KinkSports for adults

Competitive games & roleplay in the bedroom for a healthier and happier life

New Mixed Wrestling Streaming Platform

Mixed Wrestling Streaming


KinkSports PLUS Streaming Service

  • Competitive Scissor Escape Wrestling
  • Hours of footage streamed immediately upon signing up
  • Additional 1 Hour of footage added each month
  • Male vs Female & Female vs Female matches 


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What can you expect from competing in


KinkSports is about bringing a new level of excitement to the bedroom.  It gives you the opportunity to express and live out your deepest fantasies with that special person you share your life with.  You can count on these things:

Improved Cognitive Function

When you are having the best sex of your life you'll be feeling the best you've ever felt

Exercise Made Fun

Burning extra calories comes with living out your deepest sexual fantasies.  KinkSports can be quite the workout

Open yourself up with your Lover

Get to know your lover as they get to know you in ways that society has oppressed

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Hi, I'm Kelly, and my husband and I have been competing against each other in KinkSports to bring passion and excitement into our bedroom experience. Join in on the fun with your partner, you won't regret it.


About My Kink Story

Bedroom Games

First and foremost, kinksports are fun and erotic games that you play with your lover.  How you play them is up to you, but we have dozens of sports for you and your lover to compete in; some familiar, some not-so-familiar

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Dressing up as your favorite characters can add an extra layer of excitement to the competitive spirit of a kinksport.  We have hundreds or cosplay setups that combine famous characters with our signature kinksports

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Role-playing can be a great way to foreplay and ease into the competition of KinkSports.  Through our role-play setups we create erotic and sensual scenes that intertwine with our KinkSports to create an unforgettable, erotic  experience.

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A KinkSport for Everybody

No matter your fitness level or ability, there is a KinkSport for you and your partner.  This is about having fun!

Kink Non-Competitive

Play one of your games in a fun and playful tone with your lover without getting competitive.  Besides, maybe your fantasy is to lose.

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Kink Semi-Competitive

Ok, so you don't feel confident you can out wrestle your boyfriend who has 100 pounds on you, but what if he has one hand tied behind his back?

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Kink Ultra-Competitive

The bed is the ring.  You and your lover have a dispute to settle.  Loser does the dishes for a month.  First person to say "I Submit" is the loser.  GO!

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Angie Tuller

"My relationship with my husband is stronger then ever thanks to our weekly challenges."

John Block

"I've always dreaded the gym, but KinkSports provides a fun way to get in a workout."

Bridget Sanders

"After 7 years of marriage this is exactly what we needed to bring the passion back"

Janet Whithers

"Foreplay has never been so much fun.  Don't want to remember what I did before."

Aimee Crolle

"It's empowering to make my boyfriend beg me to stop and admit that he has lost"

Jamie Sonet

"I was a late bloomer with dating, now someone can write a novel about my sex life."

Have fun, get fit, while living out your deepest sexual fantasies


You don't have to be a promiscuous connoisseur of all sexual desires to have memorable and unique sexual experiences with your lover . KinkSports is all about getting out of the norms of society and exploring your fantasies in a safe and private environment with someone you deeply trust and are sexually drawn towards.

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Easy Tips to Spice up the Sex Routine You Have with Your Partner

Learn Role-Play, Cosplay, and Sexy Games to try on sex nights that explore dominant and submissive roles