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Young Married Couple's Foray into Kink Sports and Sexy Games

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athletic woman texting her husband

I met my husband in college.  We were both athletes and naturally gravitated towards each other almost immediately.  I was on the women’s volleyball team and he played on the baseball team.  We went to a small division II school, but we were both highly devoted to our athletic craft.  In hindsight, playing division II sports maybe is just a way for star high school athletes who aren’t going to be good enough to play professional to extend their high school careers another four years, but I am ok with that.  The constant working out in order to stay competitive added an edge to my whole approach to life that is hard to duplicate once school ended and the competitions ceased to exist.


My attraction to my husband during our college years started off as purely physical, as I am sure it was the same for him.  All of the athletes lived in one of two dormitory buildings and shared a private gym from the rest of the student population.  We met the summer before our freshman year started.  We were both leaving the gym at the same time as my practice had just finished and he was finishing up a weight lifting session.  We exchanged a few flirtatious banters with each other and tentatively agreed to meet at a house party later that night.


That night I really didn’t feel like going to a party as my body was sore from the practice.  Admittedly I powered through just for the chance to see my new baseball crush.  He later admitted the same on his end.  We did in deed meet each other at the party and got to know one another and a more personal level.  It wasn’t that night, but soon after we became intimate for the first time.  This pattern continued for the remainder of our freshman year and into the Fall semester of our sophomore year.  I guess you could say we were friends with benefits, but really are busy schedules just kept us from pursuing a more traditional boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.


However, that changed when we were both on winter break during our sophomore year.  Unlike our freshman year where we barely spoke during winter break, this time we were talking on the phone and texting the entire month we were away from campus.  Eventually we decided to spend New Year’s Eve together and he made the five-hour drive to my hometown to do so.  When we returned to campus in mid-January something had changed.  We never discussed it, but now we were clearly in a relationship, talking to each other every day and making plans to spend any free time that we could find together.


Over the next two and a half years we grew together as we both earned our degrees and finished up our college athletic careers, which simultaneously was the end of our competitive athletic careers.  We decided to move in together and find jobs in the same city.  Soon after graduating he proposed to me and we got married a short year later.


Those first couple of years living together were great.  Even though our professional athletic careers were not to be, we stayed in shape working out together in and out of the bedroom.  I knew that I had married the right man.  Not only did we connect on all the important levels, but as someone who was as passionate about health and fitness as me we would be able to stay healthy and fit throughout our long lives ahead.


Reality Sets In


But something changed along the way.  I don’t know the exact day it happened, but fast forward eight years as we both hit 30 and the healthy lifestyle I had envisioned for both of us was moving in opposite directions.  I remained in great shape, playing in coed recreational volleyball leagues, going to Pilates classes twice a week, and lifting weights at our home gym whenever I had time.


However, the same could not be said for my husband.  For the most part he had completely stopped working out and it was showing.  The once hunky man I had married was now but a shadow of himself.  He had put on about 30 pounds of pure fat.  His face was rounder, his abs had turned to mush, and the definition he once had in his shoulders, chest, arms, and back had disappeared.  His eating habits were noticeably worse as well, always settling for fast foods and desserts instead of barbecuing home cooked meals outside like he had when we first moved into our house.


When I confronted him about it he would blame the stress at work he was constantly dealing with.  I knew that he was easily stressed and didn’t want to put extra pressure on him.  I tried to motivate him to start working out by asking him to help spot me at our home gym in our basement from time to time.  Sometimes he would join me and put in a few sets, but those times were few and far between.  The lack of cardio was obvious as just doing a few sets of bench press would leave him winded.  He was far gone from that college athlete stud I had first laid eyes on.


One evening when we were in the basement lifting weights I mentioned to him that if he didn’t start exercising more often I was going to surpass him as the strongest person in the house.  I said this half joking as I was literally half his size, especially now that he had put on the extra 30 pounds.  Plus, though he was out of shape, he had always been very strong, able to bench press 300 pounds multiple times.  Though as he smirked and responded “In your dreams” my competitive spirit that had been dormant since college started to awaken.  I looked at him breathing hard after his one set and started to size him up.  I was in great shape with my Pilates classes which was no joke, playing in my volleyball league, and doing cardio and weights in our basement at least every other day.  I couldn’t bench press as much as him, but there were likely a whole bunch of other competitions I could beat him in.


