5'1" - 108 lbs

Background: Dancer, Gymnastics

Exercise: Yoga, Gym

Strength: High Energy, acrobatic scissor grabs

Favorite Hold: Acrobatic Reverse Headscissor

Favorite Roleplay: Cammy, Street Fighter

Natalia vs Kevin 

Extreme Competitive Scissor Escape Match

Bedroom Battle Series

Kevin at 220 pounds takes on Natalia at 108 pounds in a competitive extreme scissor escape challenge match in the bedroom, using 2 king size beds as the wrestling mats

There will be 5 rounds of action, each round will be 2 minutes. At more than twice her size and age, this is power & strength versus youthful energy, quickness, & flexibility.

A true competitive male vs female wrestling match with one caveat: the man starts out trapped in a scissorhold in each round.

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