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Yesenia vs Boyfriend/Girlfriend Duo - Kevin & Laura

This video includes two matches. Yesenia, the 5'11" runway model, sets out to humiliate Kevin and Laura B who have recently started dating.

What you'll get:

  • Yesenia vs Kevin - 5 Round Scissor Escape match
  • Yesenia vs Laura B - 4 Round Scissor Escape and Grappling Match
  • Yesenia Picture Set

These matches occurred at the afterparty for the sand mixed wrestling tournament where Yesenia had narrowly beaten Kevin in an extreme scissor escape challenge match.

Confused how her hunky new boyfriend could have been beaten by a girl, Laura B challenges Yesenia to the same type of match after Yesenia bragged one too many times how she beat Kevin.

So the two decided to strip off their dresses worn for a party to their lingerie and settle this like women; on the wrestling mats!

What began as disdain for the tall model quickly turns to admiration as Laura experiences first hand just how strong and powerful Yesenia's legs are. Laura, a former gymnast herself, also shows great effort in her first match.

Fired up after winning, Yesenia challenges Kevin to another fight stating "Wouldn't it be funny if I beat both of you on the same night?"

Tired of her cockiness, and wanting to defend his girlfriend's honor, Kevin accepts the challenge and sets out to put Yesenia in her place once and for all.

The main event is Yesenia (5'11", 128 lbs) vs Kevin (6'2", 220 lbs) in a 5 round Extreme Scissor Escape Challenge Match.