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KinkSports Role-Play Setup Series:

Wrestling Games & Challenges

Safe & Enjoyable

Instructions on safety included to reduce the chance of injury.  Safety First Always!


Sounds intimidating?  It's not.  We'll walk you through each game step-by-step on the platform.

Option to Personalize

Once you get the hang of these games, you might have an idea or two of your own.  Let us know and we'll implement it in to your next date night.

Let's Wrestle

KinkSports Role-Play Setup: Wrestling Games and Challenges

Fun, competitive, and sexy wrestling games to find out once and for all...who is the champion of your bedroom?

$27.00 per month

Looking to dominate your lover in a sexy wrestling match...or maybe be dominated?

  • Life is all about experiences, and this is the ultimate experience for sexual wrestling lovers
  • Foreplay will never be more fun as you work up a sweat and play out dominant and submissive roles with your partner
  • 16 Unique Wrestling Games to try over the firsts two months
  • No equipment necessary...only your sexy bodies!


Let the Games Begin!

Looking to Spice Things Up and Have Great Sex on a regular routine?

...sometimes just a little pre-planned foreplay is all you need.  We'll help you with that!

You have questions, we have answers...

Jamie Sonet

"My boyfriend and I have so much fun playing these games.  What an experience!  Way better than the vanilla sex nights I've had in the past"

John Block

"Who needs the gym?  Substituting gym time with foreplay and sexy time has been a blast.  I love seeing my girlfriend go all out and try to overpower me, such a turn on!"

Angela Tuller

"I was a little reluctant to try this out when my husband told me about his wrestling fetish, but these games were a lot of fun.  Now I look forward to our special sex dates each week"

Stuck in a Routine?

  • Are you stuck in a bedroom routine with your partner?


  • Interested in exploring exciting new kinky role-play ideas?

...and maybe don't know how to bring up the topic with your partner?

Spice Up Your Sex Life!

  • Physical challenges with your lover have been shown to increase endorphin levels, resulting in reduced stress and an improved sense of well being
  • Experience a new kinky side with your lover as you play with dominant and submissive roles
  • Fulfill your fantasies with your partner without feeling strange about bringing up your suppressed kinks; option to communicate your desires and fantasies through us
  • Explore new foreplay adventures while getting in a great workout!

Learn about the Wrestling Games & Challenges

Let the Battle for the Bedroom Championship Begin

The first four "Date Night" descriptions are below.  After these 4 dates, you will get new "Date Nights" each month with unique games, role-play scenarios, and cosplay options


Round 1:

Body Scissor Challenge
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Round 2: 

Stamina Pentathlon
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Round 3:

Games of Mercy 
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Round 4:

Sex Wrestling Match
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Let's Wrestle

Round 1: Body Scissor Challenge

In this first round of competitions, one lover will wrap their legs around the other in a variety of ways in order to trap them, while the trapped lover attempts to escape.

You will feel the power and beauty of your lovers legs wrapped around you as they attempt to squeeze you into submission

Round 2:  Bedroom Stamina Pentathlon

The KinkSports Stamina Pentathlon is 5 challenges to determine the best athlete in your bedroom and focuses on your stamina and balance abilities.

All challenges are simple, fun, and sometimes silly, and can be performed in the comfort of your bedroom.

Round 3: Games of Mercy

This will be a series of games that will all have one thing in common:  Make your opponent submit! 

From the traditional game of mercy you might have played as a child, to a more adult version with an erotic asphyxiation theme, you'll trend between pain and pleasure in an effort to dominate your bedroom!

Round 4: Sex Wrestling Match 

Prepare for the ultimate challenge:  An all-out Sex Wrestling Match.

What is a Sex Wrestling Match?  Defeat your opponent by pin, submission, or orgasm. The winner will be the true champion of your household.

KinkSports Role-Play Setup Series:

Wrestling Games & Challenges

  • Challenge Your Partner to the Ultimate Foreplay
  • Wrestling has never been so much fun
  • Nothing but your bodies needed
Let's Wrestle

KinkSports Role-Play Setup: Wrestling Games and Challenges

Fun, competitive, and sexy wrestling games to find out once and for all...who is the champion of your bedroom?

$27.00 per month

Challenge Your Partner Today and Schedule a Sex Date!

  • Setting a sex date with your partner builds excitement and anticipation throughout the week
  • Instant access to the first round of competitions
  • No equipment necessary...only your sexy bodies!
  • Unique Sex Dates with your Partner (Less than $12/Date)


Let's Wrestle