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KinkSports Streaming TV's 10 New Mixed Wrestling Matches Released in May 2024

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The Underground Mixed Wrestling Club is open for business, and this May Streaming TV service released 10 new male vs female matches from the club.

To date, the Underground Mixed Wrestling Club holds the KinkSports signature competitive "Extreme Scissor Escape Challenge"; a competitive wrestling match between a man and a woman where the man begins each of the 5 rounds trapped in some sort of headscissor or bodyscissor hold by the woman.

The men are forced to exert a ton of energy in order to get out of the hold, if they are even able to, making the scissorhold the great equalizer in a wrestling match with a woman going against a larger male opponent.

In order to promote the Streaming TV service and provide greater awareness, decided to release 10 full man vs woman matches in May 2024; close to 2 and a half hours of footage for only $20 a month and no contracts (cancel anytime). With the Streaming TV service approaching 10 hours of footage, and with 6 new matches scheduled to be released in both June and July, we believe we have created the best membership deal in the mixed wrestling and headscissor niche fetish market.

Here is a quick rundown of the 10 matches released in May 2024: 

1. Sarah G vs Pablo

Battle of different body types as tall and lean Sarah with her long legs and incredible flexibility takes on the slow but powerful Pablo.

2. Paola vs Kevin

In what was supposed to be an easy win for Kevin in tiny Paola's debut match quickly became a battle for his life and this petite latina has incredible endurance and strength for her size.

3. Dahiana vs Mateo

Dahiana, a hard working tough single mom, takes on lazy video-game playing Mateo in a match of two people with very different day to day lives.

4. Lina vs Manuel

Pilates instructor Lina takes on the soccer player Manuel in a battle between different types of athletes.

5. Valeria vs Pablo

Quickness vs Strength match as lightening quick Valeria (who has been spending a lot of time in the gym lately) tries to upset big Pablo.

6. Leidy vs Kevin

Leidy and her beautiful bubble butt tries to squeeze Kevin into submission.

7. Laura vs Ronal

The current Underground Mixed Wrestling Club champion Laura takes on alpha male Ronal who quickly discovers that these matches are not fake.

8. Chica Python vs Manuel

Chica Python, a goth girl with incredible flexibility and grappling technique, battles soccer jock Manuel in a match between two people with very different backgrounds.

9. Natascha vs Kevin (rematch)

Grown man challenges his college neighbor to a match at the club after she narrowly defeated him in points in a fun bedroom battle match (wrestling on 4 king sized mattresses). Though competitive, the last match had a more fun atmosphere to it, this time Kevin is out to beat his neighbor who has been bragging just a tad too much about their last match.

10. Laura vs Mateo

The champion takes on the lazy man who is tired of losing and wants to secure a victory against the #1 woman in the club


Join now to see all 10 matches and dozens more, including tournaments, scissor challenges, mixed arm wrestling challenges, female vs female wrestling, and endless mixed wrestling:

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