$11.00 USD

Sarah G vs Kevin: Competitive Extreme Scissor Escape Match

Sarah, at 5'11" 112 pounds vs Kevin, at 6'2" 220 pounds

Included in purchase:

  • Entire 5 Round Match between Sarah and Kevin
  • Bonus Round: Sarah vs Catherine in a Double Body Scissor Competition
  • Bonus Round: Sarah vs Chica Python in a Double Body Scissor Competition

This is beautiful modelesque Sarah's very first attempt at Kinksports wrestling, though she does has some martial arts experience.

Giving up close to 110 pounds to Kevin, Sarah will have to use her stamina, quickness, and most of all flexibility if she is going to have a chance to win the fight.

Sarah is likely the most flexible wrestler at Kinksports, taking that throne away from her friend Chica Python. It's not just that she is flexible, but it's that flexibility combined with her lengthy body and long legs that seem to never end.

At 5'10" Sarah is tall, but her leg length is unreal. You can see at the standoff between Sarah and Kevin that Sarah's legs are much longer than Kevin's even though Kevin is 4 inches taller than her at 6'2".

This will be a match between size and power going against acrobatic flexibility; a Bear vs Python type of match.

From Bonus Rounds: