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Kink Non-Competitive

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"Kink Non-Competitive" is the first level of intensity for lovers to share their experience in a KinkSport.  When we talk about the three levels of intensity in KinkSports we are referring to how competitive you and your partner want to be with each other and not how intense the experience might be for you both.  As the first of three intensity levels, "Kink Non-Competitive" is the least competitiveness way to experience a KinkSport.  However, this does not meant the experience won't be extremely intense for you and your partner as you explore your fantasies together.

In many ways, though it is the least intense in terms of competitiveness, "Kink Non-Competitive" can be the most intense in terms of sexual seductiveness between the competing couple.  By role-playing with each other you can take the your time when living out your experience of choice and really cherish those special moments during the fantasy by making them last longer than what might be possible during a more competitive bout.

So what are some examples of non-competitive KinkSports to try?  It can be as simple as having a fun wrestling match on the bed where the winner must pin the loser down for ten seconds by sitting on their chest and holding their wrists down on the bed.  Maybe your fantasy is to lose a wrestling match to your lover in this way, and you can decide beforehand how that outcome will occur.  Before the outcome the two of you can improvise a little and see where things take you.

A good beginners KinkSport to try is the scissor challenge.  In this game the woman lies perpendicular to the man, she then wraps her legs around his mid section right below his chest, and locks her feet so that he cannot easily escape.  Set the timer on your phone for one minute.  Once the time starts the woman tries to make her man tap out by squeezing him with her legs as tight as she can.  If she makes him tap she gets a point, if he lasts the whole minute then he gets the point.  Since this KinkSport is being played at the first level of intensity, the focus of the minute can be more about dominance shown through verbal communication and less about actually making your partner tap out.  Few men wouldn't enjoy being trapped between his lovers thighs as she asks him with a seductive smile "what's wrong, having trouble breathing?"  Partners can then switch roles if they would like with the woman now the one who is trapped.  See who can last the longest without tapping first.  Loser has to give the winner a massage.

This game can be tried with different variations and starting positions.  The woman can wrap her legs around the man's head and get him in a headscissor position.  She can sit behind him wrapping her legs around his torso from behind.  There are many variations.  In each variation the woman should remind her man that he is trapped and should give up.

Cosplay and other roles can be intertwined into the the different types of KinkSports that we will suggest.  Is there a scene from a movie that you saw as a child that you always wanted to reenact?  How about the sex scene in the movie Basic Instinct where Michael Douglas' character is torn between enjoying the sex and being worried that Sharon Stone's character might kill in him at any moment.  Have fun grappling back and forth for control while you enjoy each other's bodies.  In the end Sharon Stone's character is able to seduce him into allowing her to tie his hands to the bedpost, making it possible for her to kill him if she wants.  Will this be the outcome you experience, or will you play it out differently?

Maybe you fantasize about dressing up as super heroes with your lover and having a competition as those characters.  Wrestling can be fun, but wrestling as Batman and Catwoman can be even more fun!  Perhaps you have your own story in mind such as a woman prisoner in handcuffs who turns the table on the guard who is abusing her.  The variations are endless.  We can help you come up with some that fit your fantasies and kinks.

Through combining our dozens of KinkSports with movie scenes, characters, role-plays, costumes, and props, there are thousands of scenarios that you can try with your lover.  All of them are designed to have some sort of competitiveness factor intertwined with the setting, allowing for a fun, unique, and healthy way to sexually express yourself with your lover.

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