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Headscissor Challenge Game

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sexy legs ready to squeeze a man senseless

Women’s legs are extremely sexy to most straight men.  If legs aren’t a man’s favorite part of the woman body, they are certainly a close second or third at most.  While sexy, they can also be seductively and physically dangerous to an unsuspecting man.  While the average man has a considerable strength advantage over the average woman in upper body strength, the pound for pound difference in the lower body is minute according to strength studies.

It’s not that the average young woman who is healthy and works out has stronger legs than her healthy and fit boyfriend, but in many cases that boyfriend might underestimate how strong his girlfriend’s legs are if he were to get himself in a vulnerable position.  Getting into a vulnerable position is exactly what the KinkSport’s Headscissor Challenge is all about.


How to Play

To play the game, a man will allow his woman to wrap her legs around his neck and lock her feet together.  You will then set the timer on your phone to one minute.  Once the timer begins the woman will squeeze her thigh muscles together with the purpose of making the man tap out and surrender.  If she is successful in making him give up, she is rewarded a point.  If the man can last the entire minute than without tapping, then he gets the point.  This is one round of the game.

In this variation of the game there is no fighting back by the man.  He is simply trying to not get overpowered and forced to tap.  Another variation is the Headscissor Escape Challenge where the man will try to escape.  That challenge becomes a wrestling match where the woman starts off in an advantageous position.

The Headscissor Challenge can consist of seven rounds.  Whoever gets four points first is the winner.  There are different types of headscissors that can be applied.  Each round a different headscissor variation should be used.  Here are some options to try, but always feel free to be creative.

Traditional Headscissor

With the traditional headscissor the woman is lying on her back as the man approaches her as if they are getting ready to have sex from the missionary position.  She then lifts her legs up and grabs the man with her legs.  The woman wraps her legs around the man’s neck with her inner thighs tightly pressed against his neck and her feet locked behind his head.  The knees should be slightly behind his head.  As the woman, if you are able to squeeze your knees together to the point that they are touching you will undoubtedly get the submission.

Reverse Side Headscissors

This time the man lays on his back.  The woman will be lying down on one of her sides (let’s say her right side), perpendicular to him, and directly behind his head.  Laying on her right side, she will lift her left leg and place it right below the man’s head and above his chest.  Her left hamstring muscles should be pressed against his throat.  Then, the man will lift his head up slightly so that the woman can slide her right leg underneath his head.  At the point the man’s head should be sandwiched in between the woman’s thigh muscles.  If he were to glance over to his right he should see the woman’s powerful butt starring back at him.  At this point he should realize he completely trapped between her legs and butt.

The woman can now lock her feet to prevent him from escaping.  Once the timer is set the woman will simply try to get the man to submit by squeezing her legs together.  The most efficient way to do this will be for her to straighten her legs as long as she can while keeping her feet locked together.  This hold can be extremely effective as the women’s large hamstring muscles are putting direct pressure on the man’s throat.  Be sure to let go if the man taps out, and keep an eye on his face to make sure he doesn’t pass out.  If he does let go immediately.

Figure Four from Behind


Once again the man will lay down on his back.  The woman will approach him from behind.  From behind his head, she will wrap one of her legs (let’s say the right leg) around the front of his neck, bringing her right foot back towards her body.  She will then extend her left leg to the left side of the man’s head and over her right foot so that her left hamstring is on top of her right foot.  She will then “bite down” on her right foot with her left leg.  Once the timer starts, the woman will try to get the tap-out by pulling back her right foot with her left hamstring son that her right knee is being squeezed underneath his chin.  As she is doing this she can also squeeze her knees closer together to create extra tightening.  This one is all about technique.  If done right he probably won’t last long before tapping.

Throat Sit

Here the man will be lying on his back and the woman will shit on him in a straddle position. Her crotch should be pressed up against his throat while her thighs are placed on the sides of his head.  She can then lightly lift his head up and wrap her legs around his head however is most natural.  When the timer starts she will use her core and leg muscles to try and squeeze the life out of him, while staying in the seated position.  Her butt should be sitting somewhere on his upper chest as her crotch is pressed up against his throat and legs wrapped around his head.

Reverse Headscissor

This is one of the most deadly and seductive moves a woman can put on her man.   The man will lie on his back.  The woman can start by sitting on the man’s chest facing away from him in a reverse cowgirl position.  She will then lower her body so that she is facing down on top of him.  At this point you should be in a 69 position. 

The woman can now wrap her thighs around the man’s head so that his face is pressed up against her butt.  The closer his face is to her butt, the more powerful and tight the squeeze.  She should then lock her feet together securing the trap.  Once the timer goes she can apply pressure by straightening her legs as much as possible while simultaneously squeezing her butt muscles together. 

The woman should be sure to look back every few seconds to make sure her man is still conscience as this powerful hold can knock out even the largest man quite quickly.  Plus, the man might enjoy the view so much that he forgets to tap-out. 

As the woman, if you do feel your man tap-out or say “I surrender”, let up the hold so that he can breath again, but don’t feel that you need to completely untangle yourself and let him go.  Even though you already scored the point, take the time to look back and humiliate him a little or get something you want out of the position that he has found himself in.  Tell him you will let him go if he agrees to make you breakfast in the morning.  If he doesn’t agree give him a little squeeze to remind him who is in control.

Standing Front Headscissors

In this position the woman will be standing up straight and have her man’s head in between her thighs as she is looking down at him face to face.  This position allows for heavy eye contact, allowing the woman to smile as she reveals the power of her legs while she sees the fear in his eyes.

This can be tried in two variations as it relates to the positioning of the man.  First, the man can be sitting on the ground with his legs straight out.  The woman can then walk up to him with her crotch directly in his face and swing one of her legs over his shoulder, followed by the other one.  She will the cross her feet slowly in order to keep balance, and squeeze her knees together in order to try and get the submission.  If she is unable to keep balanced when crossing her feet, she can keep her feet uncrosses and just focus on squeezing her knees together as much as possible with her man’s head between her thighs.

The second variation will be easier for balance.  The man will lay on his back on the bed with his head hanging off of the side of the bed.  Then the woman will take her position by standing over the man in the standing front headscissor position.  Since the man is laying on the bed instead of sitting on the ground the woman will not have to worry about her balance as much and can even rest her butt on his chest if she feels like she is about to fall over.

Safety First

While this can be a fun and erotic competition it can also be a dangerous.  Always respect the tap-out by letting go of the grip so that the victim can get in oxygen.  Also, it is important to understand in any activity involving air and blood flow restriction that a person can be knocked out and go to sleep in an instant.  They might be trying to resist tapping out for just one more second, but they might pass out before that one second finishes.  So the person doing the scissor hold must always keep an eye on the person being scissored.  If they are knocked out let them go right away so that the air and blood flow come back.

Role Reversal

Another variation of the Headscissor Challenge game is to see who can last the longest before tapping out.  In this variation, instead of scoring a point by trying not to tap for a full minute, the winner of each round is whoever goes the longest without tapping.  Both partners take turns putting each other in the same headscissor holds, and the round begins by using the stop watch on your phone instead of the timer so that timer is counting from zero until a tap-out occurs as opposed to the clock counting down from one minute to zero.

For example, let say in round one you will be using the traditional headsicssor.  The woman goes first by putting her man in the headscissor hold and begins squeezing.  At the 40 second mark he gives up and taps out.  Then the man puts the woman in the same hold.  She is only able to last 10 seconds before tapping out.  The man would win round one and gain the point.

This variation should only be done if the size advantage between the couple is not that extreme.  If the man is significantly larger than the woman then it is best to use the timer variation where only the man is being scissored.

Add a little Cosplay and Role-Play to the game

Want to add an extra layer of excitement to the Headscissor Challenge game?  Dress up and pretend to be characters from your favorite movies and play out a dominant and submissive scenario.  Headscissors are used in many movies where a superhero female is present, or just a woman character who happens to be a good fighter.  The Black Widow, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and characters from Mission Impossible and James Bond movies all have incorporated headscissor scenes over the years.  Live out your fantasy through cosplay and role-play fun.


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