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Kink Sports Semi-Competitive

dominant and submissive kinksport lingerie wrestling semi-competitive kink thighs squeezing
woman's thighs squeezing man

The intermediate level of intensity for participating in a KinkSport is Kink Semi-Competitive.  In this level you and your partner can play with each other's physical strengths without the physical superior one completely destroying the weaker, at least no at first. 

Kink Semi-Competitive play allows for a couple to compete with each other and implement a give and take struggle for superiority.  The reversal of power and control can be extremely sexy and seductive, and even more so when the right verbal communication is added.  Our KinkSport Challenge Packages will help you and your partner explore this with your lover by setting the scene and communicating individually to each of you how this can play out.

Imagine two people sitting on opposite ends of a seesaw.  When they begin the seesaw has little energy and the person whose feet is touching the ground has to push off the ground to get the energy going.  When that person is in the air the other person then uses their feet to push off to create more energy.  Over the next several up and down sequences more energy is created by the seesaw until eventually the two people have little work to do.

This is the type of natural energy that is created between two lovers when they switch roles from the dominant to the submissive and back with each other.  If one person is dominant throughout there isn't much of a sport going on.  When the two roles are intertwined and go back and forth energy is created between the two lovers and an intense foreplay has begun.

Semi-competitive games fuel this back and forth energy.  The two lovers can decide before hand who will win the game at play, or they can let nature take its course and see how where they find themselves at the end; the dominant winner or the submissive loser.

Here is an example of a semi-competitive KinkSport:

Lingerie Wrestling

Perhaps as a man you have a fantasy where your wife completely owns you in a lingerie wrestling match in the bedroom.  However, in order for the fantasy to work you have to really believe that she has beaten you with the match ending with her in complete control.  In reality you know (at least you think you know ;) ) that she cannot beat you in a real wrestling match. 

So you start off wrestling on the bed while completely controlling her, having your way at every turn, and letting her know who is in charge throughout the process.  At some point you let your guard down, its just for a second, but she is able to capitalize by kicking you off of her.  She quickly takes your back and puts you in a sleeper hold and wraps her legs around your body so that you cannot throw her off. 

Then the kicker, as she tightens her grip both with her arms and legs, she whispers in your ear "Time to take a nap."  You fall gently on to the bed with her still holding on tight.  At first you try to peel off her arms that are tightly wrapped around your neck with perfect technique.  She learned this from the video demonstration we sent her.  But your attempt fails as her grip tightens further.  Your eyes start watering and you can tell that time is running out. 

You then move to her legs that are locked around your waist.  You figure if you can unlock her feet you can then use your size advantage and throw her off of you.  But as your weakening hands try to pull her feet apart you can feel her thighs tighten further around your body, making it even more difficult for you to take in a breath.  You can't hold on any longer.  You think to yourself, is this really going to happen, am I really going to tap out to my wife?  It's not how you imagined, far less pleasurable and far more painful.  But the pleasure will come later.

You wanted to lose when this started, but now you're not so sure.  Her grip loosens ever so slightly, you are able to get a small breath in.  She must be getting tired, you realize.  You know that she is not that strong and she can only squeeze with full power for so long.  But that loosened grip lasts less than a second, for in reality it was her winding up to give the final death squeeze.  It happens fast and with fierce.  Her arms tighten around your neck as your eyes water up.  Combined with the power of her thighs squeezing your midsection you cannot believe the strength that this woman possesses.  The same woman whom you married many years ago sleeps next to you every night.

You tap!  You didn't have time to enjoy the process of tapping like you had always fantasized.  It happened instinctively to save your life.  The same way your body will forcefully come up from being under water in a pool after trying to break your record time for holding your breath.  Eventually it is not up to you and something pushes you to get air.  This just happened to you, but your breath wasn't stopped from going under water but rather your wife out maneuvering and over powering you with technique.

After you tap she loosens her grip substantially so that you can breath, but she doesn't let go completely.  Her arms are still in position to put the choke hold on again if she wants, and her legs are still firmly grasped around your body.  You turn to look at her, she stares at you intensely as she moves in slowly for a kiss.  Right before your lips touch, she stops moving forward and whispers, "Baby, did you just get your ass kicked by a woman half your size?"  

You feel humiliated, in a way you weren't expecting.  You had visioned this going down a completely more innocent way.  You would have your way with her early on, just the way it actually started out.  And then at some point you would let her climb on top of you and pin you down as you both smiled and laughed.  She would grab your wrists, pushing them down to the bed while she inched up sitting on your chest.  As you were both giggling and having fun she would yell out the common three count wrestling pin that so many are accustomed to.  "One, two, three!  I'm the winner."  That's how you envisioned it.  That may have been how this KinkSport would have happened had you chosen the Kink Role-Play intensity level.  Unfortunately for you, or maybe fortunately, you chose Kink Semi-Competitive and will now have to live with the fact that your beautiful wife made you tap out.

You start to rationalize what just happened.  After all, this was a semi-competitive match and not full on completely competitive.  You did allow her to take your back so that she had the opportunity to beat you, an opportunity she clearly seized on.  This is the only reason she won, isn't it?  Now you're doubting yourself.  Did you in fact let her take your back, or did that naturally happen when you let your guard down.  Did you allow your guard to be let down because you wanted the outcome where you lose to happen, or did you  really just get over confident and let your guard down?

The Kink Semi-Competitive Experience, what it's all about

The mind can be a powerful thing.  In the end you might never really know if you just lost a fun lingerie wrestling match to your wife or if she legitimately just beat you.  This is what Kink Semi-Competitive is all about.  Putting yourself in position to lose, if that is what you fantasize about, and letting nature take its course.

As they say, be careful what you wish for.  Through the Kink Challenge Package your wife learned the techniques and methods to make your fantasy come true.  Now you will have to live with the consequence.  Will your wife accept that this was just a fun game, or will she now think she is the alpha of the relationship.  You might have put her in her place on your next KinkSports date by playing at the Kink Ultra-Competitive level.


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