Sexy Games are the essence of KinkSports

Playing sexy games with your partner will add excitement and variety to your bedroom routine.  When those sexy games are of the KinkSport variety, you will have mind-blowing erotic experiences in the bedroom.

Learn about are signature KinkSport games below:

6 Shibari Bondage Games to Play in the Bedroom

The “B” in BDSM stands for bondage, and this can come in many different varieties.  However, it almost always involves one individual being restrained in some way by another person.  The restrained person is at the mercy of the dominant person who can now do as they please...

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KinkSports Couple's Wrestling Challenge

Have exciting and competitive foreplay fun with you partner every night as you battle to see who is the dominant person in the relationship, and who will be labeled as the submissive.

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Headscissor Challenge Game

Women’s legs are extremely sexy to most straight men.  If legs aren’t a man’s favorite part of the woman body, they are certainly a close second or third at most.  While sexy, they can also be seductively and physically dangerous to an unsuspecting man...

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Erotic Breath Play Games to Try in Bed

Allowing your lover to restrict your airflow causes one to hand over a tremendous amount of power to someone else.  It is vitally important to trust your partner who you decide to engage with in breath play.

Giving up that power is what makes breath play so exciting...

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Sexy Games combined with Sexual Cosplay and Role-Play adventures to try

Reverse Headscissor 69 Challenge

As is the case with most KinkSport games, this competition requires a combination of physical strength and seductive prowess.  The positioning and vulnerability that the two lovers will put themselves in with the Reverse Headscissor 69 Challenge exemplifies the KinkSport definition as much as any other of our sports...

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Femme Fatale Princess Leia Prisoner Cosplay

While the original Star Wars trilogy is often viewed as a family friendly movie series, there are a few scenes that challenge that classification.  And while the tension of Han Solo’s romantic pursuit of Princess Leia is felt throughout the three movies...

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Erotic Leg Push and Tug of War Bedroom Games

Sometimes the best form of foreplay is to bring a little competitive spirt into the bedroom and work up a sweat.  After all, it is no secret that working out causes your body to release endorphins, which in turn reduces stress and improves your sense of well-being...

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How to Use Hand Cuffs in the Bedroom - 9 Ways

Hand cuffs in the bedroom have become the international symbol of kinky sex.  If a new television series wants to show that one of the characters is very sexual, or even into BDSM, all they have to do is show another character finding a pair of furry sex cuffs in the sexually promiscuous character’s bedroom and the point will be received.  While the taboo nature of sex cuffs may have...

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Try 7 Fun Ways of Sex Wrestling with your Lover

Every relationship will have its ups and downs, and those downs will undoubtedly be filled with some form of arguing and bickering about things of little importance in the grand scheme of things.  How, as a couple, you rebound from those arguments will determine...

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Bedroom Games to Play with Nuru Massage Oil

Imagine applying a smooth and healthy oil all over your lover’s body in anticipation for a great night of foreplay and sex, all while they are rubbing your body down with the oil.  Now understand, that this is just the preparation for the foreplay and not the foreplay itself.  This is the preparation for a Nuru massage...

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Venus Thigh Trap Escape Challenge

The Venus thigh trap is an urban slang for a technique involving a woman surprising a man with whom she has having intimate relations, by trapping him with her thighs.  She lures him in close with her beauty and seductiveness, and once he is on top of her ready for a sexual encounter, she wraps her legs around him...

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