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Venus Thigh Trap Escape Challenge

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The Venus thigh trap is an urban slang for a technique involving a woman surprising a man with whom she has having intimate relations, by trapping him with her thighs.  She lures him in close with her beauty and seductiveness, and once he is on top of her ready for a sexual encounter, she wraps her legs around him, locks her feet, and squeezes him with her thighs so that he is unable to escape.  Once the trap is locked, she can have her way with the man in any way she so desires as he is left to submit to her beauty and powerful thigh clench.


This urban slang is derived from the Venus Flytrap, a carnivorous plant that catches and eats insects by waiting for a bug to enter the center of its trapping leaves, at which point the two leaves close shut and devour the bug.  The name Venus refers to the Roman Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. 


Just like the plant traps its victim with its two shutting leaves, a woman can use the Venus thigh trap to subdue a man who finds himself between a woman’s legs.  While the Venus Flytrap attracts its prey with a fruity smell on it leaves before devouring it, a woman attracts a man between her legs by seducing him with the possibility of sex before locking her legs around his body and leaving him immobile.


Bedroom Challenge


Participating in the Venus Thigh Trap Escape Challenge is a great way for a competitive couple to have a friendly, yet erotic, bout as part of their foreplay for the evening.  The woman will lay on the bed, wearing what she would normally wear as she prepares to have sex, or maybe nothing at all.  The man comes on the bed to join her as he crawls on top of her.  There is no need to jump right into the competition, instead spend time reacquainting yourselves with each other as you kiss and caress each other’s bodies after a long and stress filled week.


The game begins when the woman decides.  Don’t forget, this is called the “Venus” thigh trap, and Venus has its origins in the feminine power that women have over men.  Just as the man’s sexual arousal is getting high, with him ready to engage in intercourse, the woman will aggressively wrap her thighs around his body and apply pressure by squeezing her legs together.


Now the challenge has begun.  The man will try to escape the hold while the woman will do her best not to let him get free.  The man wins by unlocking his lover’s legs and setting himself free.  The woman will win if the man is unable to escape and forced to submit from exhaustion.


The Venus Thigh Trap Escape Challenge can be viewed as a mini sex wrestling match between lovers without having to enter full out battle mode, though a high intense battle might be exactly what you are looking for in this competition.  If you want to make it more of a sport you can add a timer clock element to the competition.  Once the woman locks her thighs around the man, the clock is set to two minutes and the countdown begins.  The man has two minutes to escape the woman’s thigh trap.  All the woman has to do is keep her legs locked for two minutes and not let the man escape and she will be crowned the winner.  Play to whoever wins three rounds first, with the winner getting whatever sexual pleasure from the loser they desire.


Implementing a timer clock to the competition is great for couples where the man is substantially bigger than the woman.  In this case, it will be unlikely the woman can keep her man trapped for a long enough time until he gets tired, but it will be possible for even the smallest of women to keep their man trapped for two minutes.  Men should not underestimate the squeezing power of their woman’s thighs.  They might be quite surprised just how much strength they have.


Performing the competition without the clock allows for longer rounds and more intimacy during the round.  It will give the man more time to enjoy the trap he has found himself in, and time for the woman to taunt her man by whispering in his ear that there is no way for his to escape and she slowly squeezes tighter with her legs.


Role Playing from the Silver Screen


There are quite a few movies that two lovers can incorporate into their Venus Thigh Trap Escape Challenge competition.  Likely the most well known movie that obtains this type of activity is the James Bond movie GoldenEye where the villain Xenia Onatopp kills her victims by luring them into sexual activity before strangling them with her long legs and thighs.  In other words, she kills them with her Venus Thigh Trap.  If you’re looking for a scene to reenact and role-play with your partner look up the Admiral death scene in GoldenEye and reenact the Xenia Onatopp death thigh trap.


A lessor known movie with a great Venus thigh trap scene is Assault on Devil’s Island, where actress Shannon Tweed is negotiating a deal with a man while laying together in bed.  He starts off saying that he will get 80% and she 20% of the deal.  With her legs already wrapped around the man’s body she begins squeezing and tells him that he can do better.  She continues to squeeze, cutting off his air supply, until he agrees to the terms that she was wanting.  Reenact and role-play this scene by having a negotiation with something that needs to be done around the house, perhaps to see who will cook dinner for the next two, three, or maybe ten nights, depending on just how tight the Venus thigh trap is.  If the woman is strong enough this can be a form a breath play, as she is not allowing her man to breath for a few seconds at a time as she squeezes off his air supply.


Other movies that have women trapping men with their thighs include War of the Roses, Ms. Congeniality, Blade Runner, and Street Fighter.  If you enjoy this competition, look up the scenes from these movies and try a new one every week.

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