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Steamy Romantic Gifts for your Husband or Boyfriend that will make him Hot and Sweaty

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If you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend or husband that will give you the most bang for your buck, we have some steamy sexy ideas for you to consider.  Many of these gift ideas are things that your man probably doesn’t even know that he wants, but once he gets them, and gets them specifically from you, he will be forever thankful.

Boudoir Photography 

Boudoir photography is the act of having professional photos taken of you in a seductively and sexual manner.  Imagine if you were posing for Playboy magazine.  These are the types of photos you will be looking to take, and will remind your lover of just how sexy you can be.  With advertisements showing young women in lingerie at every corner, it is easy for men to get distracted and daydream of a time when they were single.  But when they get such a photo of their actual partner, they will quickly be reminded of just how lucky they are.

You will get a photographer to take sexually suggestive pictures of you that you can send to your boyfriend.  When your man gets the photos in a professional looking envelope at work it will be the ultimate gift of foreplay.  Make sure to include a short note with the pictures stating something in the line of “Meet me in the bedroom after work”.

While there are companies offering Boudoir Photography, they can be quite expensive.  If you’re looking for a cheaper route, find a friend who you trust who dabbles in photography and ask them to help you out.  It will be a fun little event that you can share with your friend. 

Nuru Massage

There is massage and then there is a Nuru massage.  While sending a note to your boyfriend that this letter entitles him to one free massage from you is likely to get him excited, adding the Nuru element to it will multiply the excitement and truly make this a sexy gift. 

When giving a Nuru Massage, the masseuse applies a generous amount of Nuru oil to their entire body, as well as to the entire body of their patient.  They then proceed to massage their patient with their entire body. Rather than just receiving pressure from the hands, the Nuru masseuse will slither and roll their body onto every part of their patient, making for a very sensual experience.

If you are unable to find the specific Nuru Massage Oil, you substitute a bottle of coconut oil to the deed. This activity can transition into a night of romantic sex very quickly.  There are even a number of bedroom games to play with Nuru Massage techniques.

Cosplay Experience 

Cosplay isn’t just about dressing up, it also entails becoming the character.  If your man is a comic geek, find out what female character he has fantasized about and become that character.  It might not be someone he fantasized about on a daily basis, and might even be someone he used to fantasize years or even decades ago. 

Men have nostalgia when it comes to sexual fantasies.  Instead of being jealous of the attraction he has for a fictional character, emerge yourself into his fantasy by becoming the character.  After the experience, he will forever associate you with the fictional character, or at least your performance as that character.

When trying to figure out which character to cosplay as, consider shows he watches, video games he might play, and movie series he anticipates.  Popular characters might come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Batman villains such as Catwoman, Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series, or for men in their 40s and older you might look to cosplay as Princess Leia from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Spend a little extra on a quality costume and watch a few scenes of the characters on YouTube in order to get into the character.  When your man arrives in the bedroom, the sight of you alone in a sexy outfit will likely be enough to drive him crazy.

A bottle of Wine & a pair of Handcuffs 

The trick here is to have him receive this gift without you actually handing it to him in order to surge his anticipation of the night ahead.  Woman love getting flowers delivered to them at work.  For men, what can be more romantic in the hot and steam fashion then receiving a bottle of wine with a pair of handcuffs attached to it while at work from the woman he loves.

If logistics won’t allow you to have the gift delivered, have it waiting for him when he arrives home on the kitchen table or bed.  You can leave a short note with the gift stating “See you soon”. 

The inexpensive pairing of a bottle of wine and handcuffs will have his mind swirling with ideas and images of what experiences the night to come will bring him, and how he will use the handcuffs in the bedroom with you.  When you join him in the bedroom, before pouring the wine, restrain his wrists with the cuffs behind his back and then gently have him sit on the bed.  Pour the wine and “feed” it to him slowly with one hand while caressing his chest with the other.  Let the night of fun begin.

An Invitation for a Night of Role-Play

Couples who engage in sexual role-play activities tend to be more open with each other on all aspects of their relationship.  Role-playing doesn’t always come easy for some people, and can even be difficult bringing up the desire to do so with a partner.

What better way to dive into role-play while getting the juices flowing then to send an invitation to your man for a night of role-play.  In the invitation you can state what type of role-paly you wish to engage in and even provide character background.  In this way, the gift can be as much for you as it is for him as you get to communicate a fantasy that you have been wanting to jump into.  Even if the role-play fantasy isn’t in his top 10, knowing that it is something that you want to try will be enough to get him excited for the performance.

If you’re keen to this idea, but still a little shy about expressing your role-play fantasy, or maybe don’t have a specific role-play idea in mind, you can try the KinkSports Role-Play Adventures series.  The inexpensive online platform will walk you and your partner through different role-play adventures with story and character backgrounds that you can watch or listen to on your drive home, or together with your partner in the bedroom right before engaging in the activity.

The great thing about having someone else come up with the role-play story and character background is that it greatly reduces any embarrassment of your acting abilities out of the situation.  It gives you a crutch to lean on if you go too far with the character as you can always blame it on the platform that came up with the story line to begin with. 

However, in reality this likely won’t be an issue as the two of you will have so much fun role-playing that all embarrassment will quickly disappear as you focus on this unique erotic experience.  Think how jealous you will make your man’s friends feel the next time they have a guy’s night out and they are comparing the best birthday gifts they ever received from a girlfriend or wife. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a gift for a man doesn’t have to be difficult.  Men are not complicated, if you are in a relationship with you then you are already half the gift.  The other half is putting yourself in a sexually deviant position as described in the gift ideas above. 

Anyone can buy a gift such as a watch, upscale shaving set, and so on.  However, a gift that provides a unique and sexual experience with a woman they love, is a gift that will last an eternity.

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