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9 Sizzling Foot Fetish Foreplay Techniques

breath play cosplay dominant and submissive feet wrestling femdom foot fantasy foot fetish foot job foot massage foot trampling nuru massage toe sucking

Foot podophilia, or foot fetishism, involves having an enhanced sexual interest in the feet of the human body.  For those who don’t have this fetish they might be surprised to learn that a study on the relative prevalence of different fetishes found feet to be the most fetishized part of the body.

While having a foot fetish is not all that uncommon, coming up with creative foreplay ideas around the kink might prove to be a bit more difficult.  We have you covered in this article.  Below are a number of fun foreplay ideas and tips for those who have a foot fetish.

1. Give and Receive a Foot Massage 

foot getting massaged

While different people possess their foot fetish for different reasons, one reason stems from the biology of the feet and the thousands of nerve endings that surround them.  This makes receiving a foot massage extremely pleasurable, especially on the bottom soles of the feet which is the most sensitive area.

If you have a foot fetish you might enjoy giving the massage more than receiving it.  Not only will you get to slowly maneuver the palms of your hands and fingers around your lover’s feet for your own satisfaction, but you will be able to provide them with a tremendous amount of pleasure in the process. 

Use a combination of Swedish massage and acupressure techniques which will provide a push-pull experience with your lover as they go back and forth between pleasure and pain – a pleasurable pain.  Using prolonged strokes with your hands, Swedish massage techniques will get the blood flow in the feet going while relaxing your partner.  Then, using you thumb or knuckles to press deep into the bottom of their feet at different pressure points, the acupressure will relieve your partner of any tension or knots that they have lurking in and around their feet. 

2. Foot Trampling 

woman trampling man with feet

Above image can be found here

For some podophiliacs, the foot fetish is routed in domination and submissive themes.  Foot trampling provides the idea foreplay for this type of person as their partner shows their dominance as they literally walk all over them.  A man with a submissive kink might enjoy looking up to his smaller woman lover, as he lays on his back pinned down by the weight of her foot pressing down on his chest.

As a couple, you can add an element of role play into your foot trampling foreplay.  The man can be a spy who has been captured, and now the woman’s job is to torture him in order to find out what was the goal of his mission.  She can restrain his wrists and ankles and have him lie flat on his back as she slowly walks all over his chest, making her way down to his abdominal and eventually his genital region.

3. Feet vs Feet Wrestling

girl vs girl feet wrestling

Image can be found here

For the competitive couple with a foot fetish, try engaging in a fun game of feet wrestling with each other.  What is feet wrestling?  Imagine thumb wrestling, but using both of your feet to trap and pin your opponent’s foot instead of trying to pin a thumb with a your own thumb.  Sit facing each other with your knees slightly bent.  To start, your feet should be next and alternating with each other so that each of you has one foot in between the other’s two feet.

On the count of three, you will both try to trap one of your opponent’s feet with the two of your feet.  Just like in a thumb war, once you trap a foot you then have to keep it locked for a three-count in order to secure the victory.  Play best of five rounds so that you have to beat your partner three times in order to secure the overall victory.  To spice things up, make a bet before the competition.  Perhaps the loser has to perform a sexual act of the winners choosing. 

4. Simultaneous Nuru Massage with Feet 

One of the more trending foreplay ideas for couples this decade is to engage in a Nuru Massage with each other.  The Nuru Massage, originated in Japan, is an erotic massage where two people massage each other after oiling themselves up with a generous amount of Nuru gel made from Nori seaweed.  They use all parts of their bodies to massage each other, resulting in a very intimate experience.

As it pertains to foreplay for those with a foot fetish, a couple can give each other a Nuru Massage using only their feet and legs as the tools to provide the massaging.  Cover your bed with thick towels, and apply a generous amount of Nuru gel or coconut oil all over each other’s bodies.  Then, sitting opposite each other naked, you can both simultaneously give each other massages with your feet as you enjoy the deep pressure applied by the power of your feet and legs, while enjoying the view of your partner’s feet in action.

5. Foot Job While Restrained

man defeated and restrained by woman's feet

A man with a foot fetish will enjoy getting a foot job from his lover as opposed to a hand job.  Getting the pleasure while being restrained will add to the ecstasy.  The woman will have to enter her femdom persona, cuffing her man’s wrists and ankles together.  Now she is free to roam and position herself how she best sees fit to provide the foot job.

There will be a level of humiliation on the part of the submissive man, as he is unable to fight back while getting his rocks off by the feet of his femdom lover.  Instead of using cuffs, or in addition, the femdom can take her man’s back as if she was going to put him in a rear naked choke.  Then, by wrapping her legs around his mid-section from behind, she can give the foot job while she has him restrained with her body.  When he finally reaches his orgasm, he will feel completely humiliated as he has been overpowered by the power of his beautiful femdom’s body, and feet.

6. Erotic Breath Play with Feet 

woman choking man with her feet

Above image can be found here

For those who receive sexual arousal from the domination aspect of the foot fetish, combining breath play with the use of feet can create exciting and dangerous foreplay sessions.  One partner can position their feet and ankles on both sides of their lover’s neck and gently squeeze their feet together.  In this way a foot scissor, as opposed to a head scissor, is being applied to the victim.  This will restrict blood flow to their brain if done correctly, causing the receiver of the punishment to feel light headed.  Keep the pressure on until the receiver of the punishment taps-out or indicates in any other way that they are submitting.   

The pain inflictor can also gently press one foot up against the front of their neck while pushing the back of their neck forward with a hand, or their other foot if they have the flexibility.  Ease into the pressure on the front of the neck as too much can cause serious injury.  It will only take a little for the dominance to be imposed.

Since intertwining breath play with a foot fetish is all about dominant and submissive roles, it is a perfect foreplay to also add role play elements.  A man attempts to mug a woman in the street, but to his surprise she fights back and takes control of him.  It is an instant reverse mugging, and now he is the one being mugged.  She begins strangling him with her feet, and as she does she looks at him and politely informs him “If you beg really loud to be released, I just might let you go”.  The femdom has complete control over her submissive man, and he is no option but to beg. 

7. Toe Sucking 

sexy legs lifted for toes to be sucked

Foot fetishism is often about worshipping the feet and toes of your lover.  Sucking the toes of your lover is a clear sign that you are worshipping your superior lover, while they are looking down at you from a perspective of royalty. 

Cover your lover’s toes with whip cream and slowly suck the cream off of her feet, taking extra time to use your tung to get in between her toes and reaching areas with extensive nerve endings that are rarely stimulated.

For a messier, and more humiliating experience, use honey or jam instead of the whip cream.  You’ll have to work extra hard to clean the feet of your dominant lover while you take on the submissive role and make a mess of yourself.

8. Feet Cosplay

Wonder Woman cosplay with emphasis on feet

Image can be found here

Add an element of cosplay to the feet and legs to enhance the foot fetishism experience even more.  Imaging you are a bank robber who has been stopped in your tracks by the Amazonian Wonder Woman.  She throws you to the ground, ties you up with her rope, and tramples you with her feet while wearing her iconic knee-high boots.

Alternatively, perhaps you want to experience erotic breath play with your lover’s feet while they are wearing tight and colorful yoga pants. 

9. Dirty Gym Socks

sweaty female foot touching sweaty body

On the theme of humiliation, you might enjoy being forced to taking off the sweaty socks of your lover after an intense work out.  They might force you to put the socks in your mouth as they press their bare feet against your face.  If you enjoy being humiliated, this foreplay idea will do the trick.

The Foot Fantasy

People have a fetish for feet for different reasons.  Whether it is the biological curves of the foot, the psychological component of being dominated and humiliated, or any other reason, there are a number of ways to incorporate foreplay into feet fantasies.  Try all of the foreplay ideas in this article and see which ones excite you the most.  Be sure to discuss safe words and limits where violence is associated with the foreplay such as foot trampling and choking.

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