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KinkSports Ultra-Competitive

bdsm dominant and submissive humiliation defeat kinksport ultra-competitive
Wife making husband submit

The highest and most extreme level of intensity in KinkSports is Kink Ultra-Competitive.  This level won’t be for all - or even most – couples.  Some might decide to take it to the Ultra-Competitive intensity level on occasion when a major dispute between lovers needs to be settled, and then take it back down to the semi-competitive or role-play level for regular scheduled kink dates.

Kink Ultra-Competitive is all about competition and dominating your lover.  There are no roles or decided outcomes, both you and your partner are going to give it their all to win the specific KinkSport for the night.  What is at stake?  Your pride and whatever extra incentive the two of you have decided on beforehand:  Dishes for a month; whose family are we going to for Thanksgiving this year; 20 minute erotic massages each night for a week, the more that is on the line the more intense the competition and eventual makeup will be!

Let’s face it, long term relationships have their ups and downs.  A series of immaterial arguments can linger around and eventually be the nail in the coffin to an otherwise great relationship.  Sometimes couples fight just to have make-up sex.  Well maybe they should just have a controlled physical sex fight and get to the make-up sex faster.  This might be the best therapy.

Alternatively, being ultra-competitive with each other might just be part of the relationship you have with your lover, and maybe taking that competitiveness to a Kinksport is just a way to bring a new type of foreplay into the bedroom.

Every couple willing to take it to this level will have their specific reasons.  The one thing they have in common will be what is at stake:  Champion of the household until the next kink date is scheduled.

Let’s take a look at an example of a Kink Ultra-Competitive competition:

The name of the game is Calf Cuffing.  This is like the calf roping event at a rodeo where the cowboy has to catch and wrestle a calf to the ground and then tie them up with a rope.  Except here you will be trying to catch and wrestle your lover to the ground, or bed, and getting two of their limbs (either hands or feet) restrained in handcuffs.  Once that handcuffs are locked in, the winner gets to have their way with the loser.

There are three basic techniques you can use to cuff your partner.  First, the cuffing can be of both hands, at which case the restraining has to be done behind the victims back and not in front of them.  It can also be accomplished by cuffing your lover’s ankles together, making them immobile in their lower body.  Finally, if your lover is flexible enough, you can cuff one of their ankles to one of their wrists, making for a humiliating loss.

You and your lover will start out wrestling each other on your bed or floor if you have the room.  Both of you will be armed with a pair of handcuffs to start.  All is fair in love and war, so feel free to try to steal your lover’s pair of handcuffs.  Without it they will have no way of winning, though at the same time it will be more difficult for you to hold two pairs of handcuffs and subdue your opponent.  However, to keep things civil, we recommend not using the handcuffs as weapons.  You can purchase are special KinkSport Cuffs made for this game that is soft to the touch and not made of metal which can cut skin.

If the man is substantially bigger and stronger than the woman, or vice versa, the two of you can agree to start the game with the bigger one in a handicap position.  Assuming the man vastly outweighs the woman you can agree to start with the woman straddling the man and sitting on his chest to start.  The two of you can lock hands and fingers, simultaneously count to five while starring into each other’s eyes.  When you both get to five the battle for superiority begins.

When a winner is established they then get to show their dominance in whatever way has been decided.  Perhaps the man is able to cuff his lover’s right ankle to her left wrist.  He can now easily pin her down and take her in a sexual manner while telling her that she must cook him dinner for the next several nights, or else he refuses to let her go free.

Conversely, perhaps the woman catches her man off guard and is able to cuff his ankles together.  He is now immobile, so she jumps on his back and wraps herself around him.  Despite the size advantage he has, he now has no way of escaping while she makes him beg and admit he has been wrong in their most recent argument.  He has no choice but to submit and be humbled by the defeat.

Heal, Recover, Love

Kink Ultra-Competitive competitions are about two lovers using their physical bodies and psychological advantage they have over their partner to bring down and humiliate their lover.  When it is all over it is time for you and your lover to care for each other and help heel any wounds – physical or mental – while you come closer than you were before the competition started and show your true love for each other.

In the BDSM community this is referred to aftercare.  Participating in a, ultra-competitive competition is similar to a BDSM scene as it pertains to the potential damage and pain that the participants can experience.  The difference is that whereas there are defined submissive and dominant roles in BDSM scene, in a kinksport competition both participants are attempting to dominate the other into submission.  The aftercare is similar in that you should take care of any damage or pain that your lover is experiencing, and in doing so the two of you will build a stronger foundation.

As the old saying goes, “Sometimes you have to tear down a building so that you can rebuild it back up stronger.”  This is what potentially occurs during the ultra-competitive bout between lovers.  Whether it is all about fun or if there are some anger issue that need to be let out, the competition is about tearing each other apart physically and mentally if you decide.  It is about not holding back everything that is been annoying you about your partner this last month and preventing a non-controlled explosion at some point in the future.

The KinkSport allows for a controlled explosion.  You can’t stand how your lover disrespects you in front of friends?  Pin them down during the competition and let them know.  Most likely they were not disrespecting you on purpose, and now that you have expressed your intentions during a controlled competitive bout she or he will understand a change needs to be make.

After the competition is over and the tearing down has been completed, now is the time to build back your relationship better and stronger.  Hold each other while kissing and caressing.  Address anything that was said or done that you feel needs to be addressed.  With all of the physical energy let out between the two of you there will be likely little left to argue or get in a fight.  This will allow for a more “grown-up” conversation to ensue.

Having Kink Ultra-Competitive fun with your lover might just be the healthiest activity you ever perform.

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