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Basic Instinct Movie Role-Play Sex

basic instinct sex scene dominant and submissive domination knife play role-play
woman seduces man with sex before killing him with a knife

Some view the 90s as the golden era of films, and one of those classic movies is 1992’s Basic Instinct starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell, in the role that made her a household name.  Catherine Tramell is a seductive and manipulative woman who is the main suspect of the murder investigation of her character’s boyfriend, who was killed in his bedroom during sex. 


Michael Douglas plays the lead detective, Nick Curran, who starts out suspecting Tramell as the assailant.   However, as the movie progresses the evidence starts to prove her innocence.  Simulatenously, Curran is fighting his attraction for Tramell so that it doesn’t cloud his judgement as a detective.  Tramell uses her sexuality to seduce Curran and the two end up in a sexual relationship of their own.  Catherine Tramell is not the typical grieving widow, and she doesn’t try to hide this fact.  She claims her innocence,


This creates a lot of tension for the characters and viewers of the movie, as we try to decide for ourselves if she is just seducing him in order to cloud his judgement, or if a real attraction exists.  If she is the murderer will she kill him during sex like the original victim?  If she isn’t the murderer, then who is?


There is a lot of sexual tension between the characters intertwined with psychological foreplay leading up to their famous sex scene.  One such scene goes down like this:


Curran:            What’s your new book about

Tramell:           A detective.  He falls for the wrong woman.

Curran:            What happens

Tramell:           She kills him


Tramell sends a message to the detective, who she knows is falling for her, that she may end being the death of him, which sets up an intense sex scene.


The Sex Scene


The role-play aspect of Basic Instinct is getting into the mindsets of the characters as they get ready to embark on their first sexual encounter with each other.  Sleeping with someone for the first time always adds a layer of extra excitement to sex, so that aspect alone should spice up the night with you and your lover.  Though there is far more to get excited about in this role-play scenario.


The two characters find themselves returning to Tramell’s home late into the evening and start removing their clothing as they are kissing each other.  The acting by Michael Douglass as Detective Nick Curran is great in this scene as you can almost feel his mind fighting itself as he goes back and forth between wanting to enjoy the sexual encounter and being on guard that he might not only be putting himself in vulnerable positions with a murderer, but with a murderer who plans on killing him on.


Curran starts kissing and caressing Tramell’s breasts as he methodically moves down her body, bypassing her vagina and towards her inner thighs.  His head is between her thighs as he continues to caress her breasts, constantly looking up at her in order to keep an eye on any violent action she might take.  He then progresses his mouth up her inner thighs towards her vagina and starts performing cunnilingus on her.  She is shown enjoying this immensely as she leans back her head and arches her abdominals up with her thighs remaining on both sides of his neck.  Then, her hands reach behind her head as she seems to grab her high heeled shoes that could be used as a weapon.  Curran notices her grabbing the shoe, he is on edge.  You can see in his face contemplating if she should stop what he is doing and run out the door.  Is she about to violently strike him with the shoe and murder him brutally like she possibly did to her now deceased husband?  Seconds later it is revealed that this is not her intention, at least not yet.


Now they are at the top of the bed in a missionary position with Curran on top.  They are having sex when Tramell violently digs into Curran’s back with her nails leaving bloddy scratch marks.  Curran screams out in pain, only to look down at Tramell who acts like nothing has happened.  Tramell becomes aggressive and rolls him over so that she is now on top and straddling him below his chest.  Tramell  grabs his wrists with her hands.  At first Curran accepts this as a passionate gesture, but then she attempts to overpower him and pin his hands to the bed.  Curran is startled by the sudden gear up of aggressiveness on her part and he initially fights back.  They are both using their strength; Curran fighting not to have his hands pinned to the bed, and Tramell using her strength with the help of gravity to overpower the larger man and bring his hands to the ground. 


As the two fight for dominance Tramell makes a “shhhh, shhhh” sound directed at Curran, sending a subliminal message of sorts that it is ok to give in and allow himself to be overpowered by her.  Her perseverance works as Curran submits to her beauty and power as he finds his hands pinned behind his head, being held down by the potential femme fatale’s petite frame.


Tramell then maneuvers her position so that she is holding both of Curran’s hands down with just her left hand; a sign that Curran is allowing himself to be overpowered.  She then slowly reaches for something at the right side of the bed with her right hand.  Curran follows the movement of Tramell’s right hand with his eyes, as he glances back and forth between her face, hand, and what object awaits that she is reaching for.  Curran is torn between enjoying the moment and getting himself ready to physically fight for his survival if it is knife or other weapon that should soon appear in her right hand.


Her hand slithers underneath the mattress as she slowly pulls out a silk bondage tie.  Slowly and methodically she begins to tie Curran’s hands, that are positioned behind his head, to the bed post.  Now his hands are tied and her body weight is keeping his body down as she straddles him; he is now found himself in a completely vulnerable situation where she can do anything she so desires to his body.


Upon completion of the knot, Tramell begins riding him, having sex with him in the cowgirl position.  While the fornication is taking place she leans back and again it looks as if she is reaching for something.  Curran notices her movements, but he is tied up, pinned down, and completely trapped.  If it was her plan all along to kill him in this vulnerable position then she has won.  There is no reason left to fight it anymore, now he can just enjoy these last few seconds of ecstasy before his life is taken.


With her body and hands fully stretching back as far as possible, Curran waits for his destiny.  Violently and without warning, her body ricochets back as one would if they were planning to stab a pinned victim with a sharp object, except there is no sharp object.  Curran will survive the night.


Role-Playing the Scene


This role-play is all about getting into the psychology of having rough sex with someone you are deeply drawn to physically, but with whom you have zero trust for.  It is about putting yourself in vulnerable positions that could possibly allow your lover to strike you down and kill you.


This exact sentiment is revealed in the movie.  After the sex scene the two characters are walking on beach the next morning talking about the previous night.


Tramell:           Tell me Nicky, were you frightened last night?

Curran:            That’s the point, wasn’t it?  That’s what made it so good.


As the woman you should have constraints - bondage ties or handcuffs – hidden in or around the bed that can be reached during intimacy.  During sex you and your partner can battle each other for control.  It is not a fight or wrestling match, but you are both trying to be the dominant one for the night.  This can go back and forth for as long as the two of you want, but eventually the man submits and fights himself letting the woman take control.


It is at this point where the woman will pull out one of her hidden constraints.  If the man is ready to be put into a vulnerable position then he can let himself become captured.  If he is not ready he can fight back and regain control, at which point more back and forth foreplay will need to be done to get him there.  The goal is to get him so hot and ready for sex that he is willing to give up all control, be put in constraints, so that he can be taken by his woman.


Once constrained the woman gets to have her way with the man.  She might jump straight to sex like in the movie, or might decide to torture him first.  Depending on how far you want to go you can even bring a little knife play into the scene, but only do this with a real knife if has been discussed beforehand.  Otherwise, you can purchase a fake knife to play out the scene and add a little suspense.  Is she the murderer or just using the possibility that she is to maximize the excitement level?


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