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DDLG Role-Play Ideas

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Seductive BDSM Brat

DDLG is a type of BDSM play that involves a clear dominant role and submissive role within a couple.  The phrase DDLG stands for “Daddy Dom, Little Girl”, encompassing a caregiver who usually takes on a dominant role, and an immature childish persona who usually takes on the submissive role in need of an adult figure.

What is DDLG? 

This kink can come in a lot of different forms, but almost always involves a consensual form of power exchange.  Most traditionally, the dominant “Daddy Dom” is an authoritative figure, who will take control and punish the submissive “Little Girl” who is purposely acting out.  The kink comes from the dominant wanting to take control and punish the submissive, or from the submissive wanting to be punished, or a combination of both.

While the book series “50 Shades of Grey” is often described as a story about an innocent girl getting involved in a BDSM relationship with an older business man, it would be more accurate to say that they enter into a DDLG relationship where Mr. Grey is the Daddy Dom figure and the main character Anastasia taking on the Little Girl role.  They map out an agreement where Anastasia consents to having Mr. Grey boss her around and punish her physically for acting out or not behaving as desired.

There can also be a role-reversal where the Little Girl is the dominant and the Daddy figure is the submissive.  This might look like a bratty princess bossing around her head bodyguard and even physically punishing him for not obeying her direct orders, resulting in a humiliation kink fantasy for the Daddy figure.  There are endless ways to role-play the DDLG kink.

What DDLG is not

Due to the name and what DDLG stands for, it is often assumed to be something it is not.  Though the submissive usually takes on a younger persona in an age play, this kink does not involve pedophilia.  It is a kink involving two consenting adults who play out certain roles, one of which happens to be taking on the characteristics of a younger person who has not grown up, and therefor does not act like an adult.

The other confusion comes from the “Daddy” name in the title, which leads many to believe this is some sort of incest kink.  Again, this is not the case.  Rather, it has to do with a person playing a role of someone who has not matured and in need of an adult figure in their life to provide the necessary discipline and take the power to do as they please away from them.

Comic Book DDLG Role-Play


For the athletic couple looking to implement some impact play into their DDLG role-play, dressing up as famous comic book characters during this play time can add a ton of sexiness and variety.  Whether it is cosplaying as Batgirl not wanting to take the orders of a stubborn Batman, Harley Quinn disobeying the Joker, Supergirl using her powers against Superman’s wishes, or many more options, this can be a fun way to set up the discipline that needs to take place during a DDLG role-play. 

Conversely, if the female character is the dominant, the couple can play off a power-exchange dynamics where the traditionally less powerful character overcomes their inferiority complex and takes control of the adult figure in their life.  Perhaps Black Widow has had enough of Captain America’s quire boy antics and she is ready to pin him down and inform him that she is not the leader of The Avengers.

DDLG Princess Themes

DDLG can be used to role-play as a spoiled princess who believes that she is the center of the universe and always gets what she wants, who is eventually put in place by the new King she has been assigned to be married off to.  You can also cosplay as your favorite fairytale prince and princess such as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, Cinderella and Prince Charming, or even Ariel and Prince Eric.  For a more sinister take, role-play as Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast where Belle is taken as the Beast’s prisoner and must be taught a lesson in how to behave at her new home.

Brat Tamer and Impact Play

All of these DDLG role-play ideas can intertwined with impact play where the submissive is punished by the dominant through hitting and spanking.  DDLG is a form of a brat tamer play, where the dominant has to punish the submissive for their behavior.  In brat tamer play, the submissive brat purposely makes it difficult for the dominant to take control.  They make them get angry and push their limits until they finally put their foot down and release their ultra-dominant personality that is held back by society.


Whether you and your partner are role-playing and dressed as comic book heroes or Disney princesses, pushing the Daddy Dom to his breaking point can add an extra layer of excitement.  Perhaps Princess Ariel is fed up with life out of the sea and keeps reminding her new husband how bad of a job he is doing as a man.  This results in a wrestling match where Ariel has to be subdued and punished through impact play.  Prince Eric pins Ariel to the bed and brings out his flogger, tickler, and paddle, in order to punish he bratty princess.

If the woman is the dominant in this DDLG role-play, a different type of ending can ensue.  Perhaps Superman is trying to discipline Supergirl for not following his commands, and demands.  She is acting like a childish brat, and not obeying any of the great Superman’s decisions.  Superman attempts to tame her, but she is unwilling to submit.  The two wrestle each other.  Superman is shocked as Supergirl overpowers him and takes control.  In the end she is the one that takes out her paddle board and flogger and punishes him for not being man enough to control her.

Power Exchange

DDLG is about power exchange, usually emphasizing on the man being the dominant to a submissive woman who is playing an immature version of herself who never matured and grew up.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  The woman can play a motherly dominant role while the man plays a boy teenage wasteland role.  In addition, the Daddy Dom role can turn into the submissive as the Little Girl, though playing an immature brat, takes physical control and becomes the dominant. 

Whatever roles you and your partner decide to take, be sure to discuss a safe word so that there is a way to end the role-playing scene if things get too rough for either one of you.  You can discuss your dominant and submissive roles prior to the scene starting, though sometimes the most fun is to just take on your role and see how things end up.  The important thing to keep in mind is that there is no one way on how to act out a DDLG role-playing scene, or any role-playing scene for that matter.  You and your partner have the opportunity to make this your own and reach maximum pleasure in the process.

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