5'8" - 142 lbs

Background: Soccer, Volleyball

Exercise: Weights, Gym 

Strength: Strong Legs, Flexibility

Favorite Hold: Schoolgirl Pin

Favorite Roleplay: Sexy Police Officer "I love putting guys in handcuffs"

Vanesa vs Kevin

Underground Mixed Wrestling Club

19 year old VANESA (5'8" and 142 pounds) vs KEVIN (6'2" and 220 pounds) in a competitive headscissor challenge wrestling match; a competitive wrestling match between a man and a woman where the man begins each round trapped in some type of scissorhold by the woman.

Vanesa wears a unique sexy pair of short leather shorts throughout the match that complement her long legs and thick thighs very nicely. 

This match has 4 rounds, the starting positions for the rounds are:

1. Side Reverse Headscissor

2. Rear Naked Choke & Bodyscissor Combo

3. Reverse Headscissors

4. Acrobatic Hanging Upside Down Headscissors

If you like schoolgirl pins, this match has several instances where the smaller Vanesa out wrestles Kevin and gets the humiliating schoolgirl pin on him during the rounds.

Though severely undersized, Vanesa does a great job of using her legs throughout the match to squeeze the air out of Kevin and wear him down, making for an exciting match between a large but out of shape man, and a young 19 year old woman in great shape.

Streaming in July 2024
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Vanesa vs Pablo

Extreme Scissor Escape Challenge

Newcomer Vanesa was eager to compete in a scissor escape challenge match, but there was one thing that was kind of annoying us; she wouldn't stop bragging about how strong her legs were.

She informed us that her ex-boyfriend wouldn't go to the gym with her because she embarrassed him there one time out lifting him on the leg press machine while his friends were watching.

At first it was cute, but she just wouldn't stop bragging about her leg strength. So instead of easing her into the league, we decided to put her up against the powerful 230 pound Pablo who was looking to get his feet wet as well in our mixed wrestling league.

Two rookies go head-to-head in a competitive mixed wrestling bout where the man will start out trapped in the woman's legs to begin each round. 

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Vanesa vs Kevin

Extreme Scissor Escape Challenge

19 year old Vanesa (5'8" and 142 pounds) is a young, athletic girl with powerful legs and great flexibility. She takes on 40 year old Kevin (6'2" and 220 pounds) who has been competing in sports his whole life and doesn't believe it is possible for a young athletic girl to beat him in anything, let alone wrestling.
This is a competitive mixed wrestling match with one caveat; the man starts out trapped in a scissor hold to begin each round.

The 5 Round Starting Holds are:
1. Triangle Choke
2. Reverse Headscissor
3. Rear Naked Choke
4. Acrobatic Hanging Reverse Headscissor
5. Schoolgirl Pin

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