5'9" - 134 lbs

Background: Volleyball

Exercise: Weights, Yoga

Strength: Long Legs, Natural Grappling Ability

Favorite Hold: Reverse Body Scissor Grab

Favorite Roleplay: Aeon Flux

Mariana vs Ronal 

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Underground Mixed Wrestling Club

5'9" Mariana at 134 pounds takes on 5'8" and 197 pound Ronal in a competitive extreme scissor escape challenge match at the underground mixed wrestling club; where our most intense and competitive inter-gender matches happen.

There will be 4 rounds of action, each round will be 3 minutes. 

A true competitive male vs female wrestling match with one caveat: the man starts out trapped in a scissorhold in each round.

These days Mariana is a stay at home mother (MILF). However, once upon a time she was a competitive volleyball player with a viscous spike. You can see the definition in her volleyball trained legs when she is squeezing Ronal trying to take his breath away. Her competitiveness really comes out throughout this match as she refuses to submit and give up, even when it seems like that is the only option. She constantly shocks the much bigger Ronal as he is unable to finish her off, and instead often finds the situation being reversed as Mariana finds a way to wrap her long legs around him and take control of the round and match.

The 4 Round Starting Positions are:

1. Front Headscissor

2. Reverse Headscissor

3. Schoolgirl Pin

4. Rear Naked Choke

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