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Sex Fight Scenes to Role Play from Movies

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Hollywood has a way of sexualizing fight scenes between a man and a woman, emphasizing the woman’s curves as she smoothly defeats her larger and dumber male opponent in easy fashion.  However, sometimes there is nothing sexual about the battle as it is just two people fighting to the bitter death, where one of the competitors happens to be a woman. 

For couples who enjoy embarking on impact play and sex wrestling, these more serous fight scenes can still serve as a solid ground to reenact and role-play as the characters.  Common threads in violent movie fight scenes between a man and a woman include a smaller and weaker woman overcoming the odds and defeating a larger male who would be highly favored to win if the Vegas was to handicap the match.

From a sexual perspective there is a level of humiliation that exists from the man’s perspective, if they are still alive to remember.  They have to live the rest of their life knowing they were brutally defeated by a much weaker woman.  In a reversal of power, the woman starts off as a submissive character and becomes the dominant figure of the two.

Here are some brutal male vs female fight scenes from movies that you can role play and turn into sex fight foreplay with your partner in the bedroom.

Runaway Juror (2003) and a Humiliating Defeat

A couple played by John Cusack and Rachel Weisz infiltrate a jury in order to persuade them the way that they want.  Meanwhile, the opposing counsel is working to persuade the jury in the opposite direction. 

When the couple doesn’t accept a bribe to back off of their plan, the opposing counsel sends in a large man operative to kidnap Rachel Weisz’s character.  At half his size, Rachel Weisz’s character is able to not only fight off the professional hitman, but brutally injure him, leaving him concussed and bloody.

The hitman breaks into her home and waits for her to return.  When she does, he over confidently smacks her and throws her around the room while telling her that she should have taken the bribe.  Laying on the floor and in pain, she is able to grab a lamp and hit the man in the head.  Though taken back at first, the man is able to recover and continue the beating.

However, as more time goes, Rachel Weisz’s character continues to use her environment and finds things laying around to use as weapons to fight back.  She slowly starts to gain control of the fight, eventually stabbing the man’s leg with a piece of wood that makes him scream out in pain.  She then goes on the full attack and beats him brutally. 

Role playing this scene is all about an over confident man being in complete control of the fight at first, only to eventually see the tables turned and the woman take complete control and eventually win, leaving the man to lay in utter humiliation and defeat. 

The Suicide Squad (2021) and Interrogation Play

Harley Quinn has been captured as her hands are restrained together and hanging from the roof, leaving her feet levitated off the ground.  After the first round of pain punishment by the professional torture, Harley hangs unconscious, or at least she hangs pretending to be unconscious. 

As he prepares his weapons for another round of torture, he makes the fatal error turning his back to her hanging body.  Suddenly, her eyes open with life.  She stealthily pulls her body up so that her crotch is level with his head.  She violently thrusts her crotch forward and sits on his shoulders while squeezing his neck with her thighs.  She snakes one of her legs around the front of his neck and locks it with the opposite foot, trapping him in a rear triangle choke.  She then proceeds to strangle him to death with her legs.

Role playing this scene fight scene is all about focusing on the reversal of power theme.  It can start out as an interrogation game, where the woman is restrained by cuffs and being tortured by a dominant man.  Then without warning, and though her hands are restrained, she can grab the man’s head with her legs and put him in a headscissor hold.  Now the battle begins as you play out the headscissor challenge game where the now submissive man must escape the hold or be forced to tap-out to the sexy yet powerful legs of his lover.

Mortal Kombat (1995) and Sex Fight Role Play

Bitter enemies Sonya Blade and Kano are matched up in the first round of a fighting tournament where only the winner walks away breathing.  Standing five inches above her and around 100 pounds heavier, Kano walks into the fight ring extremely confident. 

Only a short four minutes later he is on the ground, being strangled by Sonya’s calves as he desperately tries to pry them off of his neck.  He begs Sonya to let him go, getting with his last words out as he struggles to breath: “No Sonya don’t.  Give me a break.”

With that Sonya, with a slight smile on her face, says “Ok”, and breaks his neck with her legs.  Unlike Kano who starts the fight off as cocky only to end up begging for his life, Sonya is the complete opposite.  She starts the fight off very focused, not willing to underestimate her opponent.  However, right before securing the victory, she perks up and smiles at her defeated male opponent.  She knows she has won as he grasps for air while being strangled by her feminine legs.

