrestling match as part of your training, just don’t go easy on him.  After all, you’ve been at this longer than he has and are the superior fighter.  Remind him by putting him in triangle choke hold of your own.


Gwen Stacey as Spiderwoman

Click on the image below to purchase this sexy Spiderwoman costume and become Gwen Stacey for a night of fun:


Alternate universes are the in thing these days and that remains true at Marvel.  The popular Spiderman cartoon movie series Into the Spider Verse introduced a barrage of new character versions of Spiderman who reside in different versions of Earth.  One such character is Gwen Stacey.  In her universe it is Gwen Stacey who is bitten by a radioactive spider and not Peter Parker, giving her the powers and responsibility of becoming the wall crawling superhero.


The backstory isn’t too important, what is important is the sexy costume you get to wear while cosplaying as a feisty superheroine.  If you have the curves for it this costume will keep many eyes on you at the Halloween party and provide all of the foreplay your man can handle.

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