5'3" - 114 lbs

Background: Soccer Striker

Exercise: Gym

Strength: Quickness & Flexibility

Favorite Hold: Side Bodyscissors

Favorite Roleplay: Lara Croft

Valerie vs Manuel 

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Sand Beach Tournament Series

Two speedy and quick soccer strikers go head to head. They are practically the opposite sex doppelgänger of each other. Manuel's teammates will never let him forget it if he is unable to beat a girl who plays the same position as him.

This is a competitive extreme scissor escape match held on a sand volleyball court as part of our Sand Beach Tournament series. This was the first round of the tournament (the quarterfinals).

The match is 5 rounds, with each round lasting 2 and a half minutes (150 seconds)

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Valerie vs Kevin 

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Kevin at 220 pounds takes on Valerie at 114 pounds in a competitive extreme scissor escape challenge match; a competitive wrestling match where the man begins each round in some type of headscissor or bodyscissor hold by the woman.

The fighters agree to 6 rounds of action, each round will be 2 minutes.

Valerie starts off slow, but turns it around and puts herself in position to pull off the huge upset!

The 6 Starting Positions are:

1. Front Body Scissors

2. Front Headscissors

3. Reverse Headscissors

4. Standing Rear Naked Choke

5. Reverse Headscissor/Arm Lock Combo (AJ Lee Black Widow Style)

6. Pure Wrestling - No Hold Advantage

Note: This was the very first match that Kinksports filmed. The match starts off a little slow, but things pick up nicely as Valerie learns how to use her legs to keep her much larger opponent at bay.


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