Role playing this scene is all about having the man start out over confident as he starts out the fight winning, only to find himself humiliated in the end as the woman will take control with a headscissor or rear naked choke.  The man will beg to be let go, admitting defeat.  The woman can then have her way with him, making him say anything she desires before letting him loose.

Enough (2002) and an Upset Sex Wrestling Match 

In “Enough” Jennifer Lopez plays a woman who is physically and psychologically abused by her husband. She feels trapped in her life and has no way of escaping her much larger and physically stronger spouse. 

She finally decides that the only way out is to kill him in a hand to hand fight so that she can plead self-defense.  In order to beat him she trains relentlessly in boxing and self defense techniques.  When she finally decides she is ready, she approaches him in their house and starts a fight.

At first, her husband is confused by the sudden confidence of the woman who has feared him for years. Eventually the fight to death starts, and her training pays off as she uses her quickness and new boxing skills to beat him senseless, securing the upset victory.

Role play the Enough fight scene with the man being humiliated by his smaller wife, as she sits on his chest and tells him how pathetic he has become.

GoldenEye (1995) and Shower Sex 

In this James Bond movie, Bond is relaxing in a pool at a spa when he notices a woman, Xenia Onatopp, spying on him.  He gets out of the water and grabs Xenia by the wrist and throws her into a steam room.  There she tries to lower his guard by kissing him.  When Bond starts kissing back she violently bights down on his lip, causing him to push her onto the ground.

He casually walks away when she suddenly attacks him.  She pushes him down on his back, sits on his stomach, and then lifts up his torso so that she can wrap her legs around his torso.  She then starts squeezing him as tight as she can with her thighs as she strangles Bond.  While Xenia Onatopp squeezes him, she makes pleasurable noises as if she is getting off from the pain that she is dishing out.

Bond stands up, with Xenia still holding on tight to him with her thighs, and slams her into the wall.  She stops squeezing momentarily and the two begin kissing again as they flow between fighting and engaging in sex.  Once again Bond lets his guard down as he kisses back.  All of a sudden, she starts squeezing with all her might again and Bond bursts out in pain.

This would be a great scene to role play for a couple who likes to wrestle and has just come out of the shower, wearing a robe or only a towel.

Tomb Raider (2018) and Mud Wrestling Role Play

In Tom Raider Lara Croft finds herself in a jungle in a fight to the death battle with a man twice her size.  It is raining lightly, and the two are grappling for control in the mud and dirt.  At one point the man is on top of her and looks like she is on the verge of being defeated as he is choking her, but she doesn’t give up, squirming and fighting with all her might.  At one point he yells at her to “Stop struggling!”, pleading with her to give up as he slowly fears the table are turning.

She is eventually able to get loose by hitting him on the head with a rock.  She then quickly goes on the offense and uses leverage to flip him over and quickly takes his back.  As he rolls around to try to get her off of his back, she secures a rear naked choke with her arms.  The man reaches for his gun, but Lara uses her leg to squeeze down on his arm so that he is unable to point the gun to her face. 

With her body tightly secured around his back he rolls face down into a large puddle where he is unable to move anymore, as the mud and lack of oxygen begins to slow and weaken him.  Right before being killed by her strangling, you can see him attempt to tap out, hoping the woman half his size who has found a way to overpower him will have mercy and let him live another day.  But it is not to be as his body stops moving and he faces death by the force of Lara Croft.

If you have the chance, set up a mud wrestling pit to role play this scene.  An over confident man should start out in control, only to face the humiliating upset by a fierce femme fatale.

Sex Fight Role Play Tips

While there is an element of violence with sex fighting and role-playing fight scenes, it is in the end a form or foreplay.  That foreplay should lead to aggressive love making and steamy sex.  One of the best things about engaging in this type of impact play is the aftercare you and your partner can provide each other.  When the scene has concluded and you have had your bedroom fun, now you can lay and hold each other as you have likely just been through a grueling workout together.

Through aftercare you and your partner get to remind each other that the hate and violence displayed during the role play scene was just acting in order to get your emotions to a certain place.  Now is the time to come together and build back your love for each other even stronger than it was before.  Have fun and compete!

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