$5.83 per month (12 months paid upfront) + $79.99 for BDSM Toy Box

BDSM Role-Play Adventures: Femdom Edition (No Toys Included)

Spice Up Your Sex Life with Fun Role-Play and Sexy Games to Play

What you'll get:

  • Monthly Role-Play Stories with detailed character background
  • Online portal with video and audio descriptions of role-play stories
  • Ability to request and customize role-play stories

Date Nights Have Never Been More Fun!

What People Are Saying:

This makes role-playing and foreplay so much fun. I was always intimidated by the idea of role-playing, but having someone else come up with the story and characters eliminates all of the pressure. Highly recommend for a couple wanting to explore their kinky side ;)

Jamie S.

I've never been the role-playing type, but these loosely scripted scenes brings out a side of my wife that I didn't know existed. Super hot!

John B.