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How to be a Femme Fatale in the Bedroom

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The term femme fatale strikes up different images and ideas for different people.  Commonalities of seductive, dangerous, and beautiful women seem to be shared by most when someone mentions the word femme fatale.  While some men might envision a slender dominatrix wearing tight leather and latex clothing accompanied by whip, others might imagine a classy woman with an hour glass body wearing a fancy dress laying out on top of a giant piano, waiting to seduce a wealthy man and eventually destroy him financially.

Even the most dominant of men have fantasized about being subdued in some way by a femme fatale, and more submissive men likely fantasize about it as a daily routine.  The idea of a strong man bowing to the feet of a woman in emotional, psychological, or physical defeat is a BDSM fantasy that every couple should explore at least once at some point.

What is a femme fatale?


In order to understand how to be a femme fatale we first have to understand what it means to be one.  Femme fatale is a French phrase that literally means lethal woman.  A general definition of femme fatale is an attractive and seductive woman who is likely to cause distress or disaster to a man who becomes involved with her in any way.  She uses her sexuality and charm to disarm a man and have her way with him.  This can come in many forms, which is why it is hard to pinpoint the prototype image of a femme fatale.   

Femme fatales lure men into dangerous and compromising situations with their beauty and potential of a sexual encounter.  Those dangerous and compromising situations can be in the form of physical danger, psychological abuse, a stealth financial robbery, and many other methods.  If a beautiful woman wants to get the best of a man, she can find a way to do it with her feminine beauty and charm in a BDSM fantasy.

How exactly a specific couple wants to play out their femme fatale fantasy will depend on the couple and what each lover is wanting to get out of the fantasy.  The great thing about a femme fatale role-play fantasy is that there is no right or wrong way to do it since in encompasses so many components.  In the end, the woman should take control in one way or another of her man in the bedroom and have her way with him as he becomes submissive and defeated to his woman’s beauty and charm.

Here are some ideas on how to be a femme fatale in the bedroom:

Deadly Business Negotiations


In this role-play scene the woman and the man are meeting for a coffee to discuss an important business deal, each one representing their larger corporations.  The woman can put on a large trench coat if she has one, wearing nothing but sexy lingerie underneath.  The man can wear normal business attire.

The couple starts off meeting in the kitchen or other room to start the negotiations.  Coming into the meeting the man’s company is getting 90% of the deal, whereas the woman’s company is only receiving ten percent.  The goal of the woman is to flip it so that her company will be the one getting the 90%.  If she is successful she will get a promotion to vice-president and her life will forever change.  She will need to use her sexuality and charm to seduce the man into the bedroom and get him to agree to her terms.

The negotiation starts off badly in the kitchen with the man unwilling to budge.  The woman suggests they go back to her apartment to finish the discussions because she needs to feed the cat or some other excuse.  Once they get to her “apartment”, which will be your bedroom, the woman takes off the drench coat to reveal her sexy lingerie.  She takes control and pushes the man onto the bed where she slowly starts undressing him.   

As she caresses his body, moving her body parts closer to his groin, she demands that he give up a few percentage points on the deal in order for her hands to continue moving closer to the parts on his body that he wants to be touched.  First, he agrees to a 80/20 percent split, soon followed by a 70/30 split.

Continue the back and forth negotiation as during the sexual encounter.  The man shouldn’t make things easy on his femme fatale counterpart.  The woman’s goal is to get 90% of the deal for herself.  The final blow might occur during sexual intercourse where she threatens to stop and pull out unless he agrees to her final terms.  At this point he is trapped in ecstasy and willing to submit to all of her demands for the deal.

 Adam and Eve

The first woman on the planet Earth, from the biblical story, was also the first femme fatale.  After all, it was Eve who was tempted by the serpent at ate the forbidden fruit, who then tempted Adam to do the same.

Much like in the negotiation role-play, as Eve the woman will use her sexuality and Adam’s horniness to get him to do something that he shouldn’t.  That forbidden act will be to take a bite out of an apple.

Purchase sexy Adam and Eve costumes to get into the primal personas of your characters.  Eve will come to the bedroom with an apple.  Her goal is to make him take a bite out of the apple before orgasm is reached.  Adam knows that the apple is forbidden so he will do everything he can to avoid taking a bite.  This will prove difficult as his femme fatale uses eroticism and massage techniques in an attempt to make him surrender his morals for the pleasure of sex.

Batman and Poison Ivy Role-Play

While Batman has many female counterparts that a woman can choose to role-play as, Poison Ivy is the ultimate femme fatale as she purposely uses her sexuality and seductiveness to lure unsuspecting male victims to do as she pleases.  This can include wealthy business people, government officials, or even Batman himself.  She often uses a poisonous lipstick that puts her victims under her control once she kisses them.

Using this concept of a spell-bound lipstick, the role-play game here will be to get a captured Batman to give into the sexuality of Poison Ivy and kiss her.  The more he kisses, the deeper the hypnotism becomes and the more he is willing to do and her command.

The woman can handcuff the man’s hands behind his back and have him sit on a chair or lye down on the bed as if he has been captured.  She will seduce him into kissing her by slowly caressing his body and stimulating his erogenous zones; kissing his neck and whispering deviant things into his ears in order to use Poison Ivy role-play ASMR techniques.  Every time Poison Ivy gets Batman to kiss her on the lips (healthy kiss of at least 5 seconds), he will fall deep under her spell.  As the spell starts to strengthen, now Poisons Ivy can command Batman to do as she pleases which can come in the form of humiliation, or sexual favors.  This is your scene so do as you please.


For those couples looking to have a bit more fun on the violent side and get into impact play, the femme fatale can come in the form of a dominatrix looking to subdue and dominate an unsuspecting beta male.  A man meets who he thinks is a nice woman at a bar.  They go back to his place and enter the bedroom.  The second the bedroom door closes the woman’s personality switches to that of a sweet girl into a fierce BDSM dominatrix.  She takes control, throwing him onto the ground and standing on his chest.  She physically dominates him trending back between pain and pleasure.

If, as a couple, you really want to play out this scene to the fullest, have a pretend first date at a nearby bar.  Both of you can show up separately and act as if you are meeting for the first time.  When you get back to the house, have your fun in the bedroom as if this is your first encounter with each other.

These are just some ideas of how to role-play out or be a femme fatale in the bedroom.  There are countless other ideas, costumes, toys, and games that a trusting couple can play out with each other.  In the end, being a femme fatale is about using your sexuality and seduction techniques to overpower – either physically or mentally – a physically stronger man who is weakened by your feminine beauty.

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