“In my dreams?” I asked.  “I tell you what, let’s see who can last longer in a seated squat position.  Loser does the laundry for a week.”


“What!?  I don’t want to do that, I’m already tired from working out” he sheepishly responded.


“What’s wrong, scared you’ll lose to a girl?  Just because you can lift more weights than me doesn’t mean you are stronger.  Endurance is part of being strong also,” I explained.


We went back and forth a few times, but eventually the conversation died down and we didn’t end up having the competition.  But now I was wanting to have some type of competition with him.  Not only to beat him for my sake, but so that in doing so might snap him out of his rut and get him back to hitting the gym like he used to.  He had wiggled his way out of the competition this time acting like it was no big deal, but I could tell that deep down he was scared he would lose to me and was having trouble admitting that to himself. 


A couple years earlier I would not stand a chance against him in any type of physical competition.  Sometimes we would wrestle in bed for fun, but I knew I never stood a chance and it was all in fun.  Now, as I watched him walk back up the stairs, I thought to myself that I could actually take him in a wrestling match.  It would only be a minute or so before he would tire out, and then I could take his back and bring him to the ground.  This thought stood with me as I finished my shower and joined him in bed an hour later as we both settled in to fall asleep.


"Have You Heard of KinkSports?"


About a week later I joined my volleyball team for a drink after the last game of our season.  Two of the players on my team – Jen and Evan – were a married couple about fifteen years older than me.  They had two kids that were already in high school.  Though they were in their mid-forties they looked like they could pass for being in their early thirties, minus the grey hairs coming in on Evan’s head.  They both seemed to be in great shape and had a ton of energy.  They were the embodiment of the relationship that I had envisioned having with my husband; working out together, playing in leagues together, and growing old while we stayed healthy and energetic.


Jen and I had developed a good rapport with each other over the course of our two-month season.  So as everyone else was involved in a conversation at the loud bar, I asked her how she and her husband kept in such great shape together.  I was expecting a cliché answer such as “we eat healthy and make each work out twice a week” or maybe even something a bit on the scandalous side as “we eat healthy and make sure we have sex together at least twice a week.”


Instead, Jen looked around the room to make sure no one else was listening, then turned to me and with a half-evil smile and asked me “Have you heard of KinkSports?”


“KinkSports?”, I confusingly asked.  “No, I haven’t.”


“Go to their website and check it out.  Basically, it is a role-play setup service that focuses on having competitions through sexual games.  We do it every Friday night when we get home from work and the kids are out with their friends.  Besides the foreplay and great sex it leads to, the actual activity is a great workout, and a fun workout at that.”


“I don’t understand, what type of activity?  Isn’t role-playing just acting like someone else and used as foreplay?” I naively asked.


She tried to explain further: “KinkSports are games you can play with your husband that have a competitive emphasis on them.  It could be as simple as having a wrestling match on the bed or playing a fun little game like you used to when you went to day camp as a child.  No matter what it is, you are competing against your husband to win and as you know, men don’t like to lose.  Evan works out more now than he ever did before so he doesn’t lose to me, and I guess I am guilty of doing the same.  Even though I’m not that competitive of a person, it’s fun to win these games.  It’s like being the champion of the household for a week until we have our next play date.”


“So the company tells you what games to play?”


“More or less.  Every week they send us emails to set up the role-play scenario.  They explain what the competitive game or KinkSport will be, and provide optional costumes to wear and toys to buy that can be used in the game.  It’s like being a teenager again, it really is a lot of fun,” Jen enthusiastically explained.


This all sounded a little too, well kinky, for something I was accustomed to.  We had never really ventured out of our normal sex routine, and that routine had become quite mundane over the last year with my husband’s worsening physique and inability to physically last long during sex due to his lack of endurance.  But I liked the potential of getting my husband to exercise more through foreplay, and maybe getting his butt kicked by me would get him back in the gym.


