Laura B

5'6" - 123 lbs

Background: Gymnastics, Volleyball

Exercise: Weights, BicyclingĀ 

Strength: Flexibility, Gymnast Strength

Favorite Hold: Facesit Pin

Favorite Roleplay:Ā Sonya Blade, Mortal Kombat

Laura B vs Kevin: Boyfriend vs Girlfriend


Laura B vs Kevin

Boyfriend vs Girlfriend Match

Sand Tournament After Party Series

$13.99 (13 Minutes)

After both Laura and Kevin lost to Yesenia on the same night, Yesenia befriended Laura and convinced her to challenge Kevin to a wrestling match with herself (Yesenia) coaching her from the sidelines.

At first Kevin did not want to participate, but the peer pressure got to him and he accepted, eager to shut her and Yesenia up once and for all.

They agree to a 5 round competitive Scissor Escape match. Each round Kevin will start out trapped in some type of scissor hold as a way of evening out the size difference.

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Laura B vs Yesenia:

Girlfriend Seeks Revenge by Challenging Two Women Who Humiliated her Boyfriend


Laura B vs Yesenia

Sand Tournament After Party Series

$14.99 (15 Minutes)

Laura B is Kevin's new girlfriend. While she couldn't attend the sand tournament, she was a bit confused when she found out that her new hunk of a boyfriend was defeated by a model. This must be a joke she thought.

As a true Latina, she stated "No one gets to dominate my boyfriend except for me!" Looking to defend his honor, she challenges Yesenia to a wrestling match at the after party.

This video also has Laura B. challenging Laura who has also defeated her boyfriend several times.

In addition to wrestling, Laura B. also arm wrestles both Yesenia and Laura.

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