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Try 7 Fun Ways of Sex Wrestling with your Lover

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Every relationship will have its ups and downs, and those downs will undoubtedly be filled with some form of arguing and bickering about things of little importance in the grand scheme of things.  How, as a couple, you rebound from those arguments will determine the success or failure of your longevity together. 

Sometimes the best way to settle a dispute is to take it to the mats and have a sex wrestling match with your lover to decide who is right and who is wrong, or rather who will be the winner and who the loser.  For even if you know you are right about the dispute, if you end up being beaten and physically and sexually dominated during the match, you will have no choice but to submit to everything your partner so desires.  And the dynamic of the relationship will remain that way, at least until the next lovers sex wrestling match takes place.

The alternative is to sit down and have a long conversation and try to settle the dispute like mature, responsible adults, but where’s the fun it that?  The worst thing you can do is bottle up your anger and resentment, so instead take your lover to the mat and let it out through pure physicality while you try to dominate your partner into submission, followed by sexual ecstasy.

Here are some fun ways of sex wrestling with your partner, the ultimate sexy game:

1. Oil Wrestling

There’s something about having your body completely covered with smooth oil that makes you feel and look your sexiest.  Seeing your lover covered in a vegetable or massage oil allows you to admire their body in ways you may have not considered before, or be reminded just how physically sexy they can be.  When the wrestling match starts and the two of your bodies lock together, you’ll enjoy the warmth of each other’s flesh as you simultaneously try to battle for control while just trying to hang on.

In oil wrestling your control of the match is always in jeopardy.  In any given second you can be on top of your lover, over powering them, only to watch their body effortlessly reverse positions with you as their body slides and slithers around yours in an instant.  The two of you might be so slippery that you have to hang on to each other extra tight with your arms and legs just so the wrestling can be accomplished.  You’ll forget about what exactly it was you were bickering about seconds after the bell rings and your bodies make contact.

While this game could get messy, you can still pull it off at home in the bedroom.  Cover your bed, or wherever the legendary match will occur, with two layers of towels.  There are many different types of oils that can be used.  Our recommendation is good old-fashioned coconut oil that can be purchased cheaply at most grocery stores.  One jar will likely suffice, but a second will be good if this match goes a few rounds and an extra layer needs to be applied.

Though at the start of this battle it might feel as if you are bitter enemies with your lover, take the time to massage the oil on to each other’s bodies.  Don’t be shy with the amount of coconut oil you use, it is a natural body lotion, hair conditioner, and even makes a wonderful sex lubrication.  Adding to its lubrication characteristics is its wonderful smell.  Once the match is over and a winner decided, the two of you can transition directly into love making as you leave behind the bickering of the past and look forward to the positive attributes of your relationship that waits ahead.

Jello Wrestling – 3 different Ways 

For this next competition you will have to find a place outside or possibly in your basement if you have one.  Wrestling in a pool of Jello is something that most people only experience by watching it on a television show or a movie.  Maybe you’ve seen it done at a strip club at some point in your life, but most people have just been spectators of this sexy sport, though likely they secretly would love to try rolling around in a pool of Jello with a beautiful woman.  That fantasy is much more likely then you may have realized if you can convince your partner to hop into a pool of Jello to wrestle out your disputes.

2. Three Second Pin

There are even Jello Wrestling Kits that you can purchase that come with a kiddie pool setup and enough Jello supply to make this fantasy become a reality.  Having a small pool or tub filled with Jello presents the opportunity for different variations for this sex wrestling match to take place.  First, you can do the traditional three second pin to win where you need to pin your opponent’s shoulders to the bottom of the pool for three seconds.  Each round a clothing item is taken off until the loser is left naked and humiliated.

3. Sweatband Removal

Secondly, you both can wear sweatbands around your ankles and arms, with the intention of the game being to remove your opponent’s sweatbands before they remove yours.  You can decide to go all out until one wrestler has all four of their sweatbands removed, or reset after each one is taken off.  We recommend resetting after each band is removed as it will give both of you to take the time to realize who is winning and who is losing.  Also, the constant reengagement after each round adds a layer of competitiveness and eagerness for the losing fighter to come back.

4. Find and Possess an Object

Another way to play the game is to throw an object into the pool of Jello prior to the combatants entering the war zone.  The object can be anything that will sink to the bottom and withstand the Jello substance on it.  A rubber ball should work.  Throw the object in and set a timer for 1 minute.  The purpose of this game is to find the object before your opponent does and maintain possession of it when the one-minute timer expires.  Whoever has possession of the object at the end of the minute wins the round.


5. Hand Cuff Sex Wrestling 

This is just like it sounds.  Both wrestlers will have their hands cuffed in front of them and have to overpower their opponent without full movement of their arms.  There are many ways to use handcuffs in the bedroom, but this might be the most fun.  In order to win you’ll have to get creative with how you position yourself and likely use your flexibility and legs more than normal, which can be great for women whose male partners are significantly bigger than them.  The handcuffs can help even things out a little.  Alternatively, you can make it where only one of you has to wear the handcuffs as a sort of handicap in order to even things out a little for lovers who have a tremendous size and strength mismatch. 

6. One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

Ever hear a person say that something was so easy that they could do it with one hand tied behind their back?  If your man is extra cocky about how easily he is going to beat you in your sex wrestling match, make him do it with one hand tied behind his back.  You can use a rope, neck tie, or other Shibari bondage techniques to constrain one of his hands behind his back.  After that, normal rules apply and whoever gets a three second pin or submission is the winner.  Getting the submission is always the better way to go as you are forcing your lover to vocally or physically (by tapping out) give up and basically beg for the round to end.

With one hand tied behind his back you will have a great opportunity to trap your man in a triangle choke.  If you find yourself on your back with your man trying to pin you with his one free hand (let’s say his right hand), bring up your right leg and wrap it around the back of his neck so that your right inner thigh is pressed up against his left neck and your right root is positioned behind his right ear.  Then take control of his one free right hand with your two arms, lift your left leg up, and hook your right foot underneath your left knee.  Now you just have to bite down our left foot while squeezing your knees together and pulling his right hand in closer to you.  This will cause your right thigh to squeeze up against his neck and cut off the blood flow to his brain. 

He will be shocked that you are overpowering him and tap out immediately.  If you do this right and he doesn’t tap out he will likely pass out, so keep an eye on him and if that happens let go and let him recover.  Just be sure to remind him what happened when he wakes up. 

7. Restrain Your Opponent Wrestling


This sex wrestling variation requires a Neck and Wrist Restraint sex toy that you will use to restrain your partner.  The sex toy will start at the middle of the bed, or wrestling rink, with the two opponents an equal distance from the toy to start.  Once the bell rings, the two fighters will need to wrestle for possession of the toy and then place the neck and wrist restraints around their opponent. 

Once one of the constraints are on your body, either neck or wrists, you cannot take them off you unless you are able to straddle your opponent as they are on their back.  If that happens, your opponent is likely winded, and you can take the constraints off of you and start placing it onto their body.  This is a game of endurance as you not only have to take control of your opponent, but overpower them so that you can get the constraints on them.  Once all three constraints are placed on one of the fighters – two wrists and neck – the match is over.  Now the winner gets to have their way sexually with the loser. 

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