The next day I spent an hour scouring and learning more about the fantasy aspect of the games, as well as the role-play setup service they provided.  I signed my husband and I up using both of our personal emails.  I sent my husband a text telling him to check out an email he should be receiving from KinkSports.  When he asked about what it was I simply told him that I wanted to have a fun play date with him this coming weekend and in order to do so he needed to check out the email.  That was all I needed to say, he took the time to read the email from there which laid out everything.


From my perspective, I logged into my account on their website and answered a few questions about what bedroom fantasies I had and wished to play out.  Some of the questions were multiple choice, while some gave me the flexibility to fill in what I wanted, which gave me the option to me as open as much as I wanted.  I assumed my husband received a similar questionnaire, but I did not get to see those questions or his answers.  I personally didn’t have anything to hide, but I could see how this would be a good feature for couples who were a little weary of sharing their deepest fantasies even with their spouse.


The next day I received an email with instructions for the setup and KinkSport competition that would take place.  The name of the game was called “Flag Grab”.  It was explained that each of us would have items around our bodies that we would both try to steal from each other.  My goal would be to steal the flags on my husband’s body – two around his ankles and one around an elbow – while I simultaneously played defense so that he did not steal mine.  Whenever a flag was taken the round would end, and we would take a 30 second break before starting again.  When a flag was stolen, that flag would then be placed somewhere on the body of the person who did the stealing.  The goal would be to get all six flags on your body, leaving the loser with no flags.


The email contained an option to purchase the flags that could be used for the competition.  They were similar to flags used in flag football games, but smaller and designed specifically for this game.  If we decided not to purchase the specially made “Kink Flags” other suggestions were given to use such as socks and neckties.


Another option to purchase an upgrade product for the event was given, and an added background story line to go with it.  This was for cosplay costumes related to the popular video game Mortal Kombat.  The costume for me would be for a character named Sonya Blade, and for my husband it was for a character named Kano.  I wasn’t too familiar with Mortal Kombat, but knew that my husband was a fan as he made me watch the movie which he was very excited about.  The background story given was that the flags represented some type of Universal Stones that could be used to control the planet.  My character was the “good guy” trying to keep my husband’s “bad guy” personal from ruling the world.  A fun little gimmick to the game at hand, but not something I was really interested in pursuing.  I was more interested in being competitive with my husband and playing “Flag Grab” with him.


To my surprise, later in the day I got a email confirmation that the Kink Flags and cosplay costumes had been purchased and would be arriving in two days which would be the same day as our scheduled play date.  It appeared that my husband had went ahead and made the purchase.  I started to wonder if maybe my husband had mentioned in his questionnaire that he had some sort of fantasy revolving around the Mortal Kombat game.  It seemed like too much of a coincidence that those characters were chosen knowing that my husband enjoyed the games and story lines.  Maybe there was a kinky side to my husband that I didn’t know after all.  If he was willing to buy those costumes, then I would play along as the character chosen for me.


Later that night when we both got home I asked him about the purchase.  “I saw you bought us outfits for our little competition on Saturday.”


“Well, I figure if we’re going to do this, we might as well go all in.”  I could tell he was downplaying the purchase.  I was pretty convinced at this point that he definitely had a fantasy involving these characters.  I made a note to myself that I should take fifteen minutes the next day during my lunch break and do a quick google search about my character so I could get into the role come game day.


Fortunately for me I did not have to do any research as KinkSports sent me another email with the character background information I was looking for, along with some tips about how the character would act in the situation.  Paraphrasing, my character Sonya Blade worked for the military and was basically a bad ass woman who could kick ass.  My husband’s character Kano was an selfish international mercenary.  They were bitter enemies.  They hated each other, though Kano was sexually attracted to Sonya.  I could see how playing out these roles while having a competitive battle could add to the excitement at hand.


The email also gave me a suggestion to send a text to my husband as my character as a sort of sexual foreplay.  I felt a little silly, but wanted to give it a try.  So, with help from the email, I sent a text to my husband that read “Kano, I’m going to completely dominate you tomorrow and put an end to you once and for all!”  I hit send and instantly regretted it, but only for a few seconds.  It felt silly, but also liberating.  I wondered how my husband would react.


