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15 Bedroom Role Play Scenes for an Alpha Man and a Submissive Female

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Alpha Male with Submissive Female

Role playing in the bedroom is like trick-or-treating on Halloween for adults.  It allows people to escape themselves and enter a different persona for a short period of time.  When their partner is simultaneously doing this with a unique character of their own, sexual sparks can fly as two lovers come together under disguise as two different people.

If done correctly, role playing can allow you to feel like you are having sex with your partner of many years for the first time, and they in turn will have the same feeling.  You can make up your own scene or reenact a scene from a movie like the BDSM scenes from 50 Shades of Grey.

The following role-play ideas center around a dominant alpha male taking control of a beautiful submissive female.  This alpha male and submissive female might be part of your normal relationship status, or it might be completely opposite of normalcy.  Either way, the dominant and submissive components of the role-play are as important as the character personals in making the scene work.

Have fun in creating your unique characters and scene backgrounds, and let yourselves escape your realities, even if it is only for a few precious moments. 

  1. High School Quarterback and Nerdy Girl

The alpha quarterback can have any girl he wants in the entire school, but for reasons no one seems to understand he hasn’t chosen the you, the nerdy smart girl.  The sexually charged quarterback will take control and demand the sexually inexperienced nerdy girl to do exactly as he pleases.

  1. Company CEO and Secretary – 1950s Style

In the 1950s and 60s it was uncommon for a woman to be anything other than a secretary in the business setting.  There were even secretary schools set up for woman to learn how to provide optimal assistance to their male bosses.  The culture clearly viewed women in the workforce as submissive creatures to their dominant male bosses; think “Mad Men” or “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.

After having a year- long crush on her married boss, this 1950s secretary is finally going to have her fantasy come to life.  Its tax season, and the two had to stay late at the office.  It is dark and no one else is around, just a desk full of papers that are about to find their way onto the floor.  The CEO is looking for a night of escape from his marriage, and tonight is the night he will take advantage of his position of power.

  1. Mafia Boss and his Goomah

If you enjoy Italian Mafia movies you might be familiar with the term “Goomah”, the name mob bosses use for their mistress.  They have a wife as their life partner to raise a family and keep thing tidy at home, and then have their goomah to take care of all their sexual desires.  Think Tony Soprano and all the girlfriends he had during the course of the wildly popular “Sopranos” show on HBO.

The submissive goomah, which can also be viewed as a sugar baby, is needing more money from her sugar daddy mafia boss to buy expensive clothes and accessories.  The mafia boss is not happy with such a request as he is already providing her with a lot, he realizes that he needs to discipline her in the bedroom.

  1. U.S. President and Mistress – JFK and Marylin Monroe Style

This submissive beauty can have any man she wants, and she has chosen the most powerful man in the free World.  However, the affair has to be kept in secrecy.  Only the President of the United States can tame this submissive beauty.

  1. College Hunk and Desperate House Wife

When her husband is at work, this submissive beauty can’t help but watch the college hunk she has hired to take care of the lawn and pool.  He finally notices, and despite the age difference, he is going to show this housewife a thing about domination.

  1. Immortal Wise Man and Virgin

Her body is blossoming and she is looking for an experience man to show her the ways of the bedroom.  No one is more experienced than this dark lord who has traveled the world for hundreds of years.  He will hypnotize her and have her do exactly what he wants.  She will simultaneously scream for him to stop while begging for him for more, as her experiences balance between pain and pleasure.

  1. Biker Gang Leader and Diner Waitress

He is as violent and ruthless as they come, and he has his eye on the waitress who serves him his steak and eggs with black coffee every morning.  She’s just trying to make ends meet and pay the rent for her apartment where she and her young daughter live.  She knows that he is bad news for her, but she has always been drawn to men who are bad news. 

  1. Gringo and Foreign Cutie

She’s studying abroad in fast paced United States, a complete contrast to her home country where people move slow and lives are more centered around the extended family.  He is always on the hustle, trying to fake it until he makes it.  His ambitious are high, but he finds himself calmed in the presence of his new submissive friend.  Their two worlds are about to collide in the bedroom, and she is about to experience his dominant side first hand.

