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Reverse Headscissor 69 Challenge

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Man and woman in the 69 sex position

As is the case with most KinkSport games, this competition requires a combination of physical strength and seductive prowess.  The positioning and vulnerability that the two lovers will put themselves in with the Reverse Headscissor 69 Challenge exemplifies the KinkSport definition as much as any other of our sports.


This sport combines the 69 sexual position with the dangerous yet erotic wrestling hold of the reverse headscissors, to create an erotic wrestling bout.  As a sexual position, the 69 is where two lovers lay on top of each other, or on their sides, facing opposite head to toe directions so that both have access to their partner’s genital region.  This allows for both partners to provide oral satisfaction to each other simultaneously. 


The Sexual Position Component


Under normal circumstances the 69 sexual position is done so that both partners can reach nirvana together through oral stimulation, reaching their orgasms together.  In KinkSports there is always a competitive aspect, and the Reverse Headscissor 69 challenge is no different.  In this challenge the goal is not to orgasm together, but rather to make your partner have an orgasm before you do.  The winner is the better pleaser, and to win you will have to put in the extra work while fighting off the distraction that you are receiving while doing your own giving.  The prize, besides feeling the power of making your lover orgasm by your oral sex skills, is receiving whatever sexual satisfaction you desire by your lover as you get to lay back and relax.  The loser got to enjoy their pleasure, now their price is to provide you the same pleasure without you having to do any work.


Reverse Headscissor Component

On top of the 69 oral sex position, there is a wrestling component to this competition, otherwise it wouldn’t be a KinkSport.  The 69 sexual position causes two lovers to put themselves in vulnerable positions as they find their faces working on their partner’s genitals between their  partner’s inner thighs and buttocks, the most powerful part of most people’s bodies.  As you are giving oral stimulation to your partner they have the perfect opportunity to trap your head with a reverse headscissor move, and this is exactly what they will have the option to due during the competition.


The reverse headscissors is a wrestling move where one finds their head facing their opponents butt, trapped between their thighs, with the opponent’s hamstring muscles facing the same way the victim is facing.  In other words, if the victim is lying flat on his back and looking up at the ceiling, the women would be lying on top of him in the the opposite direction – a 69 position – and have her legs and thighs around his head with her hamstring muscles also facing the ceiling.


This is a very powerful position that allows for maximum squeezing power.  In order to make her man tap out or pass out, a woman who has her man in this position only needs to clench her butt muscles while straightening out her legs as long as possible.  He will feel the the power of her thighs and butt muscles immediately.


Rules of the Game



Here is how to play the game.  First, understand that the goal of the game is to make your partner come and have an orgasm.  Whoever has an orgasm first is the loser.


Set the timer on your phone for 1 minute and get into a comfortable 69 sex position so that both partners have access to the other’s genitals.  In the first minute of the competition there will not be a wrestling component, only oral stimulation can be used to defeat your opponent.  On the count of three you will start the timer.  Once the one minute is counting down the two of you will do nothing but focusing on getting the other to have a mind-blowing orgasm through your oral skills.


Once the one minute expires you now have permission to use your legs to put your opponent in a reverse headscissor hold in order to try and stop or slow them down from their orgasm reaching progress on yourself.  If your partner has used the one minute to their full advantage then you might not have the physical or mental strength to apply pressure with the reverse headscissors.  On the contrary, you might be counting the seconds until the minute is up so that you can apply full pressure on your lover with your thighs in order to prevent yourself from losing.


If the reverse headscissors is causing too much pressure and pain for the receiver to bear they can tap-out or submit to the wrestling move.  Tapping-out in this game does not mean that you lose the competition, that can only occur once an orgasm is achieved.  When your opponent taps out you will loosen your grip and untangle your bodies if necessary.  The person who has caused the submission will now have thirty seconds of penalty time to work on their partner reaching an orgasm without their ability to fight back or give back.  The submitting partner must lay still for the entire 30 seconds.  If they have an orgasm during that time then they have lost the Reverse Headscissor 69 Challenge.


If they are able to hold out from exploding during the 30 second penalty time, the two competitors reengage in their previous 69 sex positions, reset the timer to one minute, and start again.  Once again there will be no reverse head-scissoring until the one-minute timer goes off.


This process continues until there is a winner.  Once a winner is established, the loser should lay out sprawled on the floor in defeat as the winner presses their foot on their chest or sits on them in a straddle position to show their dominance.  Then, at the winner’s demand, the loser must sexually satisfy the winner in whatever way the winner desires until they too enjoy their own satisfying orgasm.



Challenge Safety Guidelines


If the size advantage between the man and woman is significant, you might want to do a variation of the game where only the woman has the ability to squeeze with full force with their reverse headscissors.  Before the competition both partners can give each other a sample squeeze so they get a feel for what they can expect before the game starts. 


Even though you will be in full competitive mode, be sure to check on your partner from time to time to make sure they haven’t passed out.  A good practice and technique is to require both of you to have your hands on each other’s butts once the one minute has expired and you are able to apply the reverse headscissor pressure.  By doing this, if you feel your partner’s hands let go of your butt it is a sign that you should take a look back and make sure they haven’t passed out from air or blood flow restriction.  If this has happened then let go of them immediately.


The Standing Challenge Variation


If there is a large size advantage for the man and he has enough upper body strength, a fun variation to the game is doing it in a standing position.  The man will be standing up with the woman hanging upside down and hanging onto her man with her legs around his head in the 69 position.  Same rules apply, except the man will not be able to squeeze the woman with his legs once the one minute has expired.  This will provide a fun and competitive variation to the game.

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