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What is a Sex Role-Play Set-Up Service?

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Sex role-play service companies provide ideas, story-lines, and communication for couples looking to add excitement to their bedroom routine.  They can help lovers learn things about each other that they may not have been previously aware, and through that information reach new levels or pleasure through sexual encounters with one other. 

A good role-play service company will create custom tailored sex scenes for couples based on their wants, desires, and fantasies, and provide detailed scenes for the couple to enter.  On top of all that, they will recommend costumes, outfits, sex toys, and other accessories to enhance your magical evening even more.

Sex role-play set-up services are like wedding planners for special sex date nights.  Instead of fretting about what to do, how to do it, and what to buy, the service company will take care of all of the details so that you can show up and just focus on enjoying the event.  You can enjoy sex like you did when you first started having it; when it was new, exciting, dangerous, and just plain fun.

Step One is Opening Up


Once you understand what a sex role-play set-up service is, you might question if you actually need such a company to get involved in your sex life with your partner.  The answer to that question, and just what you can get out of such a service, is unique to each couple. 

Some people are completely open with their partners about their sexual desires and fantasies and have no quarrels about communicating what it is they want.  For those lucky couples they may not need such a service other than to get new and exciting ideas for role-play, cosplay, and sexy game scenarios to play out in the bedroom.  

However, the reality is that most people hold back opening up on all of their sexual fantasies out of fear of judgement, ridicule, or just plain embarrassment.  Whether you are in a relationship now or have been in one in the past, can you really say with confidence that you knew every secret or sexual fantasy that was floating around in your partner’s brain?  Sometimes an individual isn’t even fully aware of what fantasies are hiding in their own mind as they may have oppressed a kink or fetish at a young age instead of embracing it.

The first step to embracing the benefits of a sex role-play set-up service is to allow yourself to be open to new ideas, especially as it relates to sex and having fun in privacy of the bedroom with your lover.  Let go of all judgements so that your lover feels comfortable sharing all of their fantasies with you, making it more likely that they will reciprocate that openness with you. Scientific studies on sexual fantasies have shown that just arousing mental images can enhance the sexual experience.

Communications Help


Even after taking the step with your partner to becoming more open about your sexual fantasies, it still might be difficult to fully open up and communicate everything that you are wishing to explore, and the same could probably be said about your partner.  At the end of the day, life is short.  If you are in a healthy relationship and have the ability to enhance your sexual experiences with that person who you share your life with and care about immensely, why not take it?

Providing discreet communication is one of the major advantages of using a sex role-play set-up service.  You may have worked up the courage to tell your boyfriend that you want to try a fantasy, but perhaps you feel a little reserved about communicating all of the details that you wish for him to exert during the fantasy.  Through the KinkSports set-up service you can communicate with the company on their private platform individually without your partner knowing, allowing certain risqué thoughts and ideas that you have to be communicated to your lover as if it is coming from the company.

As an example, let’s say a couple signs up for the KinkSports sex role-play set-up service.  Through a few short questions, KinkSports sends the couple their first role-play scene to try for their first sex date night.  While it is ultimately up to the couple to decide when they wish to engage in their sexual role-play, KinkSports is a big proponent of setting up dates for the activity to take place in order to add the element of build-up and anticipation.

The first sex date will be a fantasy where the man will act out dominating the woman.  Both partners will receive a detailed description of how the scene will be played out, with background information for the characters as well as costume and toy recommendations that can be implemented for the date.  On top of the descriptions there will also be detailed safety information and precautions to take prior to the date such as coming up with a safe word.  If there are any questions or concerns pertaining to safety, questions can be sent to the service company and a response will be given the same day as safety is always a priority.

Upon reading and mentally preparing for their upcoming sex date night, the woman might come up with a few things that she would really like her man to do to her during the event.  Perhaps she fantasizes about him choking her or doing other breath play techniques while he is acting out a fantasy.  However, knowing her man, she is certain he won’t attempt this on his own as his personality is not one to take such drastic control and dominance. 

Here is where KinkSports can serve as a communication mediator.  One day after sending out the original detailed role-play scene, the company will send out a separate email to each member of the couple asking them if there are other elements they wish to have added or altered to the scene.  The woman communicates her fantasy of getting dominated in as much or as little detail as she desires.


Then KinkSports sends a follow up email to the man with tips on how to be dominate and act out the fantasy scene.  Embedded in that email will be exactly what the woman wishes to have happen to her.  There will be plenty of other tips in that email as well, so he won’t be able to pin point exactly what his partner may have suggested.

Of course, the man will also receive an email asking him of any altercations he wishes to experience during the evening.  So when the woman gets an email suggesting that she wears lingerie with thigh garters and straps, she will be left wondering if her man has a kink for that type of clothing that she never knew about. 

Individual emails will be sent throughout the week to both partners communicating different ideas to try and even text message suggestions to send to their partner as a way of foreplay.  This is why having a scheduled sex date is so important.  The anticipation to the actual event can be just as exciting and stimulating as you get aroused receiving text (sext) messages from your partner in their character.  You’ll start to see a different side of your lover before the first date even occurs.

With several emails being sent, it will make it easy to embed anything that you want your partner to try without them knowing the suggestion came directly from you.  Though the more sex dates you have and the more you open up with your partner, it won’t be long until you are just bluntly telling them exactly what you want them to do to you.  However, the option to communicate through KinkSports will always be available.

New Things to Try

Whether you are a couple who is first learning how to open up with each other about your sexual desires, or a completely open couple who swaps partners and engages in orgies on a weekly basis, getting new role-play ideas to try that you may have never thought of yourself will add a ton of excitement to your sex life. 

Sex role-play set-up services like KinkSports provide their clients with new and adventurous ways to engage in foreplay.  Sexual cosplay, costumes, and competitive games are intertwined into role-play scenarios to create unique sexual experiences.  No matter how long you have been with your partner you will feel like you are having sex with a new person each time as they will get a chance to show a different side of their personality through unique role-play set-ups.

The fact that these scene set-up ideas are coming from a third party allows two lovers to fully embrace their roles in the scene without having to deal with any embarrassment that might come if they themselves had suggested the scene.  Whenever you engage in a new experience there is always the chance of failure and embarrassment.  You and your lover might try out a role-play scene suggested by a service company that just doesn’t mesh with your personalities.  If this happens, it is easy to pass blame on to the role-play set-up service company for coming up with such a crazy idea than to try and figure out why your own idea didn’t create the mind-blowing orgasms you had planned for.

More likely, however, you and your lover will embrace the roles you are given and have the type of sex with your partner that you had always fantasized about.  Sex is the key to a long and healthy relationship, and in order to continue to have great sex new ideas need to be implemented into the bedroom so that things don’t get mundane and predictable.  This is the purpose of a sex role-play set-up service; to make sex great again!

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