  1. Professor and Freshman

He’s sees a new cohort of freshman students come in every year.  Full of excitement as they enter the real world for the first time leaving their parent’s houses, while at the same time clueless to the dangers and hardships that face them.

She is particularly timid, while simultaneously possessing wisdom beyond her years.  She’s never been attracted to boys her own age.  But now in front of her stands a man full of life experience who she can’t stop thinking about.  She’ll visit him right before his office hours end to see if the feeling is mutual. 

  1. Coach and Player

In practice she has to do everything he says.  A mutual attraction is about to come to its climax as she goes to visit him in his office about the lack of play calls for her during games.  Will the dominant and submissive relationship on the field remain in tack when no one else is around?

  1. Bachelor Party Groom to be and Shy Bachelorette Party Bride to be

Two groups of friends have collided at a Las Vegas night club.  Both groups are there to celebrate one of the friend’s last weekends as a single person.

Both the bachelor and bachelorette are looking forward to their new lives as happily married people, but both find themselves with one last opportunity to have fun with a stranger before their commitments are fulfilled.  He wants her bad, she wants him but knows its wrong.  Will his dominant personality convince her submissive persona to go through the act of fidelity?

  1. Drill Sergeant and Cadet

She’s enrolled in the Marines to get out of her small home town.  Her plan is to do her time, get an education, and start her life.  But she finds herself abnormally attracted to the alpha Drill Sergeant who bosses her around every day.  Looking for some alone time, she purposely messes up a group drill so that she is ordered to extended hours training.

She’s shows up ready to take orders.  He starts off putting her through physical punishment, slowly coming around to the possibility of a sexual encounter.  With no one else around, is he willing to take the chance of engaging in sex with a cadet knowing it can cost him his position?

  1. Male Flight Attendant and Female First-Class Passenger

She flies first-class on a regular basis and is an alpha in the business world.  She’s had a rough day and is taking it out on the other passengers and airline flight attendant staff.  She is abusing her first-class status and someone needs to put her in place.

Most people might not think of the profession of flight attendant as one for alpha males, but this male flight attendant is a former Army Ranger who had decided on this career path because it allows him to travel the world.  He is well traveled and keeps himself in top shape.

He needs to put this passenger in her place.  Her most recent derogatory comment to his work colleague was the last straw for him.  He calmly approaches the disrespectful passenger and asks her to come with him.

Stunned by his cool demeanor, she complies.  As they approach the cockpit, he throws her into the bathroom, follows behind her, and locks the door.  He grabs her neck and throws her against the wall and informs her that she has disrespected someone on this plane for the last time.  She immediately becomes submissive as he begins to undress her.

  1. French Maid and Home Owner

She has been cleaning the home of this family for several years, always admiring the life they live.  With the wife away for the week, it is just the man in the house today as she is hard at work while wearing her French Maid outfit.  He has always been attracted to her.  Already feeling sexually frustrated with his wife away, his anger peeks when he can’t find his watch.  He immediately blames the cleaning lady and goes to approach her.

Will the combination of anger and mutual attraction lead to something more than a professional disagreement?

  1. Bandit and Town Virgin

It is the late 1800s, and a western bank robbing bandit has rode his horse into town.  A beautiful young town virgin, who every town bachelor is vying for her hand in marriage, notices the outsider and pleas for him to take her with him when he rides out of town.

He informs her that she could never handle his life of bank robbing and shoot-outs.  This in turn makes her want to go with him even more.  He agrees to go with her right outside of town to teach her how to shoot.  If she is a natural then he will take her with him when he leaves town.

Isolated from the rest of town, this Bandit might have more in mind than just a gun shooting lesson.


These role-play scenes can be used as loose plot lines to get the ball rolling for you and your partner.  If you are looking to add another ingredient into the spice, read about brat tamer play, impact play, Consensual Non-Consent, and DDLG as other ideas that can be intertwined into these story lines.  You can also bring sex toys such as hand cuffs, thigh cuffs, floggers, and a neck leash and collar into the bedroom and into the scenes for added impact.

Let the dominant and submissive role-playing begin!

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