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4 Scissor Scenes from Movies to Role-play in the Bedroom

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Sexy Female Legs

Many men find a shapely pair of feminine legs to be the most attractive part of a woman’s body. Exactly why legs drive some men crazy isn’t fully understood, but for some men it encompasses the combination of seductiveness beauty with deadly power. Being trapped between a strong pair of feminine thighs as she squeezes as tight as she can causing airflow to be restricted is somehow both a fantasy and nightmare for some men.

The act of trapping someone between your legs is referred to a scissor hold and has been displayed in movie scenes time and time again. Usually it is a female who uses her seductive good looks and long legs to trap an unsuspecting man, who is lured in by her beauty until he realizes he has been fooled. While having a leg fetish is viewed as quite normal in society, having a leg scissor fetish is a bit more rare and might be considered taboo by some.

At we believe that no fetish should be considered weird or strange and should be explored by the individual and their lover, just as long as it doesn’t result in harm of any kind to a person who has not given consent. In that spirit, here are four movie scenes for men with a scissor fetish to role play with their partner.

1. War of the Roses (1989)

This 1989 dark comedy about a divorcing couple who tries to drive each other out of their house has a short but intense mixed scissor scene to role-play. Oliver Rose comes into the bedroom where his wife Barbara Rose is lying on the bed with some papers.

A short conversation about the papers causes Oliver to jump onto the bed to try to pry the papers away from her. He finds himself in between her thighs as she quickly and violently begins squeezing with all of her power. Her squeezing thighs immediately cause Oliver’s air flow to be cut off, and he begins begging to “Let Go!”. After a second or two more of holding him tight, she lets go, turns to the side and ignores him like it never happened.

2. Blade Runner (1982)

This science fiction dystopian film finds the main character Deckard searching for replicants, humanoid robots with AI so good that only an expert can tell them apart from a real human being. At the end of the film he is walking through an antique store where he stops to look carefully at what appears to be a woman mannequin.

However, in reality it is the woman replicant Pris he is searching for. She hits him and throws him across the room. Then she chases after him by doing an impressive gymnastics routine, eventually landing on top of him with her legs around his neck while she is standing up straight. She begins strangling him with her legs as he fights to get out.

This is a good scene to not only role-play, but to add some sexy cosplay into the fun date night as Pris has a unique costume and make up look to her.

3. The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967)

This is a classic femme fatale movie about a diabolical beautiful woman trying to take over the world with her all-female seductress army. At the beginning, a man has been captured by the army. His hands and feet are tied and there is tape around his mouth.

He is lying on the floor while a woman is strangling him with a headscissors. He has no way of escaping as the woman chokes him while smiling. Meanwhile, a dozen or so other women are sitting around watching in pleasure as they sip wine. They all seem to be basking in glory over utterly humiliating a totally defeated male.

This would be a great scene to role-play for men who fantasize about being humiliated. Even better if you can convince your wife or girlfriend to invite over some of her friends to watch to really duplicate the scene. Implement the headscissor challenge game into this role-play and see how long the man can last before giving up.

4. GoldenEye (1995)

GoldenEye is the seventeenth James Bond film that gave audiences their first look at the fifth actor to play Bond in Pierce Brosnan, and the queen of all femme fatales in Famke Janssen's portrayal as the Russian assassin Xenia Onatopp.  Xenia Onatopp's weapon of choice for murder are her lethal thighs which she uses to strangle her victims with tight body scissors.

The first time we see her do this in the movie is to an Admiral who she lures back to his bedroom to engage in, what he thinks will be, a fun night of sex.  As she straddles him on the bed she begins to soften her voice in order to calm him down completely before flipping him over and wrapping her long legs around his torso.  She begins squeezing with all her might, shown in her face as she bursts out screaming for joy.  The admiral is shown to be in great pain as all of the air is taken out of him.  His last words are "Xenia, I can't breath", in a last plea for her to let go.  But keeps squeezing until he is strangled to death.

You can make this scene a reality in the bedroom by role-playing the Xenia Onatopp Thigh Trap escape game.


These four movies are great for a couple with a leg scissor fetish who is looking to spice up their sex life. Find the exact scenes of the movie, watch them together, and then discuss how to make the bedroom fantasy become a reality.

One thing all of these movie scenes have in common is the man begging the woman to let go of their squeeze.  They all involve a man being physically dominated by a woman, and forced to admit this through their begging and pleading.  This is a major psychological component of men wishing to role-play a submissive character being physically dominated and humiliated by a woman with a pair of strong legs.

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