Sarah G

5'10" - 112 lbs

Background: Pilates, Boxing, Martial Arts

Exercise: Pilates, Boxing Class

Strength: Extremely Long & Flexible Legs

Favorite Hold: One Leg Head Lock

Favorite Roleplay: Black Widow

Sarah G vs KevinĀ 

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Athletic Models vs Men Series

Kevin at 220 pounds takes on Sarah at 112 pounds in a competitive extreme scissor escape challenge match.

There will be 5 rounds of action, each round will be 2 minutes. Lyzz met Sarah G at her Jiu-Jitsu class after watching her submit a 300 pound man. She knew that she had to invite her to compete in the kinksports wrestling league.

A true competitive male vs female wrestling match with one caveat: the man starts out trapped in a scissorhold in each round.

Solo purchase also includes 2 Bonus Rounds of Sarah vs Chica Python and Sarah vs Catherine in double bodyscissor challenges

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