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Role-Playing a Sex Fight Scene from the Movie Enough

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Jennifer Lopez self defense from Enough

For couples who wish to engage in BDSM play involving a sex fight or high level of impact play, role-playing the fight scene from the movie Enough (2002) starring Jennifer Lopez can be a fun and exciting way.  The scene involves a woman embarrassing and humiliating a man through pure physical dominance and fighting ability.

The scene can bring out a variety of emotions as themes of reversal of power and power exchange are explored. Consensual non-consent will likely need to be discussed prior towards engaging, and it is always wise to include a safe word as this scene can become more violent than anticipated.  In the end, pain and pleasure will be intertwined to create an explosive foreplay experience.

The Plot of Enough (2002)

After marrying who she thinks is the man of her dreams, Jennifer Lopez’s character Slim finds herself in an abusive relationship with her husband Mitch.  It starts off by him disrespecting the marriage, but when she confronts him about the infidelity he strikes her for the first time.  This begins a pattern of physical abuse that she has little recourse against since he is almost twice her size. 

Slim tries to run away from him, but because they share a child he uses his wealth and resources to constantly track her down.  He is controlling and will not let her go and have her own life.  She essentially becomes a prisoner to his brute force.  She finally realizes that she has no option but to fight back.

She finds someone to train her how to fight, not only to defend herself but to go on the offensive.  She knows that the only way she can secure her freedom for her and her daughter will be to brutally beat up and kill her stronger ex-husband.  She trains relentlessly for months until she is in the best shape of her life, and now possesses fighting expertise. 

She breaks into his house, which is legally still her house as well, and stages the home to benefit her for the big fight.  She knows where he keeps his guns and knives, and promptly removes them.  She disables the power and phone lines so that he will have no option but to face her head on, the same dilemma that she has faced over the last several years at his mercy.

When Mitch arrives home in the evening he is confused as to why the power is not working.  Slim informs him that she is in the house by calling out to him, but does not reveal her exact location.  He naturally moves towards the drawers where keeps his weapons, but each time he goes to one Slim informs him that she has removed the specific gun or knife.

 After realizing the phone lines are cut, Mitch looks towards the front door as his instincts tell him to leave the house.  Slim then asks him if he is scared and is going to make a run and flee.  This triggers Mitch as he is instantly reminded that it is her who has been afraid of him for all these years.  “Scared?  Of you?”, Mitch confidently shouts back.

Slim finally reveals herself to Mitch.  She has clearly been training for this night as she looks like she is in the best shape of her life.  She has wrapped her fists like a professional, and beneath the wraps our shatter glass. She has clearly come to not only fight, but to do great harm towards Mitch. 

Role Reversals: The Sub becomes the Dom

Now that Mitch can see his opponent he regains his confidence, for despite her physical improvements she is still significantly smaller and weaker than him.  She throws a few jabs striking him in the face.  This angers him and now begins to take the battle more serious.  He aggressively attacks, but she is too quick for him.  She has been training for this exact fight in this exact setting.  She knows the exact whereabouts of all the furniture having moved some of it to specific spots prior to the battle.  She dodges his attempts and continues to strike him.

After going back and forth he is eventually able to capture her.  He has her pinned up against the wall as he begins strangling her with his hands.  It appears all is lost for Slim until her training suddenly kicks back in.  She strikes down on his arms causing his hands to release their grip on her neck.  She then goes on the attack and flips him on to a glass table where he becomes unconscious.

It is over, she has won the fight against her much larger and evil opponent.  Now she just has to finish him and complete the kill.  She has previously surmised that this is the only way to free herself and her daughter from a lifetime of entrapment.  She grabs a large piece of marble and lifts it over her head as she prepares to throw it down on his face, but she is unable to do it.

She is not a murderer and cannot complete the kill, something her husband Mitch would have to problem doing.  She makes a phone call to her friend, explaining hysterically that she can’t do it.  While she is on the phone Mitch snaps out of it and regains his conscience. 

He maneuvers over to her with a piece of broken glass.  He is set on killing her.  When she feels his presence, she allows her training to kick in and defends herself and then goes on to the offense.  She uses leverage and uses his own body weight advantage against him as she throws him off of her.  In the process he breaks his neck and is finally killed.

Humiliating Defeat

Role-playing this scene is for the couple who likes to play with the reversal of power themes and a humiliating defeat.  In the movie, a young Jennifer Lopez plays the main character Slim.  In real life and on screen, she is far smaller than the actor playing her husband.  Imagine the humiliation that Mitch experiences at the end of the fight scene, prior to his death, when he is laying on the ground half unconscious and bloodied.

He pursued and married Jennifer Lopez’s character because she was weak, both physically and mentally, and knew he could do as he pleased with her in a marriage.  Throughout the movie, which spans close to a decade, he reveals his dominance over her.  He is in full control of her, and he fully abuses that power.  Now he is forced to lie in utter defeat.  He has been beaten and defeated by the very woman he purposely chose because he assumed this moment could never happen.

She has turned from a submissive damsel in distress to a fierce femdom, able and willing to dish out pain.

Setting Up the Role-Play 

It will be important to get into the psyche of the characters in order to pull off the role-play.  The man is an over confident bully who enjoys the act of dominating people he deems as inferior to him.  The woman is submissive by nature, but not on this night.  She has trained relentlessly in order to dish out a brutal beating to the man who has bullied her for a decade. 

The man will walk into the dark bedroom where the woman is hiding in the corner.  Upon realizing that the lights and phone are not working, he will hear a noise in the distance and call out to ask who is there.  She will respond that it is her and make her presence.  She will come out wearing gym clothes with her workout or boxing gloves if you have them.  She is obviously ready to rumble, and she reveals this through verbal communication.

The man, playing the role of Mitch from the movie, will laugh this news off.  He will arrogantly ask: “You want to fight me?  Well then, let’s get to it.” 

He will start off being over confident, laughing off the first few hits that the woman is able to secure.  As he attempts to strike back his frustration will begin to set in as he is unable to land a strike as she is too quick from her training.  Eventually she will land a painful blow; perhaps a strike to his face or a knee to his groin.

This will cause the man to lose his temper and aggressively, yet clumsily, attack the woman.  She will be ready for this and use her new-found fighting skills to flip him onto the ground or bed.  She will then mount him, straddling him to keep him pinned down.  This will be the start of the humiliation as he will find himself for the first time being over powered by his much smaller wife who has somehow become a femdom overnight.

Impact Play 

From here it will be up to the couple for how far they want to go with their impact play.  Perhaps the couple wants to focus more on the story line of this role-play, and will actually embrace little to no pain through strikes and impacts.  On the other end of the spectrum could be a couple who is fully into BDSM impact play with clear dominant and submissive roles.  The woman will play the dominant who once she subdues her submissive man, will be able to have her way and dish out whatever pain she so desires. 

Sex Fight and Sex Wrestling

Couples who enjoy the competitive nature of sex fighting, or sex wrestling, can use this role-play to set up their competitive match.  Sex wrestling is a term used for a couple who enjoys wrestling with each other in the bedroom where the object is not only to pin and dominate your opponent, but to make them reach orgasm before their opponent.  Sex fighting is similar, accept more primal in nature where hitting, scratching, hair pulling, and maybe even biting, is aloud.  The exact rules should be discussed between the couple before-hand.

Once the opening scene has been reenacted the competition can begin.  Perhaps the woman will come out victorious like the movie, or maybe the man of the couple will change the script for his benefit. 

Sadistic Pain Management

Unlike in the movie, where Slim actually kills Mitch, in this bedroom role-play version you might want to get to a point where Slim has dominated Mitch so much that he is immobile.  Perhaps she takes out handcuffs or ropes to constrain him completely.  Now, instead of killing him, she will brutally punish him and extend the time of humiliation that he is now forced to experience.

She will become a sadist, receiving pleasure from the pain and humiliation that she dishes out.  She can make him beg to be released, and even make him say out loud that she is the superior fighter and completely admit failure.

Female Domination

In the end, role-playing this scene is all about female domination.  Specifically a man receiving femdom punishment from someone who he believed was unlikely to inflict such pain and domination.  This isn't the sort of femdom play where the woman comes out with a whip who has already gained the respect from their submissive man.

On the contrary, the submissive man starts out as a dominant man, and the the femdom must gain that respect from her man.  She is learning how to be a femdom for the first time in the relationship.  This scene can be used as an origin story of a femdom for a couple looking to establish that type of relationship that will set the tone moving forward.

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