$11.00 USD


Lina vs Kevin: Bedroom Battle Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Kevin at 220 pounds takes on Lina at 114 pounds in a competitive extreme scissor escape challenge match fought on two king size bed mattresses put together at the wrestling mats.

There will be 5 rounds of action, each round will be 2 minutes.

1 point is awarded to the fighter who is deemed to have been the most dominant in the round; the fighter who controlled the action for the majority of the round.

1 point can be earned by either fighter if they have their opponent pinned or trapped between their legs when the clock hits zero and the round ends. Even if a fighter has been completely dominated for 2.5 minutes, they will still earn a point if they are able to secure a scissor lock at the last second of the round.

3 points are awarded to a fighter if they make their opponent submit or tap-out.

The starting positions of the five rounds are:

  1. Front Headscissors

  2. Reverse Headscissors

  3. Side Body Scissors

  4. Standing Rear Naked Choke

  5. Acrobatic Reverse Headscissors

A true competitive male vs female wrestling match with one caveat: the man starts out trapped in a scissorhold each round.