5'3" - 112 lbs

Background: Volleyball

Exercise: Volleyball, Yoga, Beginners Judo

Strength: Quickness, Flexibility

Favorite Hold: Side Throat Scissors

Favorite Roleplay: Leather Suited Dominatrix

Valeria vs Kevin

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Severely undersized 19 year old Valeria (5'3" 112 pounds) takes on the over-confident 40 year old Kevin (6'2, 220 pounds) in a competitive scissor hold escape wrestling match. This is a fully competitive man vs woman wrestling match with one caveat; the man starts out each round in some type of scissor hold by the woman.

There are 5 rounds, and points are scored by dominating a round, maintaining a scissor hold or back pin at the end of the round, or making your opponent tap-out.

The 5 Starting Positions for each round are:

1. Triangle Choke

2. Reverse Headscissor

3. Standing Rear Naked Choke

4. Acrobatic Hanging Reverse Headscissor

5. Schoolgirl Pin

Can Valeria shock the world and pull off the huge upset in only her second ever match?

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