$11.00 USD


Vanesa vs Pablo: Extreme Scissor Escape Challenge

This Extreme Scissor Escape Challenge will consist of 5 rounds of action. In each round Pablo will start off trapped in some type of scissor hold or choke hold by Vanesa.

Once the round starts it is a competitive wrestling match.

The 5 Round Starting Positions are:

  • Round 1: Front Headscissor
  • Round 2: Figure 4 from Behind
  • Round 3: Rear Naked Choke
  • Round 4: Reverse Headscissor
  • Round 5: Schoolgirl Pin

The fighter with the most points at the end of 5 rounds will be declared the winner. Scoring is determined by the following:

  • 1 Point for the fighter who is judged to be the most dominant and aggressive throughout the round
  • 1 Point if fighter has their opponent in any type body or head scissor, choke hold, or pinning their back to the ground when the time in the round expires (clock hits 0)
  • 3 Points for causing your opponent to submit or tap-out