Meet Our Scissor Wrestlers


5'11" - 128 lbs

A professional runway model, Yesenia stands 5'11" tall with long, lean, and deadly legs.

Despite her modelesque demeanor, she is a fierce competitor who uses her extremely long legs to grab her opponents like an octopus and squeeze them into submission.

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5'3" - 112 lbs

Valeria's girl-next-door looks can be quite deceptive to her opponents. She is lightening quick, flexible, and much stronger than she looks from years of playing competitive volleyball.

Though new to wrestling and martial arts, she has discovered that her most efficient way to take down men twice her size is to use her quickness to take their back and suffocate them with the rear naked choke and body scissor combo; her favorite deadly move!

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5'1" - 108 lbs

At only 19 years old Natalia is showing a lot of potential in the Kinksports wrestling league. As a former gymnast, her body is incredibly agile and strong despite being so petite.

She uses her flexibility and strong legs to maneuver around her larger male opponents and put herself in position to squeeze them into submission.

She is embarrassing much larger men who thought that such a young and small girl had no chance at even putting up a fight with them, let alone actually be defeated by her

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5'2" - 134 lbs

Leidy is a cross-fit and bicycle riding enthusiast, which may contribute to her incredibly powerful bubble butt and thigh muscles.

Her bubble butt, while a thing of beauty to look at, is also her greatest weapon in mixed wrestling. Her butt texture transitions from a soft pillow to rock hard muscle in a matter of milliseconds. Leidy has complete control over her gluteus maximus muscles, and once she has a man trapped between them and her thighs, your life is in her hands (or legs).

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5'1" - 103 lbs

She's tiny, but is lightening quick and has extremely high endurance with her cross-country background and current cross-fit workouts.

If you enjoy watching a small female fighter outlast larger male opponents as she wears them down, then Paola is the perfect wrestler to watch.

Men more than twice her size start out matches with her laughing as they think it will be an easy win, only to find themselves out of breath and in shock a short time later. This tiny girl uses her quickness to wrap her herself around her larger opponents and squeezes them into submission with her legs which are much stronger than one would think.

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5'2" - 130 lbs

Maria is a cross-fit enthusiast which has made her not only strong throughout her body, but gives her great stamina and quickness.

Her thick legs turn rock hard when she flexes them, or when she is using them to squeeze her opponent senseless.

Don't let her cute looks fool you, Maria is a true femme fatale.

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5'8" - 142 lbs

Vanesa is an athletic girl having played both soccer and volleyball in school.

Currently she stays in shape by going to the gym where she focuses the majority of her time working out her legs. In her own words: "I love lifting heavy weights with my legs, it just feels good for my whole body pushing and pulling large amounts with my legs."

She mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was too embarrassed to go to the gym with her because she could do more on the leg press and leg curl machine than him.

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5'10" - 112 lbs

She's tall at 5'10", but her legs are even longer than you would think. She has the leg length of someone who is 6'2" or taller; in fact her legs are longer than Kevin who stands at 6'2".

On top of that, she is hands down the most flexible wrestler we have filmed to date at KinkSports, and she uses her flexibility in violent ways. She has such control over her body that wrestling her is like wrestling someone with four arms, except two of those arms have the power of legs.

Sara uses her flexibility as a tool of power and aggression. She is able to contort her body in any direction she desires, and at lighting quick speeds, making her a truly dangerous opponent to anyone who challenges her.

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5'4" - 128 lbs

A former Soccer fullback, Laura is pure power and aggression.

Though she doesn't spend a lot of time in the weight room, her legs have developed into lethal weapons from her years of soccer training.

Beware her reverse headscissors, she has made men twice her size submit to her extreme squeeze power.

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5'3" - 114 lbs

A former Soccer striker, Valerie is fast and quick.

With no real mixed martial arts training, her scissor hold techniques are a bit unconventional. However they have proven to be quite effective.

She often locks her feet in a unique way when securing a tight headscissor hold. Though small, she has shown that her legs can transform into pure rock solid muscle and subdue men twice her size.

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5'7" - 114 lbs

Lina is so thin it's hard to believe that she has enough strength to submit a man. But her lean body is deceptively strong from her Pilates practice, combined with her extreme flexibility, she can make a grown man cry from pain.

Though thin, her legs seem to fit perfectly around the neck's of men, and when she starts squeezing you can see the muscle definition from her Pilates and yoga workouts.

How to describe Lina: Unreal flexibility, high energy & stamina, and a refusal to lose.

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Chica Python

5'6" - 112 lbs

Not one to spend a lot of time in the gym lifting weights, Chica Python relies on her flexibility to maneuver around larger opponents, eventually wrapping her legs around their neck and slowly strangling them to submission.

If you think you are beating her all it takes is a second to let your guard down and she will capitalize and completely turn the match around.

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5'6" - 110 lbs

Natascha is an athletic girl having played competitive tennis in school.

Currently she stays in shape with tennis, yoga, and Pilates, making her body long, lean, and much stronger than she appears.

Her girl-next-door looks and personality are making men new to the mixed wrestling club think she will be an easy match, only to find themselves begging for air seconds away from an embarrassing defeat.

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Patricia Pilates

5'5" - 118 lbs

Patricia's workout out of choice is Pilates, and it allows her to turn her feminine sexy legs into pure muscle in a split second.

This beautiful innocent looking Latina girl turns into a fierce warrior once the bell rings. She doesn't rest until she gets her thighs wrapped and locked around her male opponent's neck, and then a look of joy and excitement is revealed on he face as she knows she is seconds away from getting him to tap-out.

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5'3" - 117 lbs

Catherine is a competitive swimmer and all-around athletic girl. Her wrestling style is fearless; attack first and worry about the consequences later.

Her years of swimming has made her body almost all muscle, making her much stronger than her small stature would indicate.

She starts off matches against men trying to overpower them with pure strength (even when they are twice her size), and then on a dime she will switch to quickness and flexibility to finish the job and remind them that they are in fact wrestling a girl.


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Laura B

5'6" - 123 lbs

A former gymnast, Laura B has tremendous strength throughout her body, both upper and lower body. She can also demonstrate a great deal of flexibility and acrobatic moves.


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5'5" - 124 lbs

A former volleyball player, Serafina stays in shape now with weekly yoga classes giving her a good combination of athletic ability and flexibility in her arsenal when wrestling men.


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5'9" - 134 lbs

A former competitive volleyball player with a killer spike, Mariana has embarrassed many men on volleyball courts in her time.

Now she is embarrassing men on the wrestling mats by using her long legs, tight squeezing ability, and natural grappling skills.

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