5'3" - 137 lbs

Background: Dance

Exercise: Lifting heavy weights with legs, Yoga Class

Strength: Powerful thighs, Flexibility

Favorite Hold: Schoolgirl Pin

Favorite Roleplay: MILF teaching young man a lesson

Dahiana vs Mateo in - Single Mom teaches Lazy Man a Lesson



Dahiana vs Mateo

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Tough Single Mom teaches Lazy Man a Lesson

Unique competitive wrestling match between two people from different walks of life.

Dahiana is a tough single mom who has to fight everyday for the survival of herself and her daughter. On top of her mother and work duties, she somehow finds the time to go to the gym where she lifts heavy weights with her legs to relieve stress, as well as attend yoga classes making her much more limber than one might think.

Mateo is a lazy single man with little to no real world responsibilities.  He spends his free time playing video games and eating chips.

Who wins in this competitive scissor escape wrestling match? This is a 5 round competitive match where the man begins each round in some type of scissorhold by the woman.

The Five starting rounds are:

1. Side Body Scissors

2. Front Headscissors

3. Schoolgirl Pin

4. Reverse Headscissors

5. Body Scissors from Behind

Dahiana wears tight yoga pants throughout the match that showcases the curves of her legs, thighs, and butt. Even with the pants, you can see here legs and butt pulsating as she squeezes Mateo as tight as she can.

If you are a fan of schoolgirl pins and face sitting in a competitive match this is the fight for you. Dahiana repeatedly out wrestles Mateo and traps him in a schoolgirl pin with her thighs locked tightly around his head as she looks down at him and smiles away.

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Natalia vs Kevin 

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Bedroom Battle Series

Kevin at 220 pounds takes on 18 year old Natalia at 108 pounds in a competitive extreme scissor escape challenge match in the bedroom, using 2 king size beds as the wrestling mats

There will be 5 rounds of action, each round will be 2 minutes. At more than twice her size and age, this is power & strength versus youthful energy, quickness, & flexibility.

A true competitive male vs female wrestling match with one caveat: the man starts out trapped in a scissorhold in each round.

Natalia uses her gymnastics strength and high stamina in an attempt to wear out her much larger opponent.

The 5 Round Starting Positions are:

1. Front Headscissor

2. Reverse Headscissor

3. Rear Naked Choke

4. Acrobatic Hanging Reverse Headscissor

5. Schoolgirl Pin

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