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Xenia Onatopp Death Thigh Trap Escape Role-Play

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Over the years many movies and television shows have portrayed a woman dominating a man in a fight scene by using her powerful legs in a scissor hold.  Scissor holds can come in a variety of forms with the commonality focusing on the woman wrapping her legs around some part of the man’s body with the goal of causing pain through strangulation or just to keep the man trapped and immobile.

The mother of all scissor hold movies is undoubtedly 1995’s Golden Eye, the first James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan as the lead role.  It is often said that the best James Bond movies are the ones with the best villains, and while Golden Eye has three major villains all worthy of mention, one stands out as the most memorable to fans of body scissors.  That villain is none other than the Russian assassin Xenia Onatopp whose favorite method of killing is by strangling men with her powerful, yet beautiful, thighs.


Her move of choice is the body scissors where she wraps her legs around her victim’s mid-section, locks her feet behind them, and squeezes tightly with her legs.  She squeezes her victims the same way a boa restrictor python squeezes its prey; slowly tightening the grip every time her victim breaths in so that with each breath in, he is able to breath out a little less than the previous breath.  This takes a considerable amount of strength and endurance from Xenia Onatopp, for she needs to not only apply enough pressure from the initial squeeze, but also hold that squeeze for several minutes while applying even more pressure every time the man takes a breath in. 


Imagine what it feels like when someone asks you to “make a muscle” on your arm.  When someone flexes their arm muscle to show the size of their bicep they usually only hold for a few seconds before they become exhausted and unrelease the hold.  In order for a woman to strangle a larger man with a body scissors she has to flex her thigh muscles so that they become rock solid and keep that flex hold until the man submits or passes out.  If she is unable to hold that tightness the victim can take in a slightly deeper breath every time the hold is released a little.  Women who have acquired this type of squeezing strength generally have some background in dance, Pilates, or horseback riding.  All of these activities have exercises where the legs muscles, and particularly inner thigh muscles, are required to hold long poses.


In most movies where scissor holds are used by female characters it will be the headscissor as the effective move.  This makes more sense as a trained and aggressive woman of only 100 pounds could realistically make any size man pass out if she got him in a headscissor hold, assuming she knew what to do.  Scissor holds are often about technique as much as pure power.  However, body scissors take a certain amount of raw power to cause a submission.  You can be a triple black belt in judo, but still might not have enough leg strength to submit a man twice your size like Xenia Onatopp.


This makes Xenia Onatopp body scissor move all the more impressive.  She is going for the pure over powering death, even though she is not of any sort of unnatural size.  In the movie the character is played by a young Famke Janssen, who in real life stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall.  Though quite tall for a woman she if of a slender modelesque build.  When her bare arms are portrayed in the movie they are quite feminine with nothing to indicate she possesses superior strength of any kind.  All of her strength is in her legs, and core section, which is needed to put on the type of death squeeze that she does throughout the movie.


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Getting into the Persona of Xenia Onatopp


For men, it’s not just the fantasy of having long, toned legs wrapped around their bodies, squeezing them senseless, that has gravitated them towards Xenia Onatop.  It is also her dominating personality and sexuality characteristics which allows her to be turned her on when she is applying her death squeeze with her thighs. 


In the movie she is shown having great sexual pleasure whenever she is in the act of squeezing a man with her legs in a body scissors.  The most famous scene of the movie shows her killing an admiral who is trapped between her legs while Xenia Onatop screams out in pleasure after having an orgasm.  She actually gets off by having a victim trapped between her!  This is what role-playing as Xenia Onatop from GoldenEye is all about; dominating and trapping your man with a body scissors and letting your own sexual orgasm tone out the begging mercy of your partner.


There are three scenes in the movie that can be used when role-playing as Xenia Onatop.  All three have unique settings and different body scissor techniques applied.  You can use each scene as a role-play for a separate night if you would like, as reenacting each scene might be enough for your James Bond, scissor loving, man to fully enjoy for one night.  In this article we will go over the first and most popular scene:


Scene 1:  Death of an Admiral


Above is a reenactment of the scene done by the artist L_Sama.  The reenactment is longer and more detailed than the original scene, great as a reference for role-playing.

In this scene towards the beginning of the movie we find Xenia in the bedroom of a powerful Admiral on board a large luxury yacht.  She is wearing sexy lingerie with knee high stockings.  The two are in heavy, aggressive, and animalistic foreplay.  Xenia jump onto the Admiral who is laying on his back on the bed and starts biting and scratching him.  At one point she pull his face up to her own and whispers something in Russian.  She then pushes his head back to the bed and reengages in biting and and aggressive scratching.  Both are sweaty from the physicality.  The Admiral appears to be enjoying the aggressive role-play of Xenia, though at times he seems a little worried.


Then, without warning, as Xenia is on top of the Admiral she quickly pulls him over to his side with her arms and legs, and then continues to pull him on top of her so that she is now underneath.  She then violently wraps her legs around his torso, locks her feet, and begins squeezing as tight as she can.  The Admiral’s face is transformed from pleasure to pain in an instant.  Struggling for air he is barely able to get out the words “Xenia, I can’t breath”.


In case the viewer thinks that this might be an accident by Xenia, that she doesn’t realize how tight she is squeezing, the camera now shows her face after the Admiral’s plea to let go.  She is shown clenching her teeth, using the full force of her body to squeeze as tight as she can.  Though it is obviously she is squeezing with her thighs as tight as possible, she is simultaneously shown enjoying the moment and even lets out a few “Yes! Yes!’ revealing the erotic and sexual seductiveness pleasure she is getting from the murder.  The scene ends and the next time we see the Admiral it is when James Bond find’s his strangled and dead body fall out of a cabinet door that he opens.


The actual scene in the movie is fairly short.  When role-playing this scene you can make it longer with more back and forth dialogue with your man, making him beg you to let go and even negotiating on what terms you will let go; maybe you are in need of a fifteen minute back massage or something else more pleasurable.  This role-play will also be very dependent on the sizes of the two participants and which KinkSport intensity level you decide to play with.


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