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Erotic Breath Play Games to Try in Bed

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breath play between man and woman

Allowing your lover to restrict your airflow causes one to hand over a tremendous amount of power to someone else.  It is vitally important to trust your partner who you decide to engage with in breath play.

Giving up that power is what makes breath play so exciting, engaging, and a huge turn on for many people. You are literally putting your life in the hands of someone else.

What is Breath Play? 

Breath play is a sexual fetish that involves the restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.  It can also refer to the use of air or gas to stimulate the respiratory system.  This fetish is also known as asphyxiophilia, hypoxyphilia, or scarfing. 

Breath play can be dangerous and has resulted in serious injury and death.  It is important for anyone engaging in breath play to have a trusted and competent partner, to establish and respect clear boundaries and safe words, and to be aware of the risks involved.

Why Engage in Breath Play?

Some people may be attracted to the intensity and control involved in breath play, while others may be drawn to the submission and surrender of power.  It’s not uncommon for people with a breath play fetish to also be interested in other types of BDSM or power exchange activities.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s desires and fetishes are unique, and it’s not necessary to understand or even approve of someone’s interests in order to respect their right to privacy and consent.  If you are not interested in breath play or any other fetish, it’s important to communicate your boundaries and to respect the boundaries of others.

If you and your partner are interested in experimenting with breath play there are a number of ways that you can go about doing so.  Below are some unique games that we have come up with to make your breath play experience even more exciting. 

Breath Play Survival Team Work Game

The “Survival Team Work” game can be a great solution for the couple looking to explore the erotic physical benefits that many say can occur with air restriction, but who don’t want to go down the pain and punishment alley of choking their lover.  As the name suggests, as a couple you will be working together as opposed to being against each other as the typical dominant and submissive role play scene often requires.

Start off by locking lips with your partner as if you were going to have an intense make-out session.  We will refer to the individuals as partner A and partner B.  Partner A will take a deep breath through their nose and exhale through their mouth.  Partner B will inhale the air coming through partner A’s mouth, and then exhale the air through their own nose.  As partner B is exhaling through their nose, partner A can being inhaling through their nose for another round.

To review:

  1. Partner A inhales through nose
  2. Partner A exhales through mouth
  3. Partner B inhales through mouth (from Partner A)
  4. Partner B exhales through nose
  5. Repeat 1-4

Set a timer on your phone and see if you can continue to breath like this for two minutes without pulling away from each other’s mouths.  You can work your way up to five minutes or more if you feel comfortable. 

Add a little roleplay by pretending that the two of you were on a deep see scuba diving adventure when partner’s B oxygen tank malfunctioned.  Help is on the way, but in the meantime partner A must take in air from their tank and disperse it to partner B through your mouths in order to survive.

With each breath visualize becoming emotionally and spiritually closer with your partner.  Use this game as a way to do team mediation with each other, letting everything else in your lives fade away as the two of you become closer as one soul with each long breath.

Headscissor Challenge Breath Play

This game involves one partner wrapping their legs or thighs around the neck of the other, and attempting to make them tap-out or give up by squeezing their legs against their neck and restricting airflow.  The headscissor challenge game can be performed with a time limit, where the partner applying the headscissors has one minute to make their partner give up.  If they are unable to do so then they lose the round.

As a couple, you can also decide if the partner who starts out trapped is allowed to attempt to escape the leg scissor hold.  With no escape potential, they are forced to endure the pain and strangulation of their partner’s leg squeezing them and causing air restriction.  If they are aloud to try and escape, the game becomes a mini wrestling match where the person trapped scores a point if they are able to escape during the one-minute round.   

Depending on the couple and size differences, caution should be taken as to how intense you want to be with this game.  It can also be fun to just lightly squeeze your partner as you tease them with the potential to squeeze tighter and completely knocking them out, without actually doing so.

This type of breath play is usually done with a woman trapping her man with her legs.  Her thighs or calves should be positioned around the sides of his neck, where she will squeeze the carotid arteries that will restrict blood flow to his brain.  This will cause the dizziness and light headiness that many people try to achieve through breath play, while his face is being pressed against his lover’s vaginal region for an erotic experience.   

The pressure in this game, or any other type of breath play, should not be applied on the front of the neck where the Adam’s Apple is located.  This area does not provide a good type of pain when pressure is applied and too much pressure can cause serious damage. 

Instead, by applying pressure to the side of the neck, you are restricting blood flow and air supply in a controlled manner.  If you see your partner go unconscious release them immediately while taking caution as to the location of their body.  They will regain conscious upon releasing them, but until they do they will have no control over their muscles, so you will want to make sure that if they are standing or kneeling when they go unconscious that you are able to help guide them to lie down in a safe and secure manner.

In addition to the headscissors, one can also try applying the triangle leg choke on their partner which is specifically designed to make someone tap-out by quickly restricting the blood flow to the brain.  If done correctly, even the smallest of women can make the largest of men go unconscious.  The triangle choke also will trap the man’s face right by the woman’s vaginal area, making for a very erotic and fun experience if done naked and in good fun.

You can learn how to do perform the triangle choke by watching MMA instructional videos.  Then use you own imagination how to turn it into a more sexualized version.

Necktie Chicken Mercy Breath Play

Necktie Chicken is a game of mercy where both partners will be applying the erotic asphyxiation on each other at the same time.  The aim of the game will to outlast your partner.

Each partner will grab a necktie and create a U-Shape with it.  Wrap the necktie around your partner so that the open end of the U-shape is in front of their neck; the tie will be touching the back and sides of your partner’s neck. 

At the count of three you and your partner will both pull down on the necktie that is wrapped around your partner.  By pulling down, the tie will tighten around the back and sides of your partner’s neck causing blood flow to be restricted to the brain and resulting in dizziness and potential erotic sensations.

Keep your eyes locked with each other.  This is to provide added intimacy as well as to keep an eye on your partner for safety reasons.  If you should see your partner’s eyes roll back and lose consciousness, then immediately release the pressure.

The goal of the game is to outlast your partner.  The first person to let go of the necktie admits defeat and loses.  At this point the partner who has won should also let go as the round has ended. 

If you wish to play a less intense version of the game, in addition to having the control of the necktie wrapped around your partner, lock lips with them during the round.  As the competition begins you and your partner can kiss each other while trying to restrict air flow through their mouth, while they attempt the same on you.  The necktie will still be used to create dizziness, but with less emphasis as your mouth’s locked together can be used to secure a victory.

Breath Play Sex Positions

Sometimes you just want to skip the foreplay and head straight to the sex with your breath play.  The Flying V is a great sex position for erotic asphyxiation and to experiment with breath play. 

With the Flying V, the woman will grab the sides of the man’s neck with her calves and hold on for support. She can also apply pressure with her calve muscles and restrict his air supply and blood flow to the brain.

Meanwhile, he will be is position to grab the sides of her neck with his hands.  As sexual intercourse begins, both partners can apply pressure on each other’s necks as they enjoy the act of sex. 

If you wish to add a competitive component to this position, you can play a game of mercy to see who can last the longest before having to tap-out from receiving too much pressure around their neck.  You can also try to see who can last the longest before reaching an orgasm, with the loser being forced to finish the winner off in any way they desire.

Final Thoughts

Restricting air flow as a way of foreplay or during sexual intercourse can add a ton of excitement to your bedroom routine.  That excitement is a result of the danger presented in the act of performing the different types of breath play. 

Extreme caution should be taken when getting involved with any type of breath play and it should only be done with a partner who you completely trust as you will be putting your life in their hands.  Of course, that’s a big part of what makes it so sexually exciting.  Navigating the give and take of the risk involved with breath play should be thought through and discussed prior to engaging in the activity.

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