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Erotic Leg Push and Tug of War Bedroom Games

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Sometimes the best form of foreplay is to bring a little competitive spirt into the bedroom and work up a sweat.  After all, it is no secret that working out causes your body to release endorphins, which in turn reduces stress and improves your sense of well-being.  Participating in some exercise activities with your love partner will have you both releasing endorphins together and prepare you for a magical love making session, which by the way, will cause you to release even more endorphins, bringing you close to a level of ecstasy.

If you and your partner have the competitive spirit then playing Erotic Leg Push of War and Erotic Leg Tug of War Bedroom Games will add yet another level of fun, excitement, and pleasure to your night.  These KinkSport bedroom sexy games will put the leg power and strength of two lovers up against each other, as well as an endurance aspect for those whose partner is significantly larger and stronger than them.  But don’t let size fool you, the bigger someone is does not always equate to being stronger, especially when it comes to leg strength.

Women who lift weights tend to spend more time on their lower body than men.  On top of that, exercise classes like yoga and Pilates that are frequented more by women are great leg strengthening classes.  Many men who don’t spend much time on exercising their legs might be humbled to discover how strong their women love partners are in their legs.  And if this not the case, both partners will still have a ton of fun competing for dominance.

Though this is a competitive game, it is also foreplay at its core.  So come to bed feeling fresh, smelling clean, and wearing something that is comfortable and sexy.  Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, but for men we suggest boxer briefs and for women, short shorts and a sexy lingerie bra.

Erotic Leg Push of War

Time for the first event of the evening.  To play Sexy Leg Push of War the two partners must first get into position.  On the center of the bed, they can both sit Indian style facing each other.  Holding each other’s hands they can now both lean back so that they are lying on their backs with their knees up and the bottoms of their feet facing their partner.  Press each other’s feet against each other so that your right foot is pressed against your partner’s left foot, and your left foot is pressed against your partner’s right foot.  Now readjust yourselves so that you are both lying on your backs, feet touching, and thighs are in the air at about a 45 degree angle, with the bottom part of your legs (calves and feet) touching each other at a straight 180 degree angle.

On the count of three, which you will both count out loud together, you will both try to out push the other with pure leg strength.  While lying down, keep hold of each other’s hands with fingers locked.  This is for balance and so that you stay aligned.  The winner is whoever can straighten their legs out first.  If you are able to stay balanced, the lose will find themselves pushed back as their legs go over their head and they end up in a humiliating defeat.  Play five rounds for this version of the game to see who has the stronger pushing muscles in their legs.

If balance is an issue there are a few solutions.  One, you can use ankle cuffs or bracelets to lock your feet together during the competition.  Constraining your ankles with your lover can bring an added level of sexuality to the event.  This could be a little dangerous though as the two of you might be wanting to move in opposite directions at some point during the pushing, so it is best to use Velcro constraints that can easily be taken off without hands.

A second solution is to only push with one leg at a time.  With both partners having only one foot touching, they can both use their second foot to rest on the ground and provide balance.  This will allow both partners to stay grounded while focusing all of their efforts on pushing with their one leg and make it more accurate to see who has the stronger leg.

If you decide to go the one leg route, make sure you match up the right leg with your opponent.  Just like most people have a strong hand, usually the one they write with, most people have a dominant leg which is usually the same side as your dominant had.  So if you are right-handed your dominant leg will be the right leg.

If you and your partner are of similar strength you will want to pair your dominant leg against their dominant leg.  Then after a round, switch it up and see who has the stronger less dominant leg.

For couples where the man has a significant size advantage, you can try the competition with the man’s weaker leg versus the woman’s dominant leg.  As a right-handed man, you might be surprised how well your girlfriend or wife’s right leg stacks up against your left leg.  Think about what it would be like to arm wrestle a left-handed person with your left hand if are right-handed.  Having a “leg push-of-war” competition with your weaker leg against your opponent’s strong leg will be a similar situation.

If you are a woman who is smaller than you partner but in superior endurance condition, set the rules at the beginning of the first round that every round must occur immediately after the previous one has ended.  There is no rest time in between rounds.  You might lose round one, but the longer it goes the better chance you will have to win as your man starts huffing and puffing for air.  It doesn’t matter how strong someone is if they are winded.  Once someone is too tired to compete, they will be unable to find the strength to win.

Erotic Leg Tug of War


Leg tug of war will put your leg pulling muscles up against your lovers, which are a different set of muscles than the ones used to push.  For this event you will need to use either ankle cuffs or a short rope.  This game will be one of your legs versus one of your partner’s legs. 

Let’s assume you will both be using your right leg.  Sit on the floor facing each other with both of your legs extended straight out in front of you.  Have the bottoms of your right feet touching each other, then you can both scoot up a few inches so that your right ankles are parallel to each other.  Now you will bind your ankles together either with the sexy ankle cuffs or tie them together with rope.

Facing each other with both right legs fully extended, you will both count to three.  On three you will both attempt to pull your right knee into your chest, and in the process pull your opponent toward you with their right leg extended.  If the man is significantly larger the tendency might be for him to just use his weight advantage and pull his woman by using his arms to crawl backwards.  This will not secure the win.  In order to win the right leg must go from fully extended to fully bent with the opponent’s ankle still tied on.

This game definitely has an endurance component to it.  If at first no one is able to dominate the other at all with both legs remaining extended, just be patient.  Eventually one of the competitors will tire out and the person in better shape will be able to out tug the other and become victorious.  Try playing best of three rounds for this one.

After playing the Erotic Leg Push of War and Tug of War games you and your partner will have given yourselves quit the workout.  After the winner is done gloating in glory and the loser soaking in defeat, take the the time to rest and care for each other before beginning other fun bedroom activities.  Seeing each other give it all and work up a sweat should drive you wild as you get ready for some fun sexy time.

Superman vs Wonder Woman Cosplay with these Sexy Games

If you and your partner are looking to spice up this competition you can do so by cosplaying as Wonder Woman and Superman.  Enter the bedroom wearing a sexy tight superhero outfit.  Superman is known throughout the world as being the strongest person by far, but Wonder Woman is up for the challenge.  She tells Superman that all of his strength is natural; he has done nothing to earn it.  In contrast, though born with super-human strength, Wonder Woman’s natural strength is nowhere near compared to that of Superman.  However she has been training hard in the gym, especially her legs and thighs.  She believes her legs have surpassed that of Superman’s and is wanting to prove to the world that the strongest legs belong to a woman.



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The television networks pick up the debate and set up the competition for prime time viewing.  It is marketed at the battle of the sexes for leg strength dominance.  Will Superman give men the bragging rights they know they deserve as the stronger sex, or will Wonder Woman upset him and make all men question which sex is actually the strongest.  You and your lover can play out the roles and decide with all of mankind on the edge of their seats.  Let the sexy games begin, KinkSports style. 


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