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CNC Role-Play Scenes to Try – 7 Ideas

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Submissive woman is dominated

CNC stands for a consensual non-consent and is a BDSM kink involving a dominant and submissive.  In CNC role-play, the submissive wants their limits of consent to be pushed and challenged.  They want their dominant to take complete control over them against their will, as they are left helpless in the end. 


This can be rather confusing for those who are new to BDSM and the CNC kink specifically.  In essence, the kink is achieved by the submissive by having the dominant do things to them that they don’t want; they reach their ecstasy through overbearing fear and discipline by the dominant who tests and passes the sub’s boundaries. 


You can compare the CNC kink to people who enjoy going to horror movies.  As you watch a horror movie at a theatre, and anticipate that something frightening is about to happen, your body tenses up as you prepare to be scared.  Your body doesn’t want to be scared and pushed out of its safety boundaries.  Simultaneously, you have come to the theatre to be frightened and get all of the emotional responses and releases that come from the jolt of fear.  You get satisfaction from the act of being frightened, but this doesn’t stop your body from having its natural reflex of tensing up when you sense that a boogeyman is about to jump out of the corner of the room.


With CNC the submissive wants to be dominated in ways that would seem counterintuitive to someone unfamiliar with the dynamics of this type of role-play.  There is a fine line between playing out a CNC scene and going too far since the pleasure is in effect received from the dominant going just a little beyond the sub’s safety boundaries.  Due to this dichotomy, it is important for the submissive and dominant to discuss just how far the submissive is willing to go before the scene begins.  In other words, the submissive needs to detail the “consent” they are giving to the dominant to play out the “non-consent” scene.


Here are some CNC role-play scenes to try with your partner:


1. Brat Tamer


Brat tamer play involves a scene where a submissive puts up resistance to their Dom, making it difficult for them to be dominant.  They act in a bratty way and avoid being dominant until the end.  This sort of back and forth power play is perfect for a CNC role-play as the dominant will have to use some type of force – physical, verbal, or both – to take control of the bratty submissive and show who is really in control. 


One variation of the brat tamer role-play would be incorporating a naughty school girl as the brat into the scene.  The dominant school teacher will have to tame the naught school girl for misbehaving during class.


2. Kidnap Role-Play


The submissive has been kidnapped by a dominant figure and tied up to the bed.  They don’t know what the dominant figure wants, but they are about to find out through a fantasy of pain.


3. Doctor and Nurse Role-Play

The doctor and nurse have been working a double shift and have been butting heads all day, disagreeing on their diagnosis with several patients.  The buildup of disagreements and arguing is about to spill over as one of them is about to put their foot down and show the other who is the dominant one of this relationship.  Invest a little money in good costumes to bring this fantasy to life.


4. Rape Play Fantasy


There is an intruder in the house, or maybe it someone you know.  They are coming to rape you and there is nowhere to go.  CNC is often thought to be another term for a rape role-play fantasy.  While rape role-play is one type of a CNC kink, there are other ways to play it out as well.  In this case, the submissive will be raped by the dominant in a role-play scenario.  Be sure to include a safe word to end the scene if necessary.  Playing out a rape scene will have a lot of “No!” and “Get off of me” screams, so make the sure the safe word is something completely out of the ordinary.




DDLG stands for “Daddy Dom, Little Girl”, usually encompassing a male dominant and female submissive who takes on a childish and immature persona.  However, DDLG play can also swap the gender roles and have a “Mommy Dom, Little Boy” scenario.  Either way, the dominant figure takes on the responsible adult personal who needs to discipline a immature and childish submissive.


DDLG play can be similar to brat tamer play, though there doesn’t have to be a brat element in the scene.  It can focus more on punishing an immature submissive who is not taking responsibility for their life and actions.


6. Cop Role-Play


The dominant has arrested the submissive and has them subdued in their bedroom prison.  This CNC role-play is a perfect excuse to bring out the pair of bedroom handcuffs you have been dying to use.  The law has been broken and the system requires punishment.


7. Sex Fight


Sex fighting is a combination of a traditional violent fight or wrestling match, with intense sex where both partners are vying for the dominance role.  The goal is to either make your partner submit to pain, or force them into orgasm.  The CNC kink can be intertwined with a sex fight for a submissive who enjoys physical pain or has a fantasy of being beaten and humiliated.  In the end, the dominant will overpower the submissive and force them to have an orgasm as the submissive is left in a pleasurable state of defeat.

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