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How to Use Hand Cuffs in the bedroom - 9 Ways

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hand cuffs in the bedroom

Hand cuffs in the bedroom have become the international symbol of kinky sex.  If a new television series wants to show that one of the characters is very sexual, or even into BDSM, all they have to do is show another character finding a pair of furry sex cuffs in the sexually promiscuous character’s bedroom and the point will be received.  While the taboo nature of sex cuffs may have diminished over the years, exactly what to do with them in the bedroom is still a mystery to many.  Here is a list of how to use hand cuffs in the bedroom. 

1. Cuff Your Partner to the Bedpost 

We might as well call this one the Original when it comes to hand cuff play as the term sex cuffs likely strikes up the image for many people of one partner being constrained to the bed post by the other.  Simply use the cuffs to lock one of their hands to the bed post allowing them to be vulnerable to you.  With your partner constrained, you now have the power and can do to them as you please, with their consent of course.

If they're not already stripped naked, slowly take off their clothes.  Grab an ice cube and slide it up and down their body with emphasis on the curves of their body, or just use your tongue.  The partner who is cuffed is allowing the cuffer to take control for the next few minutes.

2. Tool for Brat Tamer Role-Play


Brat tamer role-play is a type of BDSM activity role-play where the submissive makes it difficult for the dominant to take control.  They purposely act bratty like a spoiled child who isn’t getting what they want for the first time.  They want the dominant to do what is necessary and punish them, eventually forcing the submissive to submit.  This usually encompasses some sort of spanking and discipline punishment.  What better way to punish and control a bratty submissive than to hand cuff them leaving them restrained from prancing around and continuing their childish behavior. 

The role-play can begin with the submissive acting out their brat like behaviors, prompting the dominant to threaten to apply hand cuffs is the behavior is not change.  The submissive will continue their bad behavior and even mock the idea of being hand cuffed.  This back and forth will continue until the dominant has finally had enough and decides to take out the hand cuffs and apply the proper punishment. 

3. Intruder Role-Play

Using hand cuffs in an intruder role-play setup scene will add a realism to the playtime.  Use the cuffs to restrain the submissive to a chair or the bed and play out the intruder role-play.  With the submissive restrained the dominant can torture the victim to get the information that they are looking for; perhaps the code to a safe located in the house.


4. Reverse Double Trouble Teamwork


Sometimes people become too dependent on the use of their hands, even taking the free movement for granted.  It is only when an arm or finger is broken that someone realizes just how much they rely on their hands.  This is as true for sex as any other activity.  Imagine what it would be like having sex without the use of your hands.  What adjustments would you make and what new moves would you come up with incorporating other parts of your body?  Now imagine if your partner had the same issue.

This activity will require two pairs of hand cuffs.  Both you and your partner will need to find a way to cuff yourselves so that each of your hands are restrained behind your back.  The cuffing itself might take a considerable amount of teamwork, but it will be nothing compared to the actual activity of sex.  Try having sex with your partner as you normally would as both of your hands are restrained behind your backs.  Learn new ways to maneuver your bodies so that they can merge and become one.

5. Frontal Double Trouble Teamwork

If behind-the-back cuff sex proves to be just a little too difficult, try altering the activity with both you and your partner cuffing yourselves with your hands out in front of you.  The lack of free hand and arm movement will still prove to make things awkward for both of you as you try to figure out the best way to have sex in this predicament.  But once you figure it out, besides enjoying the sex, you and your partner will feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Not every couple would be able to make sex work while being restrained, so you should bask in your glory as a confident and competent couple.  Don’t get discouraged if it is difficult at first.  Enjoy the journey as you figure out the best way to position your bodies and provide pleasure to each other with limited arm and hand movement.

6. CNC Resistance Play

CNC stands for consensual non-consent and involves a role-play scenario where a submissive has given consent to a dominant to do as they please, within the boundaries of the agreement, during a role-play scene.

If the submissive is wanting to engage in a resistance role-play fantasy, you can add a little spice to the scene by hand cuffing her hands behind her back so that the dominant can have an easier time fulfilling the sub’s fantasy.  Be sure to discuss a safe word prior to living out the fantasy. 

7. Stuck on You


Simply take one pair of handcuffs and lock one of your wrists with your partner’s wrist.  Best to do opposite hands with each other; your right hand to your partner’s left hand or vice versa.  Now the two of you will have to work together to undress each other and have great sex.  If bedroom chemistry has been a problem for you and your partner, the use of sex cuffs in this way will force you to master your teamwork and create superb chemistry in the process.

8. Opposite Hand to Foot (for the flexible)

For those that have the flexibility and like the feeling of being dominated, have your partner use the cuffs to lock your right wrist to your left ankle or left wrist to right ankle.  In this restrained position your partner can now have their way with you.

9. Prisoner Play

One of you is a police officer and the other has done something really bad.  Role-play it out by cuffing the criminal, interrogating them, and punishing them however you see fit.

These nine ways to have fun with hand cuffs should keep you busy in the bedroom with your lover for at least a week.  Once you get through all nine, try mixing and matching different variations on them with each other.  For example, you can try the brat tamer role-play with the stuck on you game, locking the cuffs on one of the dominant’s hands onto one of the sub’s hands.  Maybe during a prisoner role-play the police officer is feeling extra kinky and decides to cuff the suspect in an unusual way; ankle to wrist instead of wrist to wrist.  The options are endless. 

While using hand cuffs in the bedroom can add a lot of excitement to your sexual routine, be sure to keep safety in mind and have open communication with your partner.  Let the cuffing begin.

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