November 2023: New Sand Beach Mixed Wrestling Tournament Matches Now Streaming!

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Competitive Scissor Escape & Mixed Wrestling

Young, beautiful women defeating larger men with their powerful legs, flexibility, and stamina

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New in December 2023

Beach Sand Mixed Wrestling Tournament. It's one thing to lose to a girl in the privacy of your own home, losing at a shopping mall on a busy Sunday in public is a whole new level of humiliation

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Our Streaming Video Content...

Beautiful Girl-Next-Door Athletes

Ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in a headscissor by your cute neighbor? We do all the time.

Real Competitions

Original Games. Our scissor escape challenge matches give women a real chance to defeat and humiliate men twice their size

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Female vs Female

Competitive female vs female grappling and double body scissor strength challenges

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"There are sites that have women defeating men their own size or smaller, and sites that have men pretending to lose to modelesque girls. Our goal is to create challenges where real beautiful girls could defeat men much larger than themselves.  Check out our Competitive Extreme Scissor Escape Challenge Matches for a truly unique experience!"

KinkSports Team

Join for $20 a Month

At Least 45 minutes of new footage uploaded each month.

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Extreme Scissor Escpape Challenge

These matches put a large man against a small woman in a competitive wrestling match.  The caveat, the man has to start out each round in between the woman's legs in a tight scissor hold.

The scissor hold is the great equalizer in wrestling.  The woman can tire the man out as she locks her feet and squeezes with her thighs.  In this competition, a point is scored if the man is trapped between her legs at the end of the round.  Strategy is everything.

If he is able to get out of the hold, it instantly becomes a real wrestling match.