I wouldn’t have to wait too long.  Within a minute of sending my text I heard the familiar text sound on my phone and looked down to read: “Sonya, stay home tomorrow so I don’t have to kill you”.  I laughed internally at the message.  This is was so out of character for my husband.  I could tell he was enjoying this.  We continued to exchange some flirtatious texts throughout the day, something we hadn’t done with each other in years.


It's Gameday!


The next day was Saturday, that night we would have our KinkSport adventure.  We both had plans to do activities with our friends during the day, so we agreed we would both eat on our own and then meet each other in the bedroom ready to go at 8pm.  While I spent the day at the spa with some good friends and had a late afternoon lunch, all day the thoughts of the adventure that awaited me kept crawling back in my mind.  I had never done anything quite like this and didn’t exactly know what to expect.  How deep into my character should I go?  How deep would my husband go?  How competitive should I be and how competitive would he be?


In one of the emails we had received from KinkSports they did talk about the different intensity levels of competitiveness that a couple could take these competitions.  It was stated that some couples keep it very PG, really just focusing on the role-play more than anything else, while other couples go out to the point where they need to have a safe word.  In the end it was up to the couple and should be discussed beforehand.  The problem was that we had not discussed it beforehand, and I felt a little strange bringing it up.


I got home a little after 7pm.  My husband had to yet returned.  I saw a package outside and correctly assumed it was from KinkSports.  I opened it to find the Kink Flags that would be used in the competition, directions for the game which I had already read from the emails, and of course our Mortal Kombat cosplay outfits.


I tried on my outfit, which included some accessories as well.  It had a nice tight fit to my body and I was pleased at how I looked in it.  Maybe I’ll use this for Halloween, I thought to myself.  I took a selfie of myself in the outfit and sent it to my husband, along with the simple message of “You’re Mine”.  He immediately responded with an smile face with hearts as eyes emoticon.  I responded that his outfit and flags were on the kitchen table and that I would be waiting for him in the bedroom when he got home.


As I waited in bed for him to return home all of my nervousness transferred into excitement.  I was mentally ready to play this role, and physically ready to dominate him.  I convinced myself that this would be good for him, getting his butt kicked by his wife who was half his size.  This would get him back in the gym and eating healthy again.  I could see this becoming a part of our routine.


I heard the garage door open, followed by my husband entering the house.  Several minutes later the bedroom door opened and he was wearing his cosplay outfit.  As I lied there in bed in my costume my first reaction was to laugh at him, but I held back the laughter and kept a serious tone.  I said to him in the voice of Sonya Blade “Surrender to me now and you won’t get hurt.”


He looked at me, smiled, and responded “But where is the fun in that.”  He then jumped on the bed and I got ready to rumble.


Against my husband’s wishes I wrote the details of what happened during the next 30 minutes.  You can read about that here.


Needless to say, we both had a ton of fun and got in a great workout.  We started off keeping it very semi-competitive, but at some point things got ultra-competitive and it was on.  There was even a minor injury, but everything was fine in the end.  After, and probably during, the competition we were both extremely hot for each other.  This led to an intense love making session once a winner was established.  We hadn’t had such intense sex since back in our college years.  In fact, that might be the way to describe the feelings this game brought to us, it allowed us to time travel back to the time when we had the most physical attraction for each other.


Since that play date we vowed to have KinkSport dates once a month.  We signed up for their monthly package and get a different KinkSport to play with cosplay and role-play options each month.  While we have one official date per month, we often improvise the games, toys, and outfits into our regular sex life with each other, even if it is just for a moment or two.  But once a month, that’s where the real competition happens.


Since that first date, and to avoid further injuries, we had a discussion regarding how competitive we want to be with each other.  As former college athletes you might guess that we decided to go the KinkSports ultra-competitive route.  For safety we enacted a safe word just in case someone pulls a muscle or worse.  My husband has gotten back in the gym and is eating healthier.  At this point he doesn’t really have a choice; its either get healthy and in shape, or get completely destroyed and embarrassed every month